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Catching up with Current and Former Members of the Staff

The New York TV Festival has scheduled its showing of Todd Aronauer's new show.

The Mary Sue talks about Sera Gamble's show in Writing From the Id: How SyFy’s The Magicians Surpassed the Books by Depicting Realistic Trauma. The Magicians will be making an appearance at the New York Comic Con.

KSite sat down with Eric Kripke and discussed Timeless: Eric Kripke Discusses The NBC Time Travel Show’s Rules. Early reviews of Timeless are coming out. From Hitfix 'Timeless' is another new show to look forward (or backward) to. TVFanatic gave us their view of NBC Fall Dramas: First Impressions of Timeless and This Is Us.

Robbie Thompson tweeted

The gww talked with Adam Glass in Supernatural, Entourage, and Deadpool: Pulp writers take on a new creative project with Oni Press’ Brik (Interview). Geekedgods picked Adam's Rough Riders as one of their Comic Book Picks of the Day.

Show Tidbits And Convention Coverage

Movietvtechgeeks posted ‘Supernatural’: A Work of Heart.

Popsugar gives us A Tribute to the Winchesters: The Most Badass Brothers on TV.

TVInsider asks Which Supernatural Villain Are you?. Ruth Connell replied.

To anyone in Washington, D.C. there will be a very unique tribute to our show!

IGN listed their Top 10 Supernatural Episodes.

With season eleven being released this month on DVD and Blu ray there are promotions on the web.

TVFinale is holding a contest to win a season eleven DVD/Blu ray.

Nerds and Beyond posted Cast of ‘Supernatural’ at the Vancouver Convention!.

Movietvtechgeeks posted Supernatural Vancouver Con – Fans Make A Pilgrimage to SPN Mecca.

Fangasm covered Supernatural Vancon 2016 – Friday and Saturday.