A while back I did an article during one of my dour days, back when the site was nothing but a vanilla blog page and had ten followers.  It asked the question, What are your Supernatural blue funk episodes?" Well, it’s Tuesday and I have a laundry list of things that have me in the deep blue funk of futility today. So, I’m sitting on the couch, remote in hand, dogs curled up by my side, ready to go through five seasons of Supernatural to decide which episodes are going to pull me out of this. Considering the blue funk list I published back in November 2008 is terribly outdated, it’s time to go through this fun exercise again. After all, tastes and desires change, right? Maybe not. Let’s go through the list and find out.
As I did last time, I’ll just list the episodes by season and why I like them.   
Season One: â€œPhantom Traveler,” “Home,” “Nightmare,” “Provenance.”
After re-watching season one again as it aired in syndication on TNT, I earned a new appreciation for season one. It really wasn’t as inferior to the other seasons as I thought. Now granted I still list season one as the weakest of the four (season five can’t be judged yet), but it set the tone and foundation for the major build up to come. Two episodes on this list remain from last time, “Home” and “Nightmare.” I absolutely love those episodes and always will. However, going through the season again, I forgot how much I loved “Phantom Traveler” and “Provenance” too. â€œPhantom Traveler” is an emotional episode that sets many wonderful firsts in the series. â€œProvenance” is not only a long overdue look into Sam’s character, but the brotherly moments are especially strong and the creep factor of the ghost story is off the chart. It makes you remember this is a horror show.
Season Two: â€œIn My Time of Dying,” “The Usual Suspects,” “Nightshifter,” “Born Under a Bad Sign,” “Tall Tales,”  â€œHeart,” and the first two thirds of “All Hell Breaks Loose Part II.” 
You know, there isn’t a bad episode in season two (except for maybe “No Exit”). This season is easily the most consistent and each episode offers something to smile about. However, my list didn’t change all that much. I still love “In My Time of Dying” and nowadays, it reminds me that much more why I love Kim Manners. There are so many wonderful directing nuances to that episode that still blow me away today. â€œThe Usual Suspects” remains high on my personal favorites list for reasons unknown. â€œNightshifter” is just one of those exciting “get lost in the out of control plot” episodes that’s escapism at its finest. â€œBorn Under a Bad Sign” easily makes my personal top five best ever, and “Tall Tales” has always been a big favorite and I even got the kids into it recently. You’re going to find all the Trickster episodes are on here. 
Where my sentiments start to change is the tail end of the season. I no longer desire “What Is and What Should Never Be,” like I used to. I keep finding myself pulling out the other emotionally heavy episodes like “Heart” and “All Hell Breaks Loose Part II” (until the not so great graveyard scene). It’s because the brotherly interaction is so much stronger in those episodes. That after all seems to be what breaks my wittle heart to pieces and keeps me obsessive about this show.   
Season Three: â€œBad Day At Black Rock,” “Bedtime Stories,”  â€œA Very Supernatural Christmas,” “Mystery Spot,” “No Rest For The Wicked.”
My sentiments for season three haven’t changed one bit except I’m finding new appreciation for “Bad Day at Black Rock.” Probably because now that Bela is dead and gone, she doesn’t irritate as much. It really is quite a brilliant screwball comedy and when you think about it, Sam is the comic relief? That’s a rare anomaly and a precious one too. â€œMystery Spot” is still my all time favorite comfort episode. I also still love “Bedtime Stories” for reasons unexplained. Probably because it was a Sam turning point. He got pretty cold hearted after that. With “No Rest For The Wicked,” I’m still screaming “Dean!” every time it comes on. What a gruesome and very emotional ending. 
Season Four: â€œLazarus Rising,” “Yellow Fever,” “Wishful Thinking,” “Sex and Violence,” “On The Head of A Pin,” “The Monster At The End of This Book,” “When The Levee Breaks.” 
