Everything we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 10.
Why does it seem that when it comes to the games, the fans are producing better content than the official, "professional," licensed products?
Spoiler warning.

Let us continue our trip towards the mid season hiatus by looking at the episode where Jack dies.

The Archangel Michael’s conversation with Jack in Supernatural’s 14.9 “The Spear” was, on the surface, the big revelation of Michael’s grand plan for his global domination. Looking at it more closely, however, it is actually a referendum on Jack. Why is he being allowed to live? Will he be corrupted by power over time? Is he more akin to humans or God?

Prologue: I wrote this story on May 27, 2016, 2 days after the air date of the SPN Season 11 finale, “Alpha and Omega”. I felt very strongly (and I still do!) that a conversation like this should have taken place between Chuck and Castiel. After all those years of desperately searching for God, struggling with his faith and the purpose of his mission, to be given the chance to talk to his Father? Actually converse with Him, face to face? Cas deserved the opportunity, and I wanted to give it to him.

"The trickster's function is to break taboos, create mischief, stir things up. In the end, the trickster gives people what they really want, some sort of freedom.” ― Tom Robbins

When I started these articles, I really wanted to make one about Gabriel but I never thought I would have the chance. Like really, REALLY have a chance with him playing Gabriel again in the new seasons. But I should have known this is Supernatural we are talking about so Lo and Behold we got him back in season 13 in all his glory. So this article is about his former “Trickster” alias and also his real self as Gabriel.

January 8th is the birthday of the actress of one of my favorite supporting characters on Supernatural – Ruby Two. (I’m not really a big fan of Ruby One, Katie Cassidy, sorry) In my Ruby’s honor, I’m doing a retro review of “The French Mistake,” in which she has a memorable role.  Genevieve Nicole Cortese Padalecki – this one’s for you.