We have so much talent in the Supernatural fandom! Fans draw, edit photos and videos, write fan fics, create costumes or props, make jewelry and much more. It’s time to showcase the #SPNFamily’s talent and ask the people behind the creations some questions!

This time I want to share my interview with Eva, aka RosyOpal.
We talked about her incredible art (including a hand painted flannel!).

It's been an abundance of riches this week for Supernatural fans!  Entertainment Weekly's Samantha Highfill and photographer Peggy Sirota took Jared, Jensen and Misha to a mountain top in Malibu, California for what has become the most amazing stream of high energy, high emotion photos ever gifted to fans! 

 The Entertainment Weekly Cover Shoot

On Monday, April 13th,  Entertainment Weekly released a preview of their May issue,Supernatural stars reflect on the show's undying legacy (Warning: there is a casting spoilers in the article). Samantha Highfill, a writer who's partnered with the WB to create many excellent feature articles for the show and its stars over the years, put together another fabulous tribute to 15 years of Supernatural. Photographer Peggy Sirota's photos are the highlight of the article, capturing the intimate friendship between these three lead actors! The setting and the pictures are truly stunning! The article also includes a lengthy video of the cover shoot, with impromptu dance moves from Jared, and laughs and plentiful hugs all around! The champagne was flowing and emotions were running high as the boys said goodbye to EW and Supernatural.  If things had worked out as planned, the issue would have hit news stands around the time of the series finale on May 18.  

What Supernatural Means to Me: A Reason for Every Season

Like New Year’s Eve or milestone birthdays, the end of something as enduring as Supernatural is a time for reflection and remembrance, all of which is a bittersweet nostalgia. For my part, I thought it was fitting to consider what Supernatural has meant to me in a collection of fifteen words for fifteen season. It’s impossible, of course, to sum up precisely the impact of this show, this community, this family, in words – written or otherwise – but here is my best effort.

One of the amazing dynamics of San Diego Comic-Con is the access that fans have to the superstars of the entertainment industry. Panels offer fans a chance to ask questions of the otherwise inaccessible lead actors and behind-the-camera creative teams of the most popular movies and television shows. Through press rooms, private media outlets can talk to the brilliant people who are usually only available to major marketing channels.

One of these cherished opportunities occurred during SDCC 2019 when The Winchester Family Business's Nightsky talked with the six notable Hollywood composers who made up The 7th Annual Musical Anatomy of a Superhero panel! This year’s panelists included:

Christopher Lennertz (SupernaturalThe Boys, Agent Carter)
Michael Giacchino  
(Spider-man: Far From Home, Doctor Strange, Rogue One, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, Jurassic Park)
Pinar Toprak 
(Captain Marvel, Krypton),
Benjamin Wallfisch (Shazam, Hellboy), 
Sherri Chung (numerous Arrowverse showsBlindspot, Nancy Drew), 
Blake Neely (numerous Arrowverse shows, Blindspot, Pirates of the Caribbean) 

These are the musical minds behind the biggest, blockbuster movies and superhero genre television shows, many of which are on The CW network!  They explained the process and challenges of creating music for the superhero genre, and collaborating with the director, producers and franchises. This was a fabulous chance to learn about the memorable themes that are as much a part of our love of these shows as the actors and stories!

Choosing your top songs from Supernatural is a challenging idea simply because there have been so many through the years.  In her recent article, Karen said she picked the first ten musical moments that came to her, so I pretty much tried to do the same:  which songs and which scenes came to my mind when I thought of impactful music in the show?  

Hi, everyone. I hope everyone is keeping well and being safe during this uncertain and stressful time. With recently being 'temporarily' laid off,  I have found myself with more time than I have had in a very long time. Now with our show on an unexpected hiatus, I started to reflect on things that I love about Supernatural. One of the main things I've loved has been the music that has been used in the past fifteen years, so I decided to pick my top ten favourite music moments. This is the music that, when I hear the song on the radio or on my playlist, I immediately think of Supernatural and the episode it was in. With there being so many Music Moments over these past fifteen seasons, I chose my list by picking the first ten that came to me. I figured these impacted and affected me the most.  

Now before you read my list, write down what you would pick. What ten songs and their moments do you think of first?