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Best Plot in Supernatural Season 13 
Winner (by a mega landslide)
"Various and Sundry Villains"
SPN 1045
Sam and Rowena’s shared pain over their brutal torture experiences at the hand of Lucifer.
SPN 0985
When Sam, Dean and Castiel meet the Scooby gang in cartoon land, suddenly events take a disturbing turn, as well as some really strange friendships. 
Editor’s Choice
“The Big Empty”
Sam, Dean, and Jack all have some very unique family therapy while we finally see what the Big Empty is all about with Castiel. 
I loved this plot.  Sam got to air some grievances, a gem we oh so rarely see from a guy that internalizes everything.  Jack got to experience the impossible and talk to his “mother,” helping his feelings of loss, Dean had a real moment of vulnerability at the end and we finally got to see the Big Empty.  When you’re dealing with black nothing, coming up with an irritable entity that doesn’t exactly like beings waking from their sleep made for a great story.  Easily one of the best episodes of the season.  
In a very close second though, I do agree with the winning choice.  I did love Sam and Rowena’s bond over their horrors at the hands of Lucifer, even their shared terror over seeing Luci’s real face in “Various and Sundry Villains.”   It finally gave Sam someone to bond with and openly share the pain that has been haunting him for years.  To know that he still has nightmares about it tells us he’s not superhuman after all.   He just hides it from Dean.  Hallelujah!  It’s about time a writer went there.  It only got second place from me because “The Big Empty” was a more intricate plot.  
SPN 1049
Worst Plot in Supernatural Season 13 
"Wayward Sisters"
13.10 0112 Claire Shotgun
Claire Novak is the new Dean Winchester and the brothers are now dumb as bricks. 
"Unfinished Business"
13.20 0034 Gabriel smiling
The entire retcon of Gabriel’s season 5 death just so he could come back to carry out revenge against Loki then be useless. 
Second Runner-up by 1 vote
SPN 0981
Grace sucking porn! - “Devil’s Bargain”
Editor’s Choice
All of them. 
I know, I’m coping out in an awards where I refused to give an “all of the above” category because the idea is you have to pick one.  But how do you do that here?  They’re all so unbelievably bad!  How did anyone think that these stories would fly?  Not to mention, some really good and popular SPN actors were forced to work with this garbage.  What did Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster do to get such a lackluster script in “Wayward Sisters?”  Why was Richard Speight Jr. even brought back if they couldn’t do his character any justice?  Danneel Ackles made her long awaited SPN debut for that mess that is “Devil’s Bargain?”  And you all know my opinions about the mess of a finale.  
Fine, I’ll pick one since I’m bound by my own rules.  Congrats “Wayward Sisters,” you’re the worst of the worst.  Don’t ask me tomorrow, my answer will likely be different.   
talking around camp supernatural s13e10
Best Use of Classic Rock/Any Song in Season 13 (Note, "Carry On Wayward Son" is NOT eligible) 
"Beat the Devil"
SN1321a 0212b
“Cats in the Cradle” - Harry Chapin
"Lost and Found"
The Road So Far
“Nothing Else Matters” - Metallica
Editor’s Choice 
"Lost and Found" 
The Road So Far
“Nothing Else Matters” - Metallica
Um, Metallica guys!  The Impala’s unofficial name is even the Metallicar.  This is about the truest to the classic rock mantra you can get for “Supernatural” short of Led Zeppelin.  
Worst Crime Against Supernatural by the Writers in Season 13
Winner (by a landslide)
"Wayward Sisters"
SN1310 02
Taking a promising premise of “Wayward Sisters” and ruining it with multiple episodes by making Claire Novak the lead, giving us bland characters like Patience, having Sam and Dean look like hapless idiots that only Claire could save, all while running with a totally confusing ending that generated no excitement for a potential series moving forward.
"Let the Good Times Roll"
SPN 2043
Why, oh, why, after all those years of torment and pain, was Sam NOT the one to kill Lucifer?
Editor’s Choice
All of them.  Oh, wait…
Yes, I do have one in mind that especially rubs me raw.
“The desperate act of bringing back old characters…just to kill them, then killing off so many they had to bring back dead characters…just to kill them again.”
While one would assume it’s “Wayward Sisters” it’s honestly a beef I’ve had for many seasons now, but especially with Dabb’s episodes and now in the Dabb era.  Why oh freaking why are beloved characters brought back after a long absence just to be killed?  How is that even slightly entertaining or dramatically poignant?  It’s lazy storytelling, that’s what it is.  It’s gotten to a point that we dread every announcement that a character returns because we very predictably know that they’re going to end up dead.  Case in point, Missouri Moseley.  That was just a cheap shot guys.   
Season 13 hit a new low though.  They brought back dead characters just so they could kill them again!  WHY???  Gabriel’s retcon was the absolutely worst act and a waste of our time.  Too bad too because Gabriel was one of my favorite characters from the Kripke era.  Way to ruin people we love guys.  Speaking of ruining, Bobby and Charlie are back…but they’re not Bobby and Charlie.  They may not be dead yet but just wait, season 14 will get them.  Ditto for Naomi, although I’d be kind of okay with that.  
Here’s an interesting idea writers, stop killing interesting characters.  Then you’re forced to live within the parameters set by previous canon.  It’s only TV writing 101.  
Best Gratuitous/Totally Sexy Moment in Season 13
Winner - By a whopping margin!
Sams shirt
Rowena ripping open Sam’s shirt.
"Let the Good Times Roll" 
13.23 wings by SPNuncensored 1tumblr p8wk2wmXKI1x2ypb5o2 400
The grand entrance of Dean!Michael!  
Editor’s Choice
Sams shirt
Rowena ripping open Sam’s shirt 
Like there was any choice?  I almost tossed this category out because there were so few nominations, but when 2 viable choices came out of it, I figured they would be neck in neck in the voting.  I was wrong, no contest.  The margin of victory was laughable.  Another angel wing reveal did very little to stir the imagination.  The “Scoobynatural” choices were throw away answers that I put in there just to have some other options.  They were never fan nominated.  They were also never supposed to be serious contenders, however Velma’s mauling of Sam almost came in second place!  
SPN 2044
Still, no one wishes we got the night outfits from “Scoobynatural” live action?  Seriously, no one?  
SPN 0740
Best Callback to Previous Supernatural Seasons in Season 13
Multiple Episodes
Sam relating to Jack about feeling like a freak who doesn’t belong. 
"Let the Good Times Roll"
13.23 Dean wings
Dean’s destiny as the "Michael sword" finally happens
Editor’s Choice
SN1316c 0005
Dean and the giant sandwich (shout out to "Changing Channels")
vlcsnap 00005
Come on, that was how many seasons in the making?  Every time I watched “Changing Channels” (which is a lot) I kept saying that they needed to give Dean a Scooby Doo power of a bigger mouth to eat that sandwich.  I knew the VFX guys could do it!  Ah well, the animated way worked very well too.  I was outright squealing.  
That's my two cents!  My sincere thanks to all that voted and made another run of our Supernatural Fan Choice Awards a great success! Now, you can chime in and let us know if your favorites made it or not, what you would have selected and why.