I liked Walker's fourth episode, "Don't Fence Me In" - mostly. Cordell seems to be getting more comfortable re-inhabiting his real life (as opposed to running away/being undercover) and his family. I like how hard he's trying to bond with Micki, and that he even calls Trey to find out a little more about how to connect.

The (Short & Bumpy) Dusty Texas Road So Far

Four episodes into Walker and I think the fourth episode, "Don't Fence Me In", was the best one yet. 

But this isn’t going to be a glowing review.

There are several things I like about Walker:

Now the long hellatus comes... so time to look back at our last Supernatural comic book arc!

The Dogs of Edinburgh is the fourth comic miniseries tie-in for Supernatural. It is another prequel story, covering the time when Sam was at Stanford. To follow the graphic novels' backstory for Supernatural from the beginning, enjoy my narration and review of the first three books, OriginsRising Son and Beginning's End! Now, let's rejoin the hunt in The Dogs of Edinburgh!

Finally, the results are here!  It would figure that with the 2020 vote things would go so awry that the vote would have to be done twice.  We've never had a problem with the vote until now.  After all, "Supernatural" season 15 was unexpectedly delayed, so why not the vote too?   It's just been that kind of year.  

Thank you to all of you who voted and maintained the spirit of the vote.  I so appreciate all your support through this process.  I can assure, the results will be satisfying.  I hope they were worth the wait!  As I've done every year I'll present the Winner, Runner Up, and of course my Editor's Choice for each of the 16 categories.  

Without further delay, I present the results of the WFB Supernatural Season 15 Fan Choice Awards!  

Okay, I see some improvement. I definitely liked this week’s installment, “Bobble Head.”  The use of the Texas Rangers (the baseball team) bobble head on the dash was a great metaphor for the challenges to the characters in this week’s episode.  “He’s always smiling, no judgement. Puts your mind at ease.”  Hoyt seemed to fit that description, always smiling and putting up a front, even though there is real apprehension and trouble beyond that, much like Cordell struggling with the stick shift in the beginning.  Linear storytelling! 

That’s more like it! Walker has definitely taken a "drive" in the right direction, correcting several of the start-up bumps in the road that it experienced in its first two episodes. If you've just found Jared Padalecki's new series on The CW, my first impressions of the show were overall very positive, but did note a few slipped gears here and there.  

Ironically named “Bobble Head”, Walker’s third episode bounced between drama, action and social messaging more smoothly than the fledgling series' prior stories. Introducing Cordell’s childhood bad boy friend, Hoyt, this latest glimpse into the life of the Walker family was more engaging, freed from the necessary exposition of a husband’s grief, an absent father’s guilt, teenage rebellion, brewing family resentments and a rookie’s anxiety that kicked off the series. Instead, Hoyt’s antics deepened our understanding of the series’ main characters more organically, using relationships and shared history to build out personalities.

Hi, everyone! I'm back with another top ten list! This time I'm going with memorable moments of the Impala, aka "Baby". I once again chose my list by picking the first ten scenes that came to mind. I figured these impacted and affected me the most. Now before you read my list, write down what you would pick. What ten Impala/Baby moments did you think of first?