The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


Much like episode eighteen, episode nineteen is often a positivity injection of some sort as we near the pinnacle of the major plot. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together, major players begin to gather, and hope is renewed that the mission can be accomplished in one form or another.

"Your heart desire will come, but when it comes, you desire for another, and when it comes again, you still aspire for another, that shows your level of ingratitude.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

Welcome to the SPECIAL edition of Fan Video of the Week! Because Supernatural hit the milestone of its 300th episode I decided to do something a little different. Fans were so excited about the episode that we got social media buzz going and Supernatural hit number six on the social media popularity chart for the week! Also, fans created many different projects that would be ready before and during the episode. The excitement and happiness were real and great, and being just one part of it was… something special. Maybe even a heart's desire?

So, in this article I have the best of the BEST fan videos that were made with the 300th in mind (that I have seen). Make no mistake. All these videos are great so this top 3 and the bonus extras are in this order by how they made me feel, the music and scenes they used, the story and idea that were presented - for me. It can be little things or it can be something huge but it doesn’t matter in the end. 

We have so much talent in the Supernatural fandom! Fans draw works of art, edit photos and videos, write fanfics, create costumes or props, make jewelry, and much more. It’s time to showcase some of the #SPNFamily’s talent and ask the people behind the creations some questions!

I think you all know the cute Funko Pop! figures of Dean, Sam, and all the other Supernatural characters. I can call a Charlie, a small Dean, and a small Castiel my own. Today, I’d like to introduce to you Lisa—the woman who makes incredible custom Pop! figures.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Of course, there's only one episode that springs to mind when I think of this holiday and Supernatural.  The love, blood, and tears flow during Dean's favorite day - Unattached Drifter Christmas.

The heart wants what the heart wants, no matter what the head says.  Yeah, that’s one of the many takeaways I got from this milestone 300th episode, but this one rings most true as I start this review.  Just like when Dean had a chance to fix his predicament but got what was in his heart, not in his head, I’m finding that in writing this review, I’ve got to bridge the fan girl in a full blown squee and my inner TV critic.  Yeah, this is about to get interesting.

Sam and Dean return home from a case, but are immediately called upon to investigate a puzzling mystery.  What is Jack hiding from Cas and the brothers?  Can the three men uncover Jack’s secret?