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This second episode of Supernatural's season thirteen, called “The Rising Son,” begins with a scene in the hell throne room with two minions waiting for Lucifer to save them. A bright light appears through a door and Asmodeus appears, the Fourth Prince of Hell, who promises to purge hell of the corporate lackeys and bring back fire and brimstone. Asmodeus, as we should note, is dressed as a pastor with a deep southern accent. He announces that a new sheriff is in town.

As Sam and Dean are driving back to the bunker, they talk about how to deal with the losses they’ve experienced. Dean suggests that they end the problem, which means to kill Jack. Sam argues that Jack may be the only way to save their mother but Dean says she’s gone and there’s no fixing that.

In AU Supernatural, Mary and Lucifer chat about him killing her but he notes that he wants her alive so he can exchange her for his son. Asmodeus is in full search mode for Jack because the child has immense power. Asmodeus then relates a story where he released a dark and evil force because he thought he could train them, but Lucifer put them back and in answer to Asmodeus’s pride, Lucifer scarred his face.

Sam, Dean, and Jack stop for the night at a crappy hotel. Jack thinks it’s nice and goes to watch television, where an episode of Scooby Doo is playing. Dean shuts it off and then the trio has dinner, where Dean and Sam try to fill in the story of Lucifer, God, etc. and try to get Jack to explore what powers he does possess. They are interrupted by a visit from an old friend, Donatello, the prophet. Donatello was drawn to Wyoming because of Jack’s powerful birth.

The brothers take Jack to get an anti-possession tattoo to protect him since he’s sending out signals. Jack gets the tattoo (after throwing the artist across the room with his power) but they disappear immediately. Back at the hotel room, Dean, Sam, and Donatello debate the nature of Jack’s being until the teenager leaves. He is thinking about his mom when Sam comes upon him. Sam assures him that they will take care of him, that he can be good. Meanwhile Dean goes to a bar and drinks. A bartender chats with him and then the camera pans away and we see the real bartender dead as Asmodeus reveals himself after Dean leaves.

Back in AU Supernatural, Mary gets away from Lucifer but runs into a rather worn looking man who tells her that women are rare since the wars. She doesn’t understand what he means but he doesn’t explain as he moves into molest her. She fights back but is shoved to the ground. The guy is bending over her when a hand punches through his chest … Lucifer’s hand. He tells her she left him and that they need to work together. Then angels show up. The angels don’t believe that he’s Lucifer because Lucifer was killed by Michael in the AU. They make to smite him but he snaps his fingers and they disappear. A bright light then appears and another angel comes forth. It’s Michael.

Donatello and Sam talk about Jack. Dean comes back and they are discussing Jack when Donatello comes back from getting breakfast. They realize the first being was not Donatello and they rush to find Jack, who is missing. Jack is in a field with ‘Donatello’ who is urging him to open the earth and let loose the Sedrim, who were the dark things he was punished by Lucifer for. Dean and Sam rush to the scene, with Donatello guiding them. They yell for Jack to stop. Dean shoots at “Donatello” to reveal itself - it’s actually Asmodeus. Asmodeus puts a choking spell on the three while Jack looks on, but he tells Asmodeus to stop and uses his own powers to stop Asmodeus from hurting his friends.

Back in the AU, Michael explains that he knows it’s Lucifer but that he killed “his” Lucifer in the skies over Abilene (which really sounds like a country song to me). Michael then says he can never get enough of a good thing and they proceed to fight. Michael has Lucifer down. Lucifer asks if Michael is gonna kill him, and Michael says he might not. He might need him.

The final scene shows Sam and Dean in the bunker debating Jack again. Dean holds fast that Jack is going to turn out bad. He gets up and leaves Sam in the kitchen. As he’s walking to his bedroom, he hears a clacking sound and he finds Jack slicing into himself with a kitchen knife. Dean barges in and takes it away. Jack believes he will hurt someone. Dean tells him that Sam believes he is good but that if it turns out Dean is right, Dean will be the one to kill him. He takes the knife and leaves Jack there.

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