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Catching Up with Current and Former Staff Members

Eric Kripke asks us

Steve Yockey, one of our new writers, has two plays currently in production. Broad Street Review posted GayFest! presents Steve Yockey’s ‘Wolves’ A bloody good summer scare. Steve's other play, The Thrush and the Woodpecker is also receiving great reviews.

SF Weekly reviewed the play here.

Audiences liked the play as well.

We look forward to seeing Steve's work on Supernatural.

Adam Glass announced the next issue in his comic series.

Meghan Fitzmartin continues her Wine and Comics series

Show Tidbits And Convention News

Sam and Dean were number one in TV Fanatics' 13 Smokin' Hot TV Siblings.

BuddyTV lists 12 Socially Awkward Cas Moments from 'Supernatural' We Can All Relate To.

Supernatural has reached the next round in The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2016.

TV Insider posted Supernatural's Mark Sheppard on How Crowley Is Going to Get Back to Hell.

TV Insider is also running a Supernatural Sweepstakes: Enter to Win Season 11 on Blu-ray.

The Salt Lake City Comic Con, September 1-3, will have a great line up of Supernatural stars.


If you want to catch up on what happened in the Minnesota convention, The WFB posted 3 reports - two from Farawayeyes and one from our friends at SPN Fan Wiki. Check out our Feature Article page to find these reports. If you STILL want more, Fangasm reported J3! (Jared and Jensen and Jeff) at Minncon.