Sam and Dean return home from a case, but are immediately called upon to investigate a puzzling mystery.  What is Jack hiding from Cas and the brothers?  Can the three men uncover Jack’s secret?

How does one put into words SPNFamily’s reaction to Supernatural’s milestone 300th episode, “Lebanon”?

It was perfect. Maybe we start there.

THEN:  From the pilot, Dean says, “Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a while.”  Sam says, “We got work to do,” as they close the trunk.  We see Michael, Dean reminiscing with Mary, Dean in the box panicking, Sam hitting Dean, then the bro-hug and the words, “Let’s go home.”

NOW:  Sam and Dean enter the Precious Pawn Show.  A large array of guitars hang on one wall; a monkey statuette sits on the counter.  The proprietor says everything is twenty percent off, but Dean says they want the “really good stuff” and shows him a large wad of cash.  The owner unlocks a door to a back room crowded with unique and one-of-kind items, for example, dragon’s breath, contained in a perfume decanter.  They tell him that they are looking for the skull of Sarah Goode who was executed during the Salem Witch Trials.  The pawn shop dealer unlocks a safe, opening the door to reveal the most valuable treasures.  Behind him, Sam has picked up an old, well-worn, jointed teddy bear from a shelf and is about to pull the string on its back when the owner warns him not to do that.  Dean rolls his eyes at Sam who shamefacedly puts the teddy back.  The owner removes the skull, explaining where he got it, when Dean interrupts him, saying they know it’s a lie because that skull was in the possession of a friend of theirs, a hunter, who was recently found dead, cut in half, and his possessions ransacked.  The owner immediately sprays the perfume bottle at them, and, with a roar, a column of flame shoots out at the Winchesters who dive aside to get out of the way.  When the flames recede, the proprietor is standing over Sam; he’s holding a long curved blade which he raises over his head.  “Wonder what this’ll do to you,” he’s commenting, but before he can swing it down toward Sam, he is shot from behind by Dean.  “They always talk too much,” Dean remarks. 

As we get closer to the 300th episode of Supernatural, more outlets are publishing articles about the Little Show that Could.
The CW issued this look at the celebration for episode 300:
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Finally episode 300 of Supernatural is here! Here's everything we know.

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