Greetings, this is your friendly neighborhood admin/founder of the site, filling in this week for Bookdal.  Are you ready to speculate?  Great, because this week, everything is coming up Nazis.
It all begins in my humble hometown of Columbus, Ohio in an antique shop.  It’s one of those 3 am secret deals.  The owner and rich buyer haggle and then spontaneously combust.  Ah, good times!  Who said Ohio was boring?  Oh, that was me.    
Back in our Men of Letters kitchen, Dean reads about this odd event in Ohio which Sam comes back with food.  Dean’s not hungry.  Sam flashes him a picture perfect, almost too good to eat, pie.  Dean turns that down as well.  Yep, still hurting over Mary.  In the meantime, it’s time for a roadtrip to Ohio!  Which is great, because their license plate will actually be in the same state.  Except that old plate is not longer used in Ohio.  They phased those out a while ago. I think a new plate is long overdue.  How about Kansas one since they actually live there?  
Anyway, Sam and Dean go to the antique store and break a police line in broad daylight.  No one notices because, you know, this is Ohio.  We’re like that.  Sam reads about the pocket watch on the store computer while Dean finds a hidden Nazi base.  
Next, a young couple are shown making out in a random apartment.  The woman, Ellie, goes to the bathroom and Nazis show up and spontaneously combust her date.  I’d say that’s the way to end an evening.  She gets away but leaves behind some blood.  The Nazis can track her now.  Bastards.  
Sam and Dean call Aaron (welcome back Adam Rose!) who’s in Germany doing his Judah Initiative thing and doing it well.   Yes, I wish they could have brought back his Golem too.  He said the Thule have been really jumpy lately, something about “Das Blut” or “The Blood”.   He also has no idea why they would be chasing a pocket watch.  And that’s all we get of Aaron.  How can they do an episode about The Thule and not include Aaron in the adventure?  Ah well, at least he’s carrying on his purpose in life. 
Sam and Dean are off to do their FBI thing at the crime scene, and the cops stupidly leave the girl who escaped alone in the cop car.  The young man with the Thule in the scene earlier handcuffs Ellie and drives away with her.  Sam and Dean follow though and save Ellie before the big bad Nazis get her.  They capture the young guy too, who happens to be the  Commandant necromancer’s son, who I’ll be calling Necromancer Spawn from now on.
Sam, Dean, Ellie and necromancer spawn hang all have a talk.  A lot is covered!  Sam and Dean explain to Ellie what they do (There are things out there that shouldn’t exist, bad things.  We kill ‘em, its kind of our job.), that they’re hunting necromancers that can be killed by shooting them in the head and setting them on fire, and they’re going to kill Necromancer Spawn if they don’t get answers.  Needless to say, the kid caves pretty easily when Dean puts a gun to the back of his head.  
Time for a flashback to 1945 Berlin.  The Daddy Commandant Necromancer is there, with the pocket watch, in the bunker with Hitler as the Fuhrer is ready to blow his brains out.  The guy takes the watch, goes to Hitler and whispers in his ear there is another way just before he’s ready to pull the trigger.  Hitler’s soul went into the watch.  “Its like a Horcrux.”  Sam got the Harry Potter reference!  Dean rolled his eyes.  “You would know that.”  The watch was lost by the Thule after they were attacked by the Soviets.  It was traced to China, Peru, and then Ohio (lucky us!).  
The plan is to bring Hitler back using a descendant with his blood.  Guess what Ellie is!  Once Ellie calls her mother to confirm she’s adopted, she gets extremely upset so Sam gives her a pep talk.  He gives her the “I can relate” speech and mentions he was the vessel for Lucifer, but Ellie didn’t want to hear that.  Everything was just too ridiculous now.  The bad guys show up and we get a nice long, fight scene with Sam and Dean while Ellie bails out a window and gets caught by the Daddy Commandant Necromancer.  They figured out her running pattern by now.  
While Ellie is being delivered to the bad guys lair, Sam and Dean spend a lot of time spinning their wheels trying to find her.  In the Nazi limousine, Daddy Commandant Necromancer berates Necromancer Spawn for getting caught and telling Sam and Dean all about them.  Hmm, how much do you want to bet this boy flips on them?  Its kind of obvious that’s what he’s going to do.  
Sam and Dean act hopeless in a diner, both manning laptop to see if they can come up with anything on how to find Ellie.  While this is happening, Ellie is prepped for the diabolical resurrection while the Daddy orders one of his thugs to make sure his son “rests.”  Yeah, that’s Nazi speak for waste him.  The guy tries but Necromancer Spawn knows a few moves and ends up shooting the guy.  Just when Sam and Dean decide that they have no idea how to find Ellie, the Necromancer Spawn shows up to tell them where she is.  How did he know they were?  Did he go randomly looking for classic Impalas? 
The Nazis start draining Ellie of her blood and put it in the Daddy Commandant Necromancer, who says that an American woman is too weak to hold the Fuhrer.  Ooh, a little to close to home given the election this week, wasn’t that?  He absorbs the pocket watch and…Hitler starts acting really goofy.  How goofy?  Anyone seen The Producers?  He’s all giggly and happy, but then decides his great, great grandniece should be drained of blood and fed to the dogs.  They don’t have dogs.  “Then get some!”  Then he goes on about how he loves doggies.  Oh yeah, he’s unbalanced.  
Sam and Dean show up ready to attack, and Sam actually stops Dean from using the grenade launcher???  WTF Sam???  This episode really needed some explosions and Nazis look pretty good exploding.  Sam convinces him they should go stealth, but they get caught as soon as they enter the door.  Great plan Sam.  They get taken to Hitler, who is now all happy about getting to use Twitter.  A very woozy Ellie gets up, grabs one of the guns the bad guys stupidly put near her and kills a stooge.  Sam and Dean use that as their chance to fight back.  Dean grabs a bad guy gun, corners Hitler, knocks him to the ground and then stands over him scowling before putting a bullet in his brain.  “Heil this.”  Sam - “Dude, you killed Hitler.”  Dean (smile coming to his face) - “Awesome.”
In the end, Ellie is returned to a very metropolitan looking Toledo (most of the city is run down brick buildings, not a luxury high rise anywhere), let Necromancer Spawn go since that’s part of their deal, while Dean won’t shut up about how he killed Hitler.  He’s ready to celebrate with pie.  
Personally, this was an acceptable episode but this didn’t come close to standing up to the original Edlund classic that started this, “Everybody Hates Hitler.”  
  • What did you think of the episode?  Did you enjoy writer Meredith Glynn’s first time outing? 
  • Did you like the return of the Thule?  Do you want to see more episodes with them?
  • Did you like Aaron Bass’ return or was it way too short a cameo?  Would you like to see him    and the Golem back for another adventure?
  • Any thoughts on how Dean was feeling this week, especially after him being so understanding after last week’s episode ended?  
  • Feel free to be honest, was the story of women hating, oppressive Nazis hitting a little too close to home after the results of this week’s election?  I do admit, I’ve been feeling the sting from that and some things in this episode brought that back for me.  I definitely didn’t take it as personally as others, but its fair game to share your thoughts.  We aren’t very political on this site, but it’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room.  
  • Excited about next week's episode?  It looks pretty good from the preview.
Okay, let's speculate!