The Morning After

Now that’s more like it! Supernatural's “Destiny’s Child” engaged the imagination. There was mystery, emotion and plot development. Granted, some of the new canon that was introduced to advance our heroes’ plights required a massive suspension of disbelief, but at least the episode mostly made sense and was super fun to watch!

The Four Winchesters 

TrustFund!Samuel and TrustFund!Dean (has the internet settled on names for these two yet?) were hilarious! I’m happy that the writers considered, of all the Sam and Deans in all the alternate worlds, at least one set would figure out how to use a rift to escape destruction! That wrinkle makes the alternate worlds more 3-dimensional and believable to me, far more than a universe unimaginatively named “the bad place” where dinosaurs roam about and young girls survive alone in twig huts. It is fun to flesh out a world where John revealed the presence of monsters and parlayed their “ghostbuster” family business into a Winchester fortune! That world also produced two characters that Jared and Jensen could infuse with outrageously funny mannerisms and personalities.

What a fascinating episode.

For me, Supernatural episodes fall into one of the following three categories:
1. Essential to the arc of the season
2. Monster of the week
3. Comedy/One-offs (ala "The French Mistake")

This episode was kind of, sort of, all three mixed up into one. It's thrown me for a loop a little.

THEN - Baby's tail lights.  Cas confusedly watching porn on TV, while Sam and Dean look at him, mortified.  "I learned that from the pizza man."  Cas kisses Meg.  Ruby opens the door for Bobby and Dean and asks, "Where's the pizza?"  Dean eats pizza - pizza - pizza.  "I'm done."  Jack.  Billie.  Sam says Jack has no soul.  Jack says he'll be able to kill God.  Chuck is destroying worlds.  Billie tells them this is their destiny, to be the messengers of God's destruction.

NOW - Books are scattered on a table in the bunker, Sam perusing one while Dean checks news on a laptop.  There are no strange reports; CNN apparently doesn't know that God is in the process of eliminating his creation.  They hear a strange sound - a door?  An elevator?  Rising, they walk through the bunker's hallways, seeking the source of the strange sound.  For a moment, they pause outside a wooden door marked 28, then open it up only to find the room filled with a small, greyish-green Fiat 500.  The doors open.  Feet hit the floor.  In slo mo, another Sam and Dean, obvious enough to be the Winchesters but with subtle differences - get out.  "We did it!" they say, exchanging a fist bump across the roof of the car.  Behind them glows a narrow sliver of a rift between universes.  "What the hell?" asks one of our Winchesters as one of the new ones say, "What the heck?"  Then, "Aw, NUTS!" and the alternate Winchesters and their car disappear.

***SUPERNATURAL*** Title:  Destiny's Child

Everything we know about Supernatural season 15 episode 13.

And we’re back! After a long hiatus and a world vastly different that it seemed six weeks ago, we are back with the boys to learn more about Billie’s plans for Chuck, Jack and the apocalypse. Not to mention a quick pit stop in an alternate world and a reminder that despite Chuck’s approachable demeanor, he’s interminably vicious in every way.


I’m feeling like Chuck these days.  I’m tired of the alternate realities, the subplots, the failed spin-offs, etc.  I just want a focused, somewhat interesting freaking story to play out in a satisfactory manner.  Episode 12 out of 20 and that is not happening at all.  Unfortunately, instead of going out with a bang, “Supernatural” is going out with a tired, unspectacular whimper.  The creative team has run out of gas and is now pushing an empty Impala with a slow, agonizing pace toward the finish line. 

The Morning After

Well, that was a bit of a surprise! It wasn’t what I had hoped to see but maybe it was what needed to be shown.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed all of Kaia’s episodes, largely because Yadira Guevara-Prip is a good young actress. She has excellent timing and presence on the screen and I enjoy the diversity she brings to the Supernatural world. As a character, Kaia has spunk and advanced fighting skills, plus a unique dream walking ability. She has always been my favorite wayward daughter.