Season four (and I know several of you disagree) is Supernatural’s best season. To me it’s no contest. Sure, it’s darker. Very dark. But talk about the baggage and layers for our boys. I could actually watch this season from beginning to end and be thrilled for weeks (minus “Family Remains”). However, I did have to pick the real blue funk ones.  
“Lazarus Rising” is pure awesomeness. Dean pulls himself out of his own grave, Sam uses his powers after four freaking seasons and does it behind Dean’s back (I’m glad they only dragged that out to episode four) and enter Castiel, the most bad ass angel entrance ever! This is not Roma Downey folks. Sheer perfection from beginning to end. â€œYellow Fever” and “Wishful Thinking” are brilliant comedic episodes with a very underlying dark message. I’m all about the dark humor though. It’s my British heritage. They trump any comedy previously done because they reveal some really complex layers in the brothers and are biting in their messages. They both create huge angst for the brothers. It’s all good. 
As for “Sex and Violence,” I just love this one personally. Brothers fighting, Sam getting laid with a spunky chick that I liked, and one very crafty villain that causes Sam and Dean to pound the living crap out of one another. Then Bobby saves the day! The scars run deep at the end and for some reason, I like that. I love watching this one over and over again. I know, I’m very alone. As for “On The Head of a Pin,” I’m ready to list that as one of the best episodes ever. Sure it was an angel heavy story, but it’s an awesome angel heavy story. I adore Misha’s chance to shine, and Jensen and Jared were no slouches either. This has Sam’s demon blood addiction reveal and it’s great. Ditto for poor Dean and his devastation over finding out he broke the first seal. The reaction still haunts me when thinking about it. 
“The Monster At The End of This Book” is another top ten all time list entry. What can I say? It’s howlingly funny, introduces one of the coolest characters ever in the prophet Chuck, tests the brotherly relationship in a big way and Castiel is at his finest. It’s sharply written and amazingly executed given the meta concept. It’s one of those episodes the show will be remembered forever for. However, if I had to pick a personal favorite all season, it would be “When The Levee Breaks.” The show slowly built up to this inevitable fall out all season and when it happened, the results were every bit as explosive as they should have been.  I was a mess for weeks. That’s how you build up a story line! Plus the Sammy angst was off the charts. That’s my thing.          
Season Five – “Free To Be You and Me,” “Changing Channels,” “My Bloody Valentine.” 
Season five has been a mixed bag so far. Each individual episode has been good (except maybe “Swap Meat”) but as a whole the season isn’t flowing together like season four did. Or three. Or two. Or one. However, there’s still plenty of comfort. For me, I love the separate stories told in “Free To Be You and Me.” Especially Sam’s sad story for things just keep getting worse for the poor boy. Dead girlfriend with the guilt trip was the kicker for me but you can’t top a nighttime visit from Satan himself. Sam should have been rattled to the core. Dean and Castiel’s meeting with Raphael was really cool too and I just like the way that whole thing was shot. Sure, I fast forward through the entire brothel scene but I’ll manage that for the rest is so riveting to me. 
“Changing Channels” no doubt is a series classic. I’m still debating its position on the top ten all time list, but it’s up there. You wonder how such a concept can work on paper and boy does it. Of course it helps to bring the Trickster back and give him something to really sink his teeth into. This is a Jeremy Carver patented roller coaster thrill ride that has you laughing one second, stunned the next, and just plain emotionally crushed by the end. When I’m an emotionally exhausted wreck, the episode works. 
“My Bloody Valentine” is season five’s equivalent to “On the Head of A Pin.” On the edge of your seat suspense (once you get done gagging) that finally lets Sam loose in a very troubling way with his full strength powers in front of Dean. Dean’s crushed reaction is every bit as earth shattering as we could have imagined. Heck, it broke the poor boy. I’ve seen this episode a ridiculous amount of times already and will continue to do so I’m sure. 
Okay, there’s my long-winded reasoning behind my choices. What’s yours? I’m off to start watching now.