Warning!!!!  If you haven't seen the latest episode of "Supernatural" and the preview for next week, do not read this!  There is going to be plot-based speculation and discussion! You've been officially warned!
All right, seriously, please pay attention to that warning above if you haven't watched the entire episode and seen the ending because you have to see it unspoiled.  I'm not kidding about this!
Okay, if you've made it this far, I assume you've seen the ending and it's now safe to talk about it.  So let's talk about it!
Worst. Flashback. Ever.
I have to say, I did not see that coming.  Sam seized and had a flashback to hell.  Holy crap.  That is really, really not good.  And by "not good," I mean catastrophically bad.  This was Sam's lesson about what happens when you scratch at the wall.  He felt the need to fix his mistakes on that case, which is a very Sam thing to do.  But look what it cost him.  I can only hope that he really learns a lesson from this and leaves the wall alone!  Man!
Now, in last week's speculation article, I said the following:
"Any bets on how long before Sam remembers something from Hell?  I think no longer than two episodes.  Yep, sorry, everyone who hoped the "Great Wall of Sam" was going to last the rest of the season.  My money is on some crumbling and soon."
No longer than two episodes.  But wow, I really didn't think it would be the next frigging one!  Poor guy can't catch a break.

(Note from Alice:  I remember in Mo Ryan's recent interview with Sera Gamble, Sera answered a question with "There's a reason why we left him screaming."  OMG! That's what was happening when his soul was put back into place.  Yikes!)
Anybody think Sam will want to hunt down as many arachnes as possible or do you think that's going to be a loose end?  I think it's probably going to have to be a loose end, unfortunately.  But it would be kind of cool to stumble across another one at some point in the season.
Nobody puts the Impala in a corner
Did you all see the brief flash of Impala chasing Dean in the preview for next week?  Holy Pilot flashback, Batman!  Also, whatever is doing the possession is so going to get its ass killed for that.  You don't mess with a Winchester's wheels, man!
All right, seriously, that's all I've got this week.  I enjoyed the episode and thought the structure was really cool.  And don't even get me started on how awesome the flashbacks were.  You'll all hear about them ad nauseam in my visual review, I think.  Anyway, what did you all think of that ending?