THEN:  The teenager in Lebanon gets impaled by Jack; Nick gets killed by Jack; Mary gets killed by Jack.  Dean says, “We fight.”  Cas says, “I failed you; I failed Jack.”  Dean tells him he should go to heaven and get Mary back.  Jack tries to bring Mary back – spell casting.  Lucifer (or Jack’s mind-created image of Lucifer) talking to Jack.  The burning pyre.   “It didn’t work.”

NOW:  The bunker is filled with lots of strangers  dressed in rough work clothes – these must be the surviving AU hunters.  They are sipping from open bottles and talking quietly and respectfully.  Mary’s picture in a frame and other mementos are on the lighted map table.  Dean, flanked by Cas and Sam, comes through a doorway and stands in the entrance, a few steps above the map room.  Dean thanks the hunters for being there, saying that, while she was family, “her family went beyond just us.”  He mentions how they fought with her both in the AU world and on hunts here, saying that he and Sam had gotten a second chance to get to know her.  They’d gotten to know her as more than just a mom but as someone who was tough, strong, stubborn, opinionated, skillful, able to handle their old man.  He jokes that she couldn’t cook, then, holding up his bottle, says,  “Mom, you weren’t here long enough, but we’re so glad for the time we had.  Goodbye, Mom.”  Sam echoes quietly, “Goodbye, Mom.”  Everyone drinks to Mary.  Suddenly a machete smashes in the head of one of the hunters.  He stands for a moment, eyes wide, blood spilling from the ax embedded in his skull before collapsing to the floor.  AltBobby enters in his plaid shirt and ball cap.  He smiles. 

Here's everything we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 19.

Can anyone believe we’re almost done with the season? It feels like a minute ago we were watching Sam shout, “ENOUGH!” at some demons. What a journey it’s been and I don’t think there is any slowing down for the last two episodes, if this one is anything to go by.

With the second to last season drawing to a close, this episode emphasizes a lot of the primary themes of Supernatural:  family, betrayal, trust, and loss.  The title itself, “Absence,” conveys the sense of loss, driven home by the final scene at Mary’s funeral pyre.  They’ve also physically lost Jack, he may have lost his soul, and they certainly have lost the ability to trust him if an explosion of temper can cause the death of someone they love.

Then:  “I am a Winchester!” shouts Jack as he kills Michael.  He inhales grace:  “I’m me again!”  He heals Sam after Nick’s brutal attack.  Cas is concerned about Jack’s soul.  Jack disintegrates Felix the snake to dust.  Nick viciously beats the policeman and escapes custody.  Nick tries to resurrect Lucifer.  Mary tells  Jack to “do it” (use his powers to help his family).  Jack feels overwhelmed and pressured.  Mary is trying to talk to him.  He hollers, “Leave me alone!” then whispers, “Mary?”

Everything we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 18.