Eugenie Ross-Leming has been a producer on Supernatural since season 8. Together with her writing partner Brad Buckner, Eugenie has so far written 34 episodes of Supernatural. That's more than any other writer on the show, with the exception of the current show runner Andrew Dabb. In this interview with Nightsky at San Diego Comic-Con, Eugenie reveals how Sam, Dean and Castiel will struggle with the realization that God!Chuck has negated all the battles they've won with monsters for at least the past 14 years, maybe more.  There are mild season 15 spoilers, as she speaks in general terms about returning characters, resolving open issues from the series, and how the three heroes reconcile their new reality. Enjoy!  
Here is the first of two WFB interviews with Supernatural's co-showrunner, Robert Singer. In this conversation with Nightsky, Bob talks about bringing back "fan favorite" characters, working toward a series ending that is "exciting" and he thinks fans will like, then discussing that ending with the writers and "the boys". He also talks about the likelihood of a Supernatural movie, among other things. He reveals a bit about the structure of episodes in season 15, but there are no specific spoilers on content.

Bob is one of the pillars of Supernatural. He has been a part of the series since season 1, and is one of the people Jared and Jensen respect and look to for guidance. He is also a well-recognized and respected writer, director and showrunner in the television industry, having steered several series to success. It is always a pleasure talking with Bob.
What fascinated me about this interview with Supernatural Executive Producer Brad Buckner was how forthright he was in talking about the changes the show made to Chuck going into season 15, and how those changes will rock the belief system that has guided Sam, Dean and Castiel all these years. Without being extremely specific, he answered quite a few questions that fans asked at the end of season 14. After listening to what he had to say, the landscape of the coming year is certainly much more clear.

The question about Chuck and the ramifications of trying to defeat him was mine. I was very happy with the length and detail of Brad's answer. Enjoy! 
Bobo finally made it!  After years of working through the ranks, he has earned the coveted title of "Executive Producer" and got to be part of the panel and press room in this final appearance of "Supernatural" at Comic-Con.  I really missed having him in the audience with us in Hall H, but at the same time it really does bring "Supernatural" justice to have someone who is such a fan of the show be so involved in creative matters.  Both these interviews show his enthusiasm and love for all things Winchester, more than any other producer.  In other words, I just love this guy. 

Spoiler alert!  Bob does share some things.  But it's not like he gives away the farm.  He just puts things in such a perspective where you might have a better understanding of the creative direction, especially moving from season 14 to season 15.  Any of those that might have hoped the Chuck thing is a trick, well, that gets addressed, as well as some other things.  
So yeah, Andrew Dabb has created quite a stir.  He knows the ending of "Supernatural".  He's pitched it.  He got the two leads and the other EPs to sign off on it.  But, as he knows, fan expectations are high.  Impossibly high.  He resigned himself a long time ago to the fact that he can't please everyone.  But the question is, is he right? 

One thing I find with Andrew Dabb interviews is he stands his ground and stands by his reasoning for approaching a story.  You may disagree, but he's confident in his creative direction.  His 35% might be a good joke, but how much of it is him lowering expectations?  Just what did he mean by "writer's lie?" Only time will tell.  In the meantime, is what he selling enough to get you excited about season 15?  The evidence is below. 

In this article you get two for the price of one!  These are both of the interviews from Nightsky and Alice in the Comic Con press room with Alex Calvert, aka Jack on Supernatural.  He's in a pretty casual mood this year!  I guess this Comic Con thing is old hat now.  :). He shares some insights into Jack and his time as an actor on the show.  There's some very slight spoilers in these interviews, but nothing too descriptive or shocking. 
This is my favorite interview out of all of Comic Con this year.  Why?  Well, because I've had this running gag with Misha for about 12 years now, ever since I met him at his first con in New Jersey.  Every time he sees me, which has been a couple dozen times now, he recognizes me, he says hello, but he can't remember my name.  He's resorted to tricks before, like claiming that he knows my name but doesn't say it, then asks the person next to me what my name is and then says "Bye Alice!" as I walk away.  When I saw him on Friday night at Comic Con, where he again didn't remember my name, he told me a cute story that his memory is so bad, he couldn't remember the lock code on his phone.  He hadn't been able to get into it all day.  

So yes, when I was in my place at the roundtable all prepared to speak to our fandom overlord, I was floored by the fact that he looked around the table, saw me and then said "Alice."  Better yet, I got it all on film!!!  It's truly a breakthrough for Misha and myself, yet at the same time a bittersweet ending to our game since this is the last Comic Con for "Supernatural."  Misha was a little more serious this time, the gravity of the situation possibly hitting him that day, especially after the emotional panel.  All I can say is that over the years Misha has been one of my favorites to interview, but this is the one I will remember most.  

No spoilers in this interview.  Just a guy who reflects back on what is clearly one of the most unexpected experiences of his life. There's also a really cute moment in the beginning where Jensen during the table switch cross checks Misha into the wall.  It's rather priceless.  

This is Nightsky's interview with Misha Collins in the press room at San Diego Comic Con.  There are some spoilers here about Castiel's reaction to the events of the season fourteen finale. Otherwise, Misha talks about how his character has changed him, how he felt about doing the final panel, and what his future projects may be (hint, they've started pre-orders on his new cookbook).  As usual, you can never predict what Misha is going to say!