Everything we know about the mid-season finale for Supernatural season 15.

As these final episodes air, there’s a nagging question that keeps coming up.  How would I like the show to end?  I know that the end is truly not the end.  The story can carry on with limited series runs in the future like “The X-Files” or “Gilmore Girls,” or through a movie like “Firefly,” then there’s the countless fan fiction that will push the story on for years.  But if it was me setting up this ending, what would I want to see?  After watching this week’s episode, I found an answer that surprised myself. 

I love love loved this episode. I grinned through it, even though it was quite heavy, emotionally. I have many thoughts and feelings, so here we go.

Before I get into the plot or character stuff, I need to express how happy it made me see Christian Kane. I've been a fan for years; since I started watching his show Leverage, and I knew he and Jensen were friends, but it made me grin like a lune to see him on-screen on this wonderful show. It also thrilled me to hear his music being used on the show. The song that was used when Dean pulled into Swayze's and walked in was Christian's song, "The House Rules." He's a fabulous singer, as the episode so wonderfully showed, and his album is a favorite of mine. I hope he has more music coming out soon.

Now, onto the episode.

If “Last Call” were a latte, it would have a whole lot of froth on the top and a little, very dark espresso on the bottom.  This episode was a curious mix of fun and brutal reality, finally leaving us in a position to move forward, with seemingly everyone on board in knowing the key information.

Let’s break it down.

The Morning After

Bottom Line: I loved “Last Call". It was Jeremy Adams' debut episode, after co-writing “Scoobynatural” in season 13 and becoming an official member of the Supernatural writing team. I had a chance to talk with Jeremy at 2019’s San Diego Comic-Con, and completely agree with all the rumors about him being one of the nicest guys on the planet! I couldn’t be happier for him. 

For me, “Last Call” was classic Supernatural. It wasn't emotionally intense or a milestone in the series’ story, and it didn't have the perfect broment, but it had a lot of things I look for in Supernatural. Let me be more specific.

THEN:  Are they just a punchline to some cosmic joke?  Cas tells Dean he's going to move on. Sam's bullet wound with a possible link to God.  Eileen - a ghost restored.

NOW:  Night in Texhoma, Texas outside a seedy little building whose neon lights proclaim it to be B's Sugar Bar.  Two girls are staggering out, one drunk, the other supporting her.  The drunk blonde wants to go to an afterparty; her friend, a serious brunette, doesn't want her to.  The blonde goes off to the edge of the parking lot to throw up, while her friend gets in her car and starts to check her phone.  The drunk girl is about to head back but then has to vomit again.  Behind her, the light from the phone seems a bit erratic.  Finally feeling better, she heads toward the car only to realize it's not there.  The parking lot is completely empty. "Angela?" she queries, but her friend and the car have completely disappeared.

Angela wakes up in a basement, tied to a chair.  There is a tube inserted into a vein in her hand and leading to a door with a barred window.  Still a bit disoriented, she watches her blood flow through the tube to drip out the end inserted into the darkness behind the locked door.  Suddenly, a monster's distorted face smashes into the bars.  Angela screams.

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