Editor's Note: In anticipation of Supernatural's final season resuming on Oct. 8th, The CW has rerun several of the initial 13 episodes from season 15. To get us all back into the groove of watching and discussing each story, Deb has been sharing her recap reviews of the good, the bad and the random of each episode! Enjoy!
This is how this works: I will give my TOP 5 choices for the Good and The Bad of each season 15 episode that has aired thus far, PLUS a random fact that may or may not have anything to do with the episode. It depends what I am thinking at that moment! After you read my opinions, I would like to hear your TOP 5 Good/Bad list from the same episode. The point is that every episode must have both good and bad stuff for you, or you are not being honest with yourself. 😉 “The Bad” stuff might be easier to write when the episode is not to your liking, then other times “The Good” will be easier. The Good/Bad stuff can be silly things - that is alright too!

This will be a good catch up before we all watch the last new episodes. So, if you like, join me in watching the reruns. Start back with 15.01 "Back and to the Future" , 15.02 "Raising Hell" , 15.03 "The Rupture"  , 15.04 "Atomic Monsters" , 15.09 "The Trap" , 15.10 "The Heroes' Journey" , 15.11 "The Gamblers" and 15.12 "Galaxy Brain" if you missed them, then let us check out the next episode! Hopefully, I can write these recaps for all the remaining episodes. We Got Work to Do! 

Editor's Note: As the end of Supernatural approaches, each member of the SPNFamily must deal with the emotions generated by this change in their own way.  A few weeks ago, The WFB published a beautifully empathetic, therapeutic visit that our writer Gail envisioned having with Sam, Dean and Castiel as she struggles to accept losing them. Guest writer Beacon of Hope has found a different way to cope, one that associates losing Supernatural with something we have all experienced (or will someday experience) in our lives. Maybe her thoughts will bring you peace of mind as we all anticipate the ending that is inevitably coming. 

I have decided to look at this next year as a senior year. Let me explain.