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Hidden Remote listed 5 Times ‘Supernatural’ Made Us Cry Like Babies.

Blogcritics posted Blu-ray Review: ‘Supernatural: The Complete Eleventh Season’.

Supernatural keeps on giving. (Thanks all-spn livejournal)

Fansided asks What time will Supernatural season 11 be on Netflix?.

Like to stream the current episodes of  Supernatural? The CW is about to make that easier. The CW Launching App to Watch Their Shows for Free.

Variety reports How ‘Supernatural’ Outlived The WB and Learned the Secret to Immortality.

Geek and Sundry asks What Has Kept Fans in Love With Supernatural for Over a Decade?.

The Decider lists Supernatural as one of the 5 CW Shows That Changed The Face Of TV. (Thanks all-spn)

Entertainment Weekly reported on Jared Padalecki on the episode that made him 'miserable'.

Fandom and Convention Coverage

The Nerdy Girl Express has an Interview With Wayward Daughters.

Fans in India are in for a treat as 'Supernatural' actor Jim Beaver to attend Mumbai Comic Con. Also reported in International Business Times.

Germany will be getting a host of Supernatural stars next weekend.

Unfortunately, fans in the Netherlands are losing one.

Fangasm reported on  Supernatural Texas Style – DallasCon Saturday.