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Catching up With Current and Former Cast Members
Steven Williams talks ‘Supernatural,’ Rufus Turner, ‘It’ and ‘Training Day' with Movie TV Tech Geek News.
Steven Williams talks 'Supernatural,' Rufus Taylor, 'It' and 'Training Day' 2016 images
Nerdy Girl Express posted this New Interview With #RedVelvetRoom musician @RealNickiAycox.
Tahmoh Penikett (Gadreel) was one of the actors to appear in 2016 Calgary Expo Battlestar Galactica Panel
Tahmoh will also be appearing at the Phoenix Comic Con
 See the New The Young Pope Trailer for Sebastian Roche's new project.
From Michael Fairman on soaps GH’s Matt Cohen Talks: Griffin’s Inner Conflict, Claudette’s Bady Daddy Drama, And His Co-Stars! Thanks to all-spn livejournal for the tip.
ABC's Soaps In Depth featured a poster of Matt.
Hollywood and Beyond interviewed Carrie Genzel (Lynda Bloome in Bugs/Linda Berman Just My Imagination)
Dutch fans will get a chance to see Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle)
In the mean time Sam is helping with the Food Drive for the Vancouver Food Bank
 Emily Swallow (Amara) has a role in a new play
Emily was also featured in The Prose Blog Prose meets Supernatural star Emily Swallow.
The Real Brian Show gave us The Power of Imagination with Amy Gumenick (young Mary).
 Felicia Day (Charlie Bradbury) has been very busy.
Felicia released another in her Vaginal Fantasies series.
As we get closer to the release of Kings of Con, Richard Speight, Jr (Gabriel/The Trickster) and Rob Benedict (Chuck/God) have been very active. From the guys themselves
From Nerds and Beyond ‘Kings of Con’ to Premiere on Comic-Con HQ on November 15!. Nerds and Beyond also asks us to See Our Interview With Supernatural’s Richard Speight Jr.!

 Global News reported How the ‘Kings of Con’ are world famous for 13 weekends a year
Look for Jeffrey Dean Morgan on your TV next week
Celeb Mix is running a series on  Actors 101. They have profiled Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Genevive Padalecki and Danneel Harris Ackles.
Jared appears in this Gilmore Girls featurette
 Dakota60 tipped us off to Jared and Jensen participating in this reading of The Raven for the charity Astor Services
Jared and Jensen took part in Honoring The Nerd Machine at the 2016 Smile Gala.
Jensen was listed in Salaries of TV’s Top Talent Revealed.  (Even though only Jensen was listed, we're fairly sure that Jared makes the same amount per episode.)
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Catching Up with Current and Former Supernatural Writers and Crew
 Sera Gamble was at this year's New York Comic Con to promote her her series The Magicians Singing and Spellcasting: The Magicians at NYCC
 Ben Edlund was also at the NY Comic Con sharing more information on his show The Tick:
The Tick' Amazon Show Will Be Funnier, Crazier And More Fun Than The Pilot, Writer Ben Edlund Guarantees,
The Tick 's Ben Edlund: Amazon's Version Will Be 'A Little Dangerous'.
Supernatural showed their support for Jeremy Carver and his new show Frequency
Adam Glass' son, Aiden, posted his second video in his series Brick Aid. He interviewed Osric Chau.
Aiden's channel is becoming popular
Aidan's dad, Adam, received a nice review on his new comic
Show Tidbits
Celeb Mix ran several articles on Supernatural this week:
Twelve Reasons to Attend a Supernatural Convention,
12 Reasons to Love Dean Winchester,
12 Greatest Dean Winchester Quotes,
Twelve of Supernatural’s Most Heart-Wrenching Moments,
12 of the Best Destiel Moments of Supernatural Thus Far, and
Twelve of Sam Winchester’s Most Memorable Quotes. Somebody over there loves the number 12!
Want to experience a Supernatural Convention, but can't go? Creation is now posting selected videos from their conventions on YouTube. Thanks to all-spn livejournal for the tip.
The Tracking Board includes Supernatural as a reason  The CW Shows That Being a Fifth Place Network Isn’t Always a Bad Thing (Network Series)

Forbes Magazine wrote The Lasting Appeal Of TV's 'Supernatural' Part 1: The Road So Far.
For anyone who needs to catch up before Season 12 starts,Supernatural’ Season 11 Now Available on Netflix!