I’ve been known to do some rather off the wall things in the name of this fandom.  You know, like randomly running off to some city to attend a con or event involving perfect strangers, all in the name of the SPN Family.  My adventures have been curtailed as of late, but when an opportunity came up to attend an Impala event at the Family Business Beer Company outside Austin, Texas the last week in April, well, suddenly I was checking flights from Ohio.  After all, two of my favorite words were uttered, Impala and beer.  One reasonably priced flight later, the weekend was a go.

On May 2nd, 1983, somewhere in Lawrence, Kansas, a boy was born to Mary and John Winchester. At the time of his birth, no one thought he would have to fight ghosts, demons, ghouls, vampires, and all the other natural and "supernatural" creatures of the world. Neither did they know how important he would be in the fight to stop the apocalypse and other calamities of the future. Sam Winchester, today we celebrate your 36th birthday! This Is Your Life!

Wow. What an incredible end to an amazing season. Ever since I knew for sure we were going to see Chuck in the season finale, I knew something crazy was going to go down. However, the writers took my expectations and turned them on me so fast, I had a little whiplash. Every character showed themselves in a way that made me realize that all of them, no matter how important or not, has developed and learned.

The Morning After

Sam started the apocalypse! Again! Did not see that coming!

… or did he??

Supernatural’s season 14 finale was exhilarating! It was funny, witty and intense, all building up to a completely unexpected cliffhanger that set up season 15! So much happened!

The Impala – a phone rings.  It was John in the past, getting Dean’s phone call after he’d been called to Lebanon, KS 2019.  John is in the bunker summing up his boys’ unbelievable lives.  “Carry On, My Wayward Sons” begins to play.  THE ROAD SO FAR – Michael, Billie giving Dean a book, Jack dying then coming alive, discussion of Jack’s precarious soul situation, Nick trying to resurrect Lucifer, Jack killing Mary, Jack calmly getting in the box, the box exploding, alarms sounding.

NOW – The bunker’s alarm keeps sounding repetitively.  Jack stands menacingly in front of the destroyed Ma’lak box, hands clenched at his sides, eyes glowing fiercely.  Behind him, clouds of smoke are lit with a destructive orange glow.  “You lied to me,” he observes.  Flinging out his hands, he sends energy out toward Cas, Sam, and Dean,  sending them crashing into the storage shelves to fall heavily to the floor.  They struggle to get up, but Jack has disappeared.

It's the Supernatural season 14 finale! Here's everything we know.