Then:  “I am a Winchester!” shouts Jack as he kills Michael.  He inhales grace:  “I’m me again!”  He heals Sam after Nick’s brutal attack.  Cas is concerned about Jack’s soul.  Jack disintegrates Felix the snake to dust.  Nick viciously beats the policeman and escapes custody.  Nick tries to resurrect Lucifer.  Mary tells  Jack to “do it” (use his powers to help his family).  Jack feels overwhelmed and pressured.  Mary is trying to talk to him.  He hollers, “Leave me alone!” then whispers, “Mary?”

Everything we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 18.

No, no, no.  That’s how they’re kicking off the season closing mytharc?  I have so many problems with this.  Why are we getting recycled plot-o-rama that’s once again crushing my hopes of a proper season ender?  Especially when there’s only one season left after this?  Aww man, this is so not improving my cranky mood. 

Okay, deep breaths…  I really do strive for a calm, constructive review, but after an hour like this, it’s so damn hard.  I mean come on, Meredith Glynn is a great writer.  She’s been on fire this year.  If I look semantically at “Game Night,” this wasn’t a bad episode. By that I mean that the scenes flowed together well and the dialogue was well done, etc.  I really enjoyed a lot of the shots done by director John Showalter.  The scene with Nick being led into the MOL Bunker was especially riveting in the way it was framed, capturing perfectly Sam’s anger.   

But yeah, that’s all I got in the praise department.  The problem is, what the writers and directors have been given to work with, even the good ones, is awful.  The originality in the plotting is not only missing, once again it seems like they’re trying to re-enact the entire history of “Supernatural” as if the past events never happened.  It all feels so wrong, and after this episode it’s another huge insult to the prior seasons I’ve grown to love. 

Honestly, I loved this episode; we’re in the ramp up to the finale, and stuff always seems to happen around that time, so I expected the episode to be shocking. However, I did not expect the degree to which I was surprised by the episode.


First things first. Two weeks ago today, Jensen, Jared and Misha announced that Supernatural would be ending after season 15. I’ve been in various states of denial and grief since then. I knew it would happen someday but I sincerely thought we had more time – maybe another 2 years. There’s so much I want to share with you about this, especially since I’ve spent most of the past two weeks immersed in Supernatural at two cons with its writers, actors and fans. For now, suffice it to say that I was already emotionally spent when I tuned into “Game Night”. That made its shocking ending all the more devastating. 

Now (The Morning After)

I’m numb. Many wonderful things happened in “Game Night”. Jack sent Lucifer back to the Empty, sparing the world, and us, from another Lucifer tirade. Nick finally and definitively got what he deserved. Dean and Sam had a heart rending near-death scene. Yet the only thing that I can think about is what happened in the last second of the show.  Did Jack really just kill Mary? I believe I have hit my limit for the amount of grief and sadness I can take in from this show. It was left as a cliffhanger, but the implication was that our precious Nephilim, who doesn’t quite have control over his powers, just accidentally obliterated Mary from existence.

THEN:  Jack inhaling grace and saying, “I’m me again.”  Anael healing people for money and talking with Lucifer.  Nick killing his neighbor, talking with Sam, and Sam saying, “You can burn.”  Nick escaping custody and rejecting his wife.  Donatello.  Jack promising not to use his powers without telling the Winchesters.

NOW:  A man in a cozy sweater is making cookies and humming.  It’s Donatello in a pleasant kitchen, singing, “Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head.”  He even picks up a few balls of dough and juggles them just as he’s interrupted by the ringing doorbell.  He heads toward the door, telling the visitor to hold their haystacks, opening the door to reveal a figure in a dark coat that lunges toward him.  Strong hands tie ropes, leaving Donatello securely tied on his back on his kitchen table.  His assailant plunges a silver syringe into his neck.  He begins to scream. 

Everything we know for Supernatural season 14 episode 17.