We have so much talent in the Supernatural fandom! Fans draw, edit photos and videos, write fan fics, create costumes or props, make jewelry and much more. It’s time to showcase the #SPNFamily’s talent and ask the people behind the creations some questions!

Giovanna aka GioGui is the next artist I want to introduce to you.

We talked about how she got trapped in the Supernatural Fandom, her different drawing styles and so much more.

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Robbie Thompson is widely considered by Supernatural fans to be one of its most creative, talented writers. From 2011 to 2016 (seasons 7 through 11), Robbie wrote 18 episodes, including the series’ milestone 200th episode (“Fan Fiction” 10.05), and co-produced a total of 94 hours of the series. His beloved characters and imaginative plots forever changed the course of Supernatural's storyline.  After penning one of Supernatural’s most pivotal episodes (“Don’t Call Me Shurley” 11.20), Robbie left Supernatural to join the Marvel universe as a writer of science fiction comic books.

Over a span of four months in 2019, Robbie talked with me about his time with Supernatural. We began our conversation at his Marvel signing table during the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2).  If things really do happen for a reason, this turned out to be the most fortuitous timing possible for us to be together (at least for me). When the interview began, we were blissfully ignorant that our interview date, Friday, March 22, would be the day that changed everything for the Supernatural family. As fate would have it, our conversation was shockingly interrupted when we all learned that Jared, Jensen and Misha had announced the end of Supernatural. Fans' reactions and Robbie's consoling presence became an unexpected part of that day's interview (Part 1). Consequently, our discussion, which had been planned to last approximately an hour, ended up extending over two full days at C2E2, then continued months later at San Diego Comic-Con. When I finally turned off my recorder, Robbie had gifted us with nearly two hours of insights about Supernatural's writers' room, the myriad of creative decisions that went into his many outstanding episodes, and the twists and turns of his career. Our conversation was casual, fluid and candid, as Robbie shared his thoughts between signing collectibles and posing for fan photos.

Yes it's that time again! 

If you're new around here, as part of the fun around this site, I run the weekly "Caption This" contest (see here for our extensive archives).

The rules are pretty simple: I pick a frame from a Supernatural episode, and then YOU pick some words to go with it. The words can be related to the scene or completely out of left field. Also I like to call everyone who participates a "captioneer."

Last time we reached 100 total captions, we held an editor's choice award with all the seriousness such an event deserved. Now that we've reached 200 captions (don't forget to check out our winners for the 200th contest), it seems right to do it again. Just like last time, theses categories are random and totally made up by me!

Editor's Note: As the end of Supernatural approaches, each member of the SPNFamily must deal with the emotions generated by this change in their own way.  A few weeks ago, The WFB published a beautifully empathetic, therapeutic visit that our writer Gail envisioned having with Sam, Dean and Castiel as she struggles to accept losing them. Guest writer Beacon of Hope has found a different way to cope, one that associates losing Supernatural with something we have all experienced (or will someday experience) in our lives. Maybe her thoughts will bring you peace of mind as we all anticipate the ending that is inevitably coming. 

I have decided to look at this next year as a senior year. Let me explain.

Here it is, part two of my list of "Supernatural" go-to episodes.  You know, those special episodes in my heart that are always one of the first I watch when I'm pulling out the "Supernatural" DVDs.  I've forced myself in this exercise to pick just one for each season.  That was nearly impossible for the first seven seasons, which I shared in part one.   In the next seven, picking was a challenge for a different reason.  There were some seasons where I literally couldn't pick one.  I managed to find at least one gem per season though so my list is complete.   Here are my picks for seasons 8 through 14.  

Episodes 10 & 11 of Supernatural's season 15 have raised this question. What is a true hero? What does a true hero do? What defines them? Is it having heroes’ luck? Or is it more? 

We have so much talent in the Supernatural fandom! Fans edit photos and videos, draw, write fan fics, create costumes or props, make jewelry and much more. It’s time to showcase some of the #SPNFamily’s talent and ask the people behind the creations some questions!

Today I want to share Supernatural Memes from Tamara with you.