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Catching Up With Former BTS Personnel interviewed Robbie Thompson about the latest issue in his Dr. Strange series.
 Adam Glass talked with Newsarama about his new series The Normals.
 Show Tidbits
The scene where Dean confronts Mary in "Who We Are" won scene of the week at Spoiler TV.
Screen Rant had several articles on Supernatural this week.
 Several sites talked about our season finale and all those deaths

Speaking of those deaths, EW listed Supernatural: Crowley's Best Episodes
Looking towards the future Buddy TV gave us
 Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
Australian fans will finally get to see DJ Qualls
 Nerds and Beyond caught up with the stars of the Hillywood show at  MegaCon 2017: ‘The Hillywood Show’ Talks Supernatural Parody & More!
 Want to see the Phoenix Creation Convention, but can't get there? Stageit is streaming some of the panels. More information here.
 Adam Rose hosted Asylum 18. He posted a VLog, made at the event, featuring some of our stars, including Misha, Osric and the Hillywood show.
 Fans who supported Supernatural Fandom: The Movie have started receiving their copies.
 Catch this chat With Lynn Zubernis about her book Supernatural's "Family Don't End With Blood"
 Although Nerd HQ is not being held at this year's San Diego Comic Con, Zachary Levi will still be part of festivities Zachary Levi Tapped to Host Syfy's 'Live From Comic-Con'.
 Rick Springfield (Lucifer/Vince Vincente) will be appearing in Carmel, Indiana - November 5 at The Paladium.
Rick will also be making an appearance at Treasure Island Resort & Casino, WELCH, Minnesota on Thu July 13, at  8pm


 ETA from Alice:  I meant to share this fun little tidbit last week, but The CW cancelled "Frequency" and "No Tomorrow" even though they ended on a cliffhanger, or at least without resolution.  The CW added on the last episodes for those shows on two minutes of extra footage that wrap up those unresolved endings.  
I mention this because "Frequency" came from former "Supernatural" writer and showrunner Jeremy Carver and I know several SPN fans watched.  As for "No Tomorrow," it has a small shout out to "Supernatural"!  Two of the regular characters, Hank and Tim, started a new band at the end of the season.  According to the epilogue, the band eventually did find some minor success after one of their songs was featured on "Supernatural" Season 16.  
You can find the episode for "Frequency" here, "Signal Loss" (1.13) -
Here's the link for "No Tomorrow", "No Sleep Til Reykjavik" (1.13) -