What are your favourite Supernatural episodes?

Why are they your favourites? Is it the emotional impact they had on you?

Maybe they simply make you laugh or hide under the covers.

Is it a scene, a moment, a line or song?

These are my favourites - what do you think of them?

"Bad Day At Black Rock"

I love this episode. We had the return of a scary Gordon, and an introduction to Kubrick, Creedy and Bela. On top of that there were so many memorable moments.

The brothers going through the storage locker of their dad's finding Sam's 1995 Soccer Trophy 'probably the closest you became to being a boy.' and Dean's first sawed off shot gun 'I made it myself'. The confrontation with Wayne and Grossman at Wayne's apartment. Wayne meeting his end by the BBQ fork.. eww. Dean's tossing the pen into the barrel of Kubrick's gun. 'I'm Batman'. The expressions of Sam and Dean's faces during the picture at Biggerson's. Sam forcing a smile as he's blinded by the flash while Dean is all smiles looking like a kid on Christmas morning. Sam's arm catching fire in the motel room. The list just goes on.  

However I have two moments that stand out the most for me. First is when Dean brings Sam to the motel room to keep him safe until he retrieves the rabbit's foot from Bela. The way he grabs a discouraged Sam's arm and leads him to a chair to sit on, it was such a big brother moment. Telling Sam not to move or even scratch his nose. Of course with the power of suggestion, scratching his nose is the first thing Sam needs to do once Dean leaves.

Secondly 'I lost my shoe'. Sam looked so sad and defeated, I just wanted to give the poor boy a hug. 


"When The Levee Breaks"

This was another one where there was so many memorable, powerful and heartbreaking moments. It's almost impossible to come up with just one. 

Dean having to watch his brother go through his withdrawals. Constantly convincing himself he's doing the right thing. Drawing the line, that he'd rather Sam die human than become a monster. Then there's all of Sam's hallucinations from his torture from Alistair, his confrontation with his younger self and with Dean, his reflection in the mirror, seeing his veins blacken and then being flung around the room. And of course his moment with Mary. His surprise when he first hears her 'poor baby' and then sees her. Her 'you look awful' has him glance down at himself and makes the assumption 'how disappointed she would be' and what a 'piss poor excuse for a son' he is. However his desperate need for her approval has the hallucination siding with him and his mission. 

Then of course the final confrontation between Sam and Dean. 

However the one moment that stands out the most for me is the confrontation between Sam and Bobby. With Bobby holding a shotgun to Sam wanting him to go back into the panic room. However Sam believes Bobby won't be able to shoot him. 


'You can't do it"

"We're trying to help you Sam," says a choked up Bobby.

Sam takes hold of the barrel of the gun and puts it to his chest "Then shoot."

A teary eyed Sam than gives Bobby a chance to pull the trigger, however Bobby hesitates. Sam quickly takes over the shotgun and knocks him out. 

Then Sam throws the shotgun down. The look on Sam face just breaks my heart.

"Of Grave Importance"

With this one I have two moments. First is when Bobby and Annie find the room where all the dead bodies, including Annie's, were hidden. The look on Annie's face at the realization that she is really dead is quite sad. She tells Bobby that she wants a hunter's funeral, that she doesn't want to linger on as a ghost. The other is when the brothers are finally able to see Bobby. The surprise on all three of their faces was priceless.

SPN 1097

"Goodbye Stranger"

This one I have two scenes that stood out for me. First was the opening scene where Dean is roaming in a dark building with his pistol at the ready. He then gets knocked down by Cas. Cas then kills Dean. The lights come on and Naomi comes out and comments on Cas's performance 'No hesitation, quick, brutal, everything back in order. Finally you're ready' The camera spreads out showing the entire room and there are endless dead Dean's. That was quite disturbing. 


The other is the end scene when the brothers are in the car after Cas left with the Angel tablet and they have to witness Crowley killing Meg. Dean has told Sam about what happened with Cas. Dean tells Sam that he can't take anymore lies from anyone. Sam apologizes and agrees to be honest from now on. 

'Listen I may not be able to carry the burden that comes along with these trials but I can carry you."

"You realise you kind of just quoted Lord of the Rings, right?"

"Come on man, but it's the Rudy Hobbit alright. Rudy Hobbit always gets a pass."

Sam laughs.

"Shut up" says Dean as he puts on the radio. Supertramp's Goodbye Stranger starts playing. 

The scene then breaks to Naomi at her desk when a minion comes in and shakes her head.

It then has Cas putting the tablet in a backpack while travelling on a coach line bus.

Those are my favorite scenes, now it's time to share yours.  


# det_coverdale 2015-04-12 00:12
Obviously, we all have a list of favourites; I just can't think of them all without a re-watch. One of them you mentioned: Bad Day At Black Rock. One of my favourite scenes is when Sam and Dean walk into Wayne's apartment and Sam (having lost the rabbit's foot) trips over, grabs the lamp, and they both go down. There is good physical comedy and then there is bad physical comedy (that looks staged and rehearsed), and Jared nailed it. It looked so natural. And funny.

Another favourite is Born Under A Bad Sign. Two scenes stick out for me (also Sam-related). The first is when Demon-Sam has Jo tied up in the bar and he taunts her about how her father died. The changes between being mock-concerned and taunting was effortless and awesome to watch. And the sing-song 'My daddy shot your daddy in the head' quote was so cool. The second was when Dean and Bobby had Demon-Sam tied up and were performing the exorcism, and how it was turned against them. We haven't seen that binding spell since.
# paladinteacher 2015-04-12 19:50
“Bad Day at Black Rock” is a favorite. I love all of the things that you mentioned. Also, the minute that Bela gets the rabbit foot and Sam’s luck changes. The brothers walk out of the diner and Sam trips in the parking lot. The look on Dean’s face – “Oh my God, I can’t take you anywhere.” And of course, “I lost my shoe.”

“When the Levee Breaks” – Dean and Bobby rushing to the panic room as soon as it gets too quiet. And, yes, Sam’s hallucination of Dean, telling him that he is a monster. Then it is echoed in their final confrontation in the hotel room. Dean starts to say something to Sam, but stops himself. Sam has picked up on it, though, and goads Dean. “Say it.” Dean doesn’t know it, but he is confirming Sam’s worst fears about what his brother thinks of him. It is heartbreaking.

“Of Grave Importance” – I like Bobby “going to school” on how to manifest and move objects as a ghost.

“Goodbye Stranger” – The end scene that you mentioned is my favorite, as well. I love the “Rudy Hobbit” line. And then the song playing over the closing montage.
Honorable mention goes to Crowley’s confrontation with Naomi in the crypt. She vanishes and Crowley says, “Tart stole my move.”
I also love the subtlety in the scene where Dean and Sam are arguing about who will go into the warehouse. Dean says, “I saw your bloody rag in the trash can.” Sam tries to deny it for about a second. He’s embarrassed that Dean has called him out on it and Dean sees that. Then Cas weighs in with his bombshell, “You’re damaged in ways that even I can’t heal.” Sam is surprised and a little taken aback. Dean doesn’t say anything, but his eyes go immediately to Sam. He offers the knife to Sam before he and Cas leave. Sam wants to refuse, but he takes it. And then Dean further questions Cas about what he said about Sam. Cas’s revelation has him more worried than he was before.
And the twin, “Shut up Meg’” s from the brothers in that scene.