Everything we know about Supernatural season 15 episode 10.
I've been processing this episode for almost a week, and I'm still kind of struggling to figure out what I think. We'll go with what I know first and then try and unpack what I'm not so certain of.

Um…err…well…oh crap. 

Who am I kidding?  There are 11 episodes of “Supernatural” left and at this point, I would like to watch episodes I actually enjoy.  When I look at the construction and intent of “The Trap” from a writer’s perspective, I see what was supposed to happen.  On paper, it could be perceived as downright clever.  It raises some interesting questions, like what would happen if the light of God wasn’t in the world?  Can God be inherently evil?  Is trapping God being done for the benefit of the world or because Sam and Dean don’t like being rats in his maze?  All good questions.   

Why then was this episode a total hot mess?  This wasn’t fun to watch in the least.  This is not my heroes’ journey. 

The Morning After

I’m excited to explore the implications of Supernatural’s 15th mid-season premiere, “The Trap”! It answered many questions, but the pursuit of those answers raised many intriguing issues - philosophical, mythological and logical in nature. The episode was also an emotional ringer. Brilliantly acted by all involved (need I mention Jared, Jensen, Misha and Rob), we felt every moment of the psychological thriller being thrown at our boys by a Chuck who managed to alternate between being purely evil, truthful and sympathetic. Let’s get started!

The largest question, central to Sam’s decision and the new direction of this plotline, is:

“Do you believe that Chuck showed Sam the truth?”

The Road So Far:  God is back, Jack is dead, "Welcome to the end," Amara tells Chuck that he needs her, Rowena does her spell and falls into the gulf in the earth, Michael/Adam tells them they need a leviathan blossom in Purgatory and opens a rift

Now:  A plastic pink elephant with an uplifted trunk and a necklace proclaiming it "Lucky" stands in a colorful yet quiet casino.  The room seems empty, except for two figures sitting in chairs facing each other.  Sam and Eileen zip-tied to the chairs' arms.  "Hi," says Chuck simply.  "I'm sorry," Eileen says to Sam.  "Not your fault," he reassures her.  "What are you doing?" Eileen demands of Chuck.  He reveals that he's been helping, giving a little nudge here, a spell there.  He allowed them to find the spell in Rowena's apartment when Eileen was still a ghost.  Of course, it wasn't all on God; Sam did some of it on his own.  "I knew you would because you're such a good guy," Chuck tells him.  Chuck had been frustrated that he couldn't see Sam and Dean anymore; he'd been cut off.  He needed eyes and ears.  "Eyes anyway," he amends with a side glance at Eileen.  "Screw you," she spits out.  "You're weak!" Sam declares.  "Well . . ." Chuck isn't quite willing to concede that, but he certainly is annoyed by their connection through the "God-gun" bullet wound which causes him to be stuck in this world.  He pulls out a scalpel, stating,  "All good things must come to an end."

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