Before I get into my thoughts and feelings about this episode, I need to give huge thanks to Nightsky and the people here at The Winchester Family Business, for allowing me to write a few reviews while one of their usual people is out of town. I am honored to be able to contribute my thoughts about this episode.

Speaking generally, I loved "Ouroboros". I felt like everyone got their own story line, which in and of itself doesn’t often happen. It is also gratifying to see these characters staying true to themselves while also developing and changing. One of the main reasons that I keep watching the show is because of the constant and interesting character development. None of these characters are the same as they were when the show began, or even last season for some of them. They’ve all grown and changed, which makes them not only more compelling, but more rounded and honest people. Because I feel like each of them was so wonderful, let’s talk about them specifically.

Moments before her death, a mother gives birth to Lucifer's child then begs a servant of the Lord to save her baby. The rescued child is secretly raised by two fathers who teach it to love and defend humanity from all forms of evil, natural and supernatural.

The twist?

The child is a girl, her name is Lilith, and she becomes the most powerful exorcist in existence. Added bonus: she is a fierce martial arts fighter by the time she is a teen. 

This is the story behind the new series Demon X. Created, written and co-directed by Supernatural's Production Coordinator, Jason Fischer, Demon X was released on January 21, 2019 by Jason's production company, Frostbite Pictures. Besides Jason and the obvious genre and subject correlations, Demon X has strong ties to Supernatural and the Supernatural Family. Three of its four lead actors have had multiple roles on Supernatural, including fan favorite Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) who plays Lilith's evil counterpart, Damien. Members of Demon X's production team are also Supernatural alums. 

Demon X puts a different spin on the classic demonic characters of Lucifer, Damien and Lilith. The hero in this good vs. evil battle is a strong, young woman who has advanced fight training and knowledge of occult lore but is struggling with her demonic lineage, and thus her place in the world. The series' format is also non-traditional by network television standards. Season 1 consists of 10 one-scene episodes, ranging in length from 5 to 8 minutes each. Hence, the entire season can be binged in just under one hour. It is also only available online, easily found through multiple streaming channels and subscription services. 

Jason and the Demon X cast shared their thoughts on the series, their characters and Supernatural with The Winchester Family Business'  Nightsky in this exclusive two-part interview! In Part 1, Jason talks about the creation, casting, filming and future of Demon X

The Morning After

Shocked!! What a surprise ending to both Jack and Michael’s plotlines! Chalk up a major win for Team Free Will 2.0, and a major relief for a fandom dreading a season cliffhanger of Dean being buried alive in a coffin at the bottom of an ocean! Let’s look at the scoreboard. Michael is not only out of Dean’s head, he’s definitively dead (well, sent to the Empty at least). Dean is completely free of Michael’s possession, the fear of humanity’s downfall being his fault, and the looming threat of an eternity of torture and solitude. The world is saved from another psycho archangel. Jack is back to fully-powered Nephilim, and from the terminal diagnosis of being either a soulless human or a grace-less Nephilim.  Rowena is herself again. The price of all this? The AU hunters’ lives. Rest in Peace, Maggie. I really liked you.

So let’s talk about this unexpected turn of events!

THEN – Billie hands Dean the book, the Ma’lak box, Lucifer sucking out Jack’s grace, Jack dying, discussion of using the power of the soul, Sam hitting Dean by the Impala, the hug, Dean saying he does believe in them but if that day comes, Sam has to be willing to recognize that it is the end.

NOW:  Reton, NM – a clock shows that’s it’s 7:15.  Cheerful Spanish music plays as a brown-haired man with an open shirt moves around the kitchen, chopping up veggies and stirring pots on the stovetop.  Then the camera pulls back to reveal a man lying on his back across the kitchen island; his chest is cut from neck to navel, the sides pulled open and held apart with wooden separators.  The cook reaches into the chest cavity and removes an organ, chopping it apart, and dipping it in egg and seasoning, then drops it in a sizzling pan.  A reddish-brown snake coils nearby on the floor, and the cook begins to talk to him as he pops out an eyeball from his victim and eats it.  His eyes glow green; the pupil is narrow and elongated.  There is a quick view through a green lens of Sam and Dean entering through a door with guns drawn.  Back in the kitchen, the cannibalistic cook remarks that “they’re on the way.”  Scooping up the snake and the second eyeball, he adds, “Time to go.” 

Everything we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 14.

The Winchester's family reunion has been something I've always dreamed of but never really believed would happen. I was thrilled that they were finally able to do it, even though it took 14 Seasons and 300 episodes! I only wish they had dedicated more time to the reunion, but I will cherish what has been given to us.

Wow, Episode 300! It's hard to believe there was a time when Supernatural sat on the fence of being cancelled after season 2 and then again after seasons 3 and 4. But it 'survived' much like our beloved brothers.

I very much wanted to do a tribute in honour of this monumental occasion. I know Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle" is a sad song, but I felt it was most fitting for this bittersweet episode. I hope you like it.

 Three Weeks Later

How many times have you rewatched Supernatural’s 300th milestone episode “Lebanon”?  In a rare alignment of the planets, all three Winchester Family Business reviewers – Alice, Nate and I - had virtually the same opinion of the episode. We overwhelmingly loved the family reunion with Papa Winchester. We loved the reconciliation between John, Sam and Dean. We loved that each son had individual time with their dad, that he apologized for his mistakes, that they forgave him for his shortcomings, and that he told them he was immensely proud of his boys. We loved John and Mary together, seeing a sentimental side of Mary not often shown. We loved the acting, the tears and the hugs. All three of us wished the “hunt” side of the story and the home town trip down Lebanon’s Main Street would have been saved for its own episode rather than stealing precious minutes away from what was going on in the bunker, but that is easily fixed with the fast-forward button on our DVRs.

When it came time to look at the episode analytically, I expected that any seasonal threads that might have been woven into the plot would have appeared only in that begrudged monster-of-the-week side of the story, using the boys’ routine activities as a connection to the ongoing myth arc. However, when I got past wanting to watch only the emotional scenes, I was utterly amazed to find the episode was FULL of threads! Actually, there were just as many if not more threads in the milestone reunion as there were in the hunt!