Thoughts on Supernatural 15.02 “Raising Hell”

Rattled townspeople, organizing ghosts and familiar faces around every corner. For the second episode, “Raising Hell” sure has a lot in it by all accounts. We even got a glimpse into what Chuck is up to while the Winchesters and Co work on picking up the pieces of his temper tantrum. So, how did it all come together? Mostly well. A few notes landed a bit flat, though. So let’s dive in and dissect.

Do you want the good new or the bad news first?

I never know how to answer when that question is asked of me. In the case of Supernatural’s episode 15.02, however, I think I would prefer to cover the bad news first so we can end the discussion of “Raising Hell” on a good note.  The bad news: I didn’t care very much for the episode. It was slow paced, and alternated from being boring to being ridiculous. The good news: it teased some very intriguing plot points that I’m anxious to explore further in the season. So let’s talk about what didn’t work for me so we can get to the juicy mysteries afoot.

THEN:  Chuck says this isn't how the story is supposed to end.  Dean yells that it's not a story; it's their lives.  "Story's over; welcome to the end," says Chuck.  Jack gets his eyes burned out.  Belphegor appears.  The ghosts chase Sam and Cas down a suburban street.

NOW:  A white sign - Road Closed - is part of the barricade blocking off a neighborhood, silent in the darkness.  A blonde woman in a green coat with a scarf muffling the bottom half of  her face, skulks nearby, peering about suspiciously, eyes cautious.  She pulls our her keys and then drops them.  With a sound of annoyance, she bends to retrieve them.  Straightening up, she is startled by the tall dark silhouette of a man looming nearby, but her apprehension is soon quelled.  "Oh, Rob!" she exclaims, lowering her scarf.  The neighbor stares at her intently, face impassive.  She prattles on about two days having passed with the benzine scare, but how she needed to get back home to get her daughter's medication.  Her child is concerned about school being closed because she'll miss the spelling bee.  Suddenly the man knifes her, and she collapses, bleeding profusely.  A black cloud exits the man, who falls to the ground near his neighbor.  A ghost is revealed, a dignified man in an old-timey suit.  "Disemboweled," he says.  "D-I-S-E-M-B-O-W-E-L-E-D."  

Title:  Raising Hell

Here's what we know about Supernatural season 15 episode 2.
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Here we are. The last premiere. It seems like this hiatus lasted forever, but we finally got here, and it was not a disappointment. It was an episode that was true to the unique, scary, funny, and ultimately amazing thing that is Supernatural. As I am normally wont to do, I wanted to focus on the characters, because as the primary drivers of the story, they provide me the most fascinating thing to watch.

Me:  Dean, you come across to me as a glass-half empty kind of guy.
Dean:  Oh yeah, why don’t you glass-half-empty this!
(Scene of unmistakable violence and carnage ensues).