As we get closer to the 300th episode of Supernatural, more outlets are publishing articles about the Little Show that Could.
The CW issued this look at the celebration for episode 300:
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Finally episode 300 of Supernatural is here! Here's everything we know.

Several Days Later

Like Supernatural’s episode “Prophet and Loss”, you have to stick with this review all the way to the end because it just may surprise you.

I don’t even need to see the writing credits of an episode.  I’m so familiar now with each writer’s quirks, aka “go to” devices.  Do they have the ability to put together a fluid script and does substance triumph over stunts?  As soon as I saw the graphic and brutal gore in the murders of those two innocent people with no real substance behind the act, I knew this was a Brad and Eugenie script.   The lack of fluid plotting and time wasting scenes on characters not named Winchester until the end cemented that feeling. 

I shouldn’t be so harsh though. I think Buckner/Ross-Leming scripts had been stronger this season.  However, they have tells and sometimes they fall back on them too heavily when a story is meant to bridge an episode to something that will happen later rather than the here and now.  Stunts like mistaking gore and brutality for real horror, spending too much time of secondary characters, and choppy plotting that fails to mix unrelated stories fluidly.  Check, check, and check.  But hey, at least we got some very strong brotherly scenes.  Without those, this episode would have gone onto my ever growing “epic fail” list. 

This is an exciting week for the #SPNFamily! Supernatural's 300th episode airs on Thursday, February 7, and the anticipation is building! Supernatural fans have been with the show every step of the way, supporting not only the show but the cast, executive team and crew as well. So of course some fans have thought of ways to celebrate the milestone in solidarity with the Supernatural creative team and fan family! Pick you favorites and join the fun!

THEN:  “Who are you?” “The guys who saved the world.”  Scenes of Donatello.  The guys says, “Whatever it takes.”  Nick on his killing spree.  Abraxas.  Dean about Michael – “I can feel him in my head.”  Dean and Sam on either side of the Ma’lak Box.  Camera zooms in on Dean’s hands on the box.  Screen turns black as we hear Dean say, “It’s the only sane play I’ve got.”

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