All good things must come to an end and next year it's Supernatural's turn. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins made the announcement today!

THEN:  the three Lebanon, KS teenagers comment about monsters.  Sam and Dean fight various monsters.  Sam mentions, “Mom doesn’t want to leave those people.”  We see AU hunters dead in the bunker and Sam filled with guilt and sadness.  He says he needs time.  The teens mention the kid with the dumb Bambi look.  The Winchesters worry about Jack’s soul.

NOW:  A dark night in Polk City, Iowa.  A car is parked in the woods outside a rustic cabin near a sign for a state park.  Two teenagers are in the back seat kissing when the back door is yanked open and a flashlight shines in on them.  It’s the boy’s dad, the local sheriff.  They bicker about where the boy is supposed to be and whose weekend it is (it’s supposed to be the ex-wife’s but she’s off with her boyfriend).  Barbara, the girl, slips out of the car and goes into the building to use the restroom.  It’s unappealing with grimy walls and leaves on the floor.  The light is a sickly green and flickers anemically.  Horrified by what she sees in stall number one, she moves on to the second one.  Outside, the dad tells his son they shouldn’t be out there.  A strange, melancholy whistling fills the air; the girl is nervous, then terrified as heavy steps crunch towards her stall.  She tenses in horror as a shadow seems to pause outside the stall door; then huge, scary fingers grasp the top of the door. 

Everything we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 16,

On Saturday, March 16, the Toledo Art Museum in Toledo, Ohio held a lecture with a well known Hollywood film and TV producer very near and dear to our hearts as well as and theirs.  Someone they proudly call a hometown hero.  I’m talking about none other than Eric Kripke.  Yes, that guy, the creator and mastermind behind that little show that has defied all odds, “Supernatural.” 

When Mr. Kripke promoted the event on Twitter, it instantly generated a lot of interest and excitement from midwestern fans, including two Winchester Family Business staff members, Alice Jester and Emberlast, who just happened to live within driving distance.  After driving from two completely opposite directions to be there, Emberlast and Alice had such a fantastic time at “A Conversation With Eric Kripke” that they have written up this report to share. 

Again, before I get into this review, I need to thank all of the people at The Winchester Family Business for allowing me to write another post. Also, thank you to all of the fans for the love via Twitter. It makes my heart happy to engage with the fandom. With that in mind, please feel free to engage with me via Twitter and here in the comments to this review.  I love talking about the show and I love this fandom.

Alright, time to talk about Peace of Mind. First things first: as a screenwriter, I need to give credit to Meghan on this episode, because I felt it was a brilliant piece of TV, that moved the story forward in a way that was interesting, while also being hilarious, heartfelt, and perfectly Supernatural. There is no other show that I watch that could have me laughing one second and emotionally compromised the next.

The Morning After

Delightful. Supernatural’s 14th episode this season provided a much needed break from the deeply emotional, intense trauma that the cast and the fandom have endured for the past several episodes, if not indeed most of season 14. Let’s review why we all needed a few fleeting moments of peace of mind:

Sam, Mary and Castiel frantically searched for Dean, not knowing if there would be anything left to save, if they ever found him. When Dean returned, the only way he could save the world was to be condemned to a fate so horrible, Sam broke down into sobs just talking about it. Jack died. Castiel bargained away his life to save Jack. The family got their dad back, only to have to let him go again. All of the people Sam worked so hard to save, train, nurture and protect were slaughtered in his home. Jack freed Dean from Michael and saved the world from a reign of terror, but it cost Jack some or all of his eternal soul.

We all love these characters as our own family, so that’s a lot of trauma to experience with them week after week. “Peace of Mind” let us all (cast and fans) catch our breath, and allowed both Jared and Jensen to share their comedic talents with us - with hilarious results!

THEN:  Jack handling the snake.  Flashbacks of Dean nervously freezing as giant yellow python glides over his shoulder.  Michael in Dean’s head.  Dean getting knocked unconscious.  Donatello the prophet getting his soul sucked out by Amara.  Rowena talking about the power of the soul.  Jack defeating Michael.  Jack’s eyes glowing and wings spreading their shadow on the wall.

NOW:   Running feet.  A terrified young man dashes down a sidewalk at night, past a movie theater advertising a Scooby Doo matinee, a bowling alley, and a record store, up to a diner where he bangs on the door, calling for Sunny.  A cute young woman in a pink waitress uniform opens the door, and they hug.  The girl tells the desperate boy that she can’t.  They share a kiss before he dashes away.  A large billboard is displayed on the side of the road depicting a cheerful family – dad, mom, son, and daughter all in 1950s garb down to the dad in a suit and hat – advertising Charming Acres, five miles away, “Where everyone’s happy.”  The youth runs past the sign and up to a gas station minimart.  He dashes inside, asking for a phone from the startled clerk, then grabbing the employee’s phone when he’s slow to respond. As he stumbles away, he begins to clutch his head.  There’s  a shrill ringing sound.  He collapses, then BOOM!  His head explodes.  “Dude?” ventures the clerk.  “Do you need help?”  He walks around the counter and sees the body sprawled on the tile, the upper part a disgusting mess of blood and tissue.  Suddenly a gooey chunk of flesh falls from the ceiling to plop on the floor,  and the clerk promptly bends over and upchucks.

Everything we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 15.