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You came you, you saw, you voted, you made your voice heard!  After an arduous month long process, we can finally announce the winners of our Supernatural Season 11 Fan Vote Awards.  There were 17 categories in all and there were some very surprising choices, some really close votes, and some total blowouts. Did your choice make it?  Let's find out.  


Best Supernatural Season 11 Episode

Winner (by a landslide)

s11e04 7



s11e02 136

"Form and Void" (2nd Place)

11.20 597 WeShouldTalk

Don’t Call Me Shurley (3rd Place)

Yep, this was a contest for second place, and I knew that would probably be the case considering Baby was the overwhelming favorite in the nomination process too.  But “Form and Void” only managed to grab second place from “Don’t Call Me Shurley” by two votes.  “Just My Imagination,” “The Vessel,” and “Safe House” didn’t have a chance.  

Editor’s Choice 

“Baby” all the way.  The best episode outside of the Kripke era.  

Worst Supernatural Season 11 Episode


"The Chitters"



"All in the Family" (Second Place)

spn1122 0649

"We Happy Few" (Third Place)

This vote was a lot closer, with "The Chitters" besting "All in the Family" by only 30 votes.  “Beyond the Mat” wasn’t that far behind “We Happy Few” but “Hell’s Angel” and “O’Brother Where Art Thou?” mainly avoided the wrath of this category.  

Editor’s Choice

"The Chitters"

Two for two with the crowd.  As extremely disappointed as I was with “All in the Family” and “We Happy Few” as the poor follow ups to a lackluster finale, "The Chitters" was the equivalent of “phoning it in."  Very weak filler.  It’s episodes like this that make me wonder why “Supernatural” gets 23 episodes in a season.  That means they have to give us 23 watchable episodes otherwise it’s useless to have that many.  I shall never put myself through “The Chitters” again.  

Funniest Scene in Supernatural Season 11

Winner (by a wide margin)

s11e08 213

Mom unknowingly smears Sparkle’s imaginary blood all over her - “Just My Imagination”

Runner Up 

s11e12 113 dinner1

The awkward dinner scene with Jody, Alex, and Claire - "Don't You Forget About Me"

Our winner did beat the runner up by a 2.1 to 1 margin, but between those two scenes, the others didn’t even register.  As a matter of fact, those were the only two mentioned in the nomination process.  Looks like the ones I came up with to fill up the vote with other candidates tells me that either my sense of humor is whacked, or “Supernatural” needs to work on doing more funny scenes.  

Editor’s Choice 

"Just My Imagination"

Oh yes, the “Sparkle” blood thing was funny, but if you add Sully’s description of the sparkly blood, “Even when he's dead, Sparkle can't stop shining," Dean asking Sam, who spotted his imaginary friend but Dean couldn’t see him, “Are you having a stroke? Do you smell toast?” and the wicked air guitar solo, I think I just might call most of “Just My Imagination” the Funniest Scene. 

Most Tear-Jerking Scene of Supernatural Season 11


11.23 418 SD hug
Alpha and omega 453

Scene at Mary’s grave, Sam and Dean hug farewell and Dean gives final wishes.  “Alpha and Omega”  


s11e08 469

Sam’s talk with Sully about the cage - “Just My Imagination” (Second Place)

RM 6

Dean discovering Sam’s “dead” body and his grief stricken promise to return - “Red Meat” (Third Place)

The vote between the top three was very close!  Going into the final day of voting any one of these three could have won.  In the end, the winner had beaten the second choice by 9 votes and the third place by 20 votes.  The other choices barely registered.  

Editor’s Choice 

Dean discovering Sam’s “dead” body and his grief stricken promise to return - “Red Meat”
This one killed me!  I really thought Sam was dead too.  The way that entire scene was shot, the lighting, Dean’s horrified reaction at finding Sam’s lifeless body, the angle from the floor next to “dead” Sam as Dean delivers his promise, so perfect.  I felt every ounce of Dean’s agony and how much his choice to leave killed him inside!  He was protecting others though and Sam would have wanted it that way, that is assuming that the bastard they were trying to safe didn't try to kill him.