So once again I have visited my Tupperware container and have pulled four new episodes titles and have put my thoughts to them. What are your thoughts on the following episodes? Is it a scene, a moment, a line or song? And why? It is your favourite or is it the emotional impact it has on you? Maybe it simply makes you laugh or hide under the covers?

Sex and Violence



I had a hard time with this episode. So much distrust and hurt feelings between the brothers in this one. There was a couple of scenes that stood out for me. Bobby with his various labeled phones, so he knows who he's suppose to be. Him in his Kiss the Cook apron as he's cooking and giving Agent Nick Monroe shit. The sex scene between Sam and Cara. And I enjoyed the quizzing of Led Zepplin between Dean and Nick. But the one I have to go with is the look on both Sam and Deans face after Bobby saves them from the Siren. The look of bewilderment once the Sirens spell has been broken and the realization of what had transpired between them, how close they came to killing each other.

Mommy Dearest 


This one had a couple of scenes that really stood out for me. The shock to find out Crowley was alive and working with Castiel. Dean tricking the Mother of All by consuming the Phoenix dust. However I really loved the scene when Sam and Dean are in the car with the two young brothers. The way the older brother comforts the younger you can see Sam and Dean relating to that affection.


The Slice Girls

With this episode the only scene that really stands out for me is the sex scene intermixed with the death scene, with AC/DC's  "You Shook Me All Night Long" booming in the background.  (From Alice - Sorry, all I remember is shirtless Dean...)



Seeing Ronda eating a heart raw was definitely memorable. But the scene when Elenor is telling of her life with Brick and how they had to keep changing identities every 10 years was sad. From going from his wife to cougar to mother, had to be hard.


Also for him to kill himself because he knew she was going to die someday and he couldn't live without her. What also grabbed me about this scene was Sam's reaction. I really got the feeling that he understood Brick's suicide, that he himself had either attempted or considered it during his loss of Dean.

So what are you favorite scenes from these episodes?  It's your turn to share! 


# Jad 2014-06-04 02:43
Sexl and Violence
# TeresaPezzino 2014-06-04 17:30
Sex and Violence: The part that really stood out to me was how different Sam was from his old self. It was coming across so strongly how much he really expected to die killing Lilith. He was so fatalistic about casual sex, so angry that the brother that came back was so different and yet just could not see how Sam had changed, so dark that the whole episode was heartbreaking.
Mommy Dearest: The scenes with Sam and Dean and the brothers were definitely my favorite. Seeing the closeness made what happened to the young boys at the end so much worse.
Slice Girls: The one scene where Sam and Dean thought Bobby might be there and started testing, only to be disappointed. "It's NOT Bobby!" "Could be." "No, it couldn't." "Why not?" "Because we WANT it to be!" (and the unspoken part - we never get what we want). Oh boys!
Heartache: I too, REALLY got the sense that Sam may have attempted suicide during that period, perhaps was even speeding up to go over the wall of an upcoming bridge, expecting to burn up in a proper hunter's funeral with Baby when the dog ran out............ ...This scene convinced me that Sam really thought Dean was dead.
# cheryl42 2014-06-04 22:05
Sex and Violence That is a very hard episode to watch. This is the point where all started to go to hell for the brothers. Although Sam and Cara almost made up for it.

Mommie Dearest TFW until the big reveal and Jefferson Starships.

Slice Girls The professor a poor Bobby replacement (but very funny). Badass Sam saving the day. And did any thing else happen....oh right that.

Heartache Sam looking into College's. That made me sad. I always thought that was so he would be a better partner for Amelia. The love letters montage was very sweet as well. Not to mention fantastic Sam hair!
# NOLANOLA 2014-06-04 22:12
was not HEARTACHE also the title of Sam and his WEREWOLF girlfriend...
# cheryl42 2014-06-04 22:24
No that was just Heart.
# NOLANOLA 2014-06-04 22:38
Cheryl you must be TIRED of helping me out. :D:):p
# cheryl42 2014-06-04 22:43
I think it just proves I don't really have a life. ;)