This is my table's interview with Jared.  Yes, that's me wishing him a Happy Belated Birthday in the beginning.  He shares some experiences on "Supernatural" and what he sees the show's legacy is.  There's also a touching moment with one of the journalists who credits Jared for saving her life through Always Keep Fighting.  His message to her is very inspirational.  He also ponders what's next after "Supernatural" and what he'd like to see for Sam (it's a really nice down to earth answer).  

This is my press table's interview with Jensen Ackles.  In this interview, he talks about meeting with the writers in LA and going through the ending of the show.  While other interviews have shown his skepticism, in this one he defends the ending and thinks people will like it.  He also talks his views on the show's legacy.  No spoilers!
This interview is a complete rarity!  Usually in the press room, each table usually gets four to five minutes with each actor, six at best.  Nightsky completely lucked out.  She was at the last table Jared spoke to and their interview went an unheard of 17 minutes!  This is that interview in it's entirety.  After all, something this good must be shared!  I'll issue the usual spoiler alert, but for the most part the guys weren't giving away much [about the s15 plot]. 

Nightsky: The uniqueness of this year's interviews with Jared (and Jensen and Misha) was how reflective they were about their characters and the show coming to an end. Hearing their perspectives and where they are emotionally right now was very special. 

It's been a whirlwind Supernatural day here at San Diego Comic Con, albeit bittersweet.  A lot of tears and fond memories over Supernatural's final (ugh!) season and their last appearance here at Comic Con.  Alice and Nightsky just finished in the press room and will have a slew of interviews to share over the next few days.  Up first, Nightsky's interview with Jensen Ackles.  No spoilers here, he mostly shares his thoughts about "Supernatural" ending.  

On July 19, 1982 a future star was born in San Antonio, Texas.

His name is Jared Tristan Padalecki.

It's time to celebrate you, Jared!

"Shops, Selfies and Supernatural Day" is Part 2 of my report on visiting all things Supernatural in Austin, Texas last month! During these latter days of my trip, I toured the city with fellow Supernatural fangirls, culminating in us all attending the Supernatural Day celebration at San Jac's!

If you missed Part 1, "Bars, Breweries and (Late) Bedtimes" described hunting down and experiencing Jared's San Jac Saloon and Stereotype nightclub, and Jensen's Family Business Beer Company. It also shared several "lessons learned" from my first few days touring Austin, and highlights of the places where we visited and dined. Hopefully, my travelogue will be a virtual trip for those of you who may never get to Austin, and a travel guide for those whose future plans include Jared and Jensen's hometown! 

Happy you could join us for the second episode in the continuing saga of the Sockchester brothers!  If you missed the introduction to the Sockchester Supernatural fan fiction series, go back to the beginning and enjoy Socknatural - Episode 1, which takes place in Kenmore, Washington!  During this week's hunt, Sock Sam and Sock Dean learn that not all things still have their original label.

This time... it gets real.