It's hiatus, it's Friday, it's Fan Fiction Friday!  This installment comes courtesy of YellowEyedSam.  This fic does come warnings of graphic depictions of violence to main characters, otherwise, enjoy a chilling take on Sam's visions.   

In the spirit of the season, the Winchesters proudly present:

“The 12 Days of the Apocalypse”

On the 1st day of Apocalypse, a spiteful Chuck sent to we...

This episode is baffling me a little. I watched it a few days ago now, and when I first watched it, I was HERE FOR IT. I loved the story that was being told and I loved the way it set up the back half of the season. But now, as I'm sitting down to write this, I'm feeling a little less jazzed. I can't decide if that's because I didn't enjoy the episode, or because of something else. So, let's see if we can figure out where I'm at on, "Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven."

Let's start with the things I liked.
Today started out like any other Monday...

I was settled in at my desk, reading emails, editing writing and updating calendars. I was quietly minding my own business, wondering how much I could get done before tonight's exercise (unwanted but very necessary) class. As happens quite often throughout the day, my phone buzzed with a text message. This time it was Misha, on his community texting line that I joined a while back.

"Hey! I'm in Chicago right now and I'm heading over to check out the Bean (aka "Cloud Gate") at 3:45 pm local time. Want to join me? Come say hi and we can stare at our reflections in the sculpture together & maybe take a picture. Hope to see you there." 

What? Suddenly I'm paying a lot closer attention! What???? My brain slowly starts processing the shocking invitation. Misha's in Chicago?? Checking the time... it's 1:46 pm. Misha is announcing where he'll be in 2 hours? And he's inviting us to meet him?? 

For those who may not recognize the name, "the Bean, aka 'Cloud Gate'" is a famous tourist attraction in Millennium Park on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Also for those who may not remember, I live in Chicagoland. On a good day, I could maybe make it downtown in the middle of the day in 90 minutes. Add in another 30 minutes to park, walk to the Bean and find Misha - OOHHHH, that's cutting it close! Should I even try? Is this a prank? Then I remember that just a week or so ago, responding to accusations that it wasn't truly him texting, Misha tweeted a video (or picture?) of himself sending the message that we all received via text! So, no, this was really Misha! Should I go?? My day was planned... do I have gas in the car? This is crazy! Am I really considering this???

Whew. Where to even begin with this one? It was chalk full of Supernatural goodness from top to bottom, featuring old faces, reunions, phenomenal acting and serious cliffhangers, on two fronts. Some interesting moments of symmetry. What does it all add up to? One great mid-season finale.

Let’s break it down.

The Morning After

Finally! A myth arc episode! While I enjoy Supernatural’s lighter episodes, I am drawn to the deeper story, i.e. the mythology, the relationships between the characters, and whatever big stakes, supernatural battle is currently being fought by Sam, Dean and Castiel. “Our Father Who Aren’t In Heaven” (OFWAIH) delivered on all those fronts with an outstanding character study of Adam and Michael leading the way. Superbly directly by Richard Speight, Jr. with intricate stage sets by Jerry Wanek’s team, this story was visually, intellectually and emotionally interesting. Let’s get started!

THEN:  The flashback shows Adam (who was really a ghoul taking on his body and memories) calling the Winchesters and introducing himself, Cas calling Michael/Adam "Assbutt" and setting him on fire, Sam pulling Michael/Adam into the chasm into hell.  We see potential futures of demonic Dean attacking Sam, the God-wound, Eileen being brought back to life, Chuck typing the words, "Supernatural:  The End," and one of the Winchesters asking, "How are we supposed to fight God?"

NOW:  The Lucky Elephant Casino is bright and cheerful, though one inebriated customer has apparently passed out leaning on the bar.  But then there's another sprawled body, then another.  A frightened cocktail waitress in fishnet stockings and high heels delicately steps through the carnage.  She's holding herself tightly in control, though she's obviously shaking with terror.   A tray with a fancy drink with an umbrella is balanced on her hand as she approaches the slot machines.  Someone is pulling the crank; three pink elephants roll up; coins rattle out into the overflowing tray.  The waitress breathes deep and approaches the customer.  It's Chuck.  He looks over his shoulder at her.  "You went easy on the rum this time?" he asks, then adds darkly.  "You don't want to see me cranky."  He yanks the umbrella out of the glass and tosses it aside.  The waitress tries to smile.

SUPERNATURAL:  "Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven"