Goodness. The writers and powers that be are not pulling any punches on us these days, are they? I think we all knew deaths were coming, but I don't think that we expected any of them so soon. I certainly didn't. I'm still a little overwhelmed with the episode, so let's see if I can sort some stuff out. Before we get into it, RIP to Ketch. I didn't love or hate him, but I'm sad to see David Hadyn-Jones go. 

I mean… where do we even begin? There is so much to unpack in “The Rupture” and for the most part, it is all tragedy. I can’t say I enjoyed this episode since it was full of such pain from start to end. What I will say, is that it held me until the end and left me wanting more. Oh, and weeping in the corner too. But we’ll get to that…

As sometimes happens with SPNFamily, I rewatched Supernatural 15.03, “The Rupture” with a friend and fellow fangirl, Lynn Zubernis of FangasmSPN. Lynn and I both write weekly reviews of Supernatural’s episodes, each for different fan sites, and while we each favor a different  brother, ship different pairings, and sometimes have extremely different reactions to episodes, we find our views align more than they diverge. We happened to be together the day after “The Rupture” aired (we live in geographically distant regions of the USA) so we decided to capitalize on the opportunity to once again write a joint “reaction review” for you – two reviewers for the price of one! Follow along with us as we analyze and question, laugh and cry together with you, scene by scene, to one of Supernatural’s most powerful and emotionally poignant episodes. 

THEN:  ghosts; Belphegor; the taillights of the Impala; Ketch asking about Jack and Cas telling him that Jack is dead, killed by God; Ketch saying that a demon named Ardat hired him to kill Belphegor; Rowena using the soul vacuum; Dean telling Rowena, "Sam kills you;"  the hell ghosts plotting to escape; Sam saying they would find another way.

NOW:  Purple-ly and pink explosions burst in air, etched against the blue sky as the ghosts try to get past the warding.  An armed hunter, an African-American woman with short cropped blonde hair, stands guard as the ghost hits come even faster.  

Dean and Sam, holding shotguns, are striding purposefully through a graveyard, followed by Belphegor in his white sunglasses and Rowena in a sand-colored structured jacket and floor-length pink gown.  Cas follows too holding a briefcase.  Dean is worried about the "one hundred billion ghosts" that will escape if the plan doesn't work, but Rowena is supremely confidently, cheerfully explaining the plan as they continue moving through the tombstones.  They pass a huge, gaping hole in the ground, out of which souls, like tiny comets trailing light, are intermittently shooting.  They grimace a bit as they approach the crypt where they'd been holed up earlier; all the resurrected bodies that were struck down by Belphegor's spell are still lying scattered about among the graves; they'll have to walk past them all to get back inside the mausoleum.  They enter the dark chamber; a grated aperture in the ceiling lets in light; vines are dangling from the opening. The red-haired witch begins to set up her spell work while the others bar the door and pour salt along the edges.  Suddenly, with a loud bang, the door rattles on its hinges.  They jump a bit but continue their preparations.  Rowena is radiant in her pink gown and jeweled necklace as she recites the spell with fierce intensity.  Her eyes glow purple.  Outside, all along the wall, the pink power of the spirits is spread out, thinning out along the surface.  "It's working!" Sam reports, getting a message on his phone from a hunter outside.  But, suddenly, it's not.  Rowena begins to panic.  She keeps chanting the spell with growing desperation.  She sees flashes of the ghosts, evil grin after malicious sneer, until she collapses, thrown back to the ground in a flash of light.  Tears pour down her face:  "We're all going to die!"

Here's what we know about Supernatural season 15 episode 3.
This episode has really stymied me. For some reason, I'm having a problem ordering my thoughts about what happened in the episode and how everyone behaved. Normally I don't run into this problem because I try my best to pay attention to the characters and what they're doing, but for some reason, this episode felt a little disjointed - like it wasn't being driven by character and actions, but by a big hand that was pushing the pieces around (that might be a little too on the nose, but it is accurate).