Wow. I am writing this moments after finishing the episode and I am completely and utterly floored. No show I watch could nail an episode with as complex moral, personal, and human issues as well as Supernatural. It is entrancing to see how the writers, actors and crew work together to create something that is so affecting. At the same time, though, I feel very conflicted about this episode. I'm struggling to sort through it all in my head (and recency bias is a thing, so that notwithstanding). I'm going to cover what I liked about the episode and then we can get into the things that I'm confused about.
Then:  Back view of Baby, taillights glowing in the darkness.  Voice asking, "What happened?"  Dean telling Chuck in casino, "We'll never give you the ending you want."  "We'll see," Chuck answering, unperturbed.  Dean threatening Kaia so she'll open a rift to the "Bad Place."  Dark Kaia killing Kaia.  Speak of Destiny. Jack:  "I'll be able to kill God."

Now:  Four weeks ago - Earth 2

A simple storefront - Radio Shed - with "Clearance" signs.  A woman with long red hair browses; the dark-haired clerk smiles at her.  She leaves. Louden Swain music plays in the background!  The radio is reporting on President Clinton starting to campaign for her reelection when Chuck walks through the door.  The clerk tries to interest him in their "superstore inventory."  "Not really what I'm looking for," Chuck tells him.  What he wants is an AUDIENCE.  He gestures toward the wall of TV screens, then begins to tell his story. 

Everything we know about Supernatural season 15 episode 12.

We have so much talent in the Supernatural fandom! Fans draw, edit photos and videos, write fan fics, create costumes or props, make jewelry and much more. It’s time to showcase the #SPNFamily’s talent and ask the people behind the creations some questions!

Today I want to introduce The Friendly Pigeon to you. I met her last year at Purgatory Convention in Germany. She had a vendor table there,
and yes, I bought art from her. I´m happy that I now can share her art with all of you.

Let´s start with the interview!

Enjoy reading!

In Supernatural’s season 4, Sam and Dean’s battle with things that lurk in the dark introduced the ultimate meta storyline. Entitled simply, “Supernatural”, a book series written by Chuck Shurley predicted every detail of the brothers’ lives – jobs, relationships, events, even what they would say to each other while driving down the road in Baby.  Whatever was written in the books happened to the boys in the real world.  At the time, the writings were explained as prophecies dreamt by a recluse named Chuck, who Castiel introduced as a Prophet of the Lord. The boys reacted to this horrific intrusion into their lives by demanding that Chuck stop publishing his books. They thought this might help them regain some semblance of privacy, but as Charlie later explained, the books were on the internet so “good luck with that!” Sam took comfort in knowing the books’ circulation was poor, so the boys just had to accept that some, although maybe not many, people had a voyeuristic grandstand seat to their lives.  

Yesterday I introduced my "unsung hero" episode list for seasons 1-7.  You know, the lesser known, often overlooked episodes of the vast "Supernatural" catalog that do have some enjoyable qualities, but don't sit among the series elite.  Today, I bring you my choices for season 8-15.  This of course is not an all-inclusive list, just one episode per season to put some boundaries on this exercise.  Otherwise, you might just be getting a 100+ episode list.  15 is a bit more palpable.  

Below are my choices, in order of season (definitely not preference).  
As I continue my look back at this vast catalog of episodes that "Supernatural" has graced us, I found there were a certain set of episodes that were not the "epics" of the series, but still fun to watch anyway.  You know, those quiet little under the radar episodes that get lost in the 300+ list, but deserve a mention anyway.  The one-offs that someone out there loved making, but in the end watched as it got thrown into the "filler" bucket.  I choose today to recognize these small efforts, basically because we are out of articles and I needed to write about something!  😅

These episodes are only in order of season, not of importance or rank.  So, here are my choices for seasons 1-7.  Seasons 8-15 will be part 2.