Welcome to "Memorable Moments". Each week I will visually recap what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from that episode. The list may vary from week to week, depending on what has transpired in that particular episode.

Best Broment

sup1118 2898
Brothers discussing the case and Cas's fate. 

Brothers in Unison

sup1118 0715

Best Sam Moment

sup1118 2485
Sam grabbing the large cross and reciting the exorcism to rescue Crowley. 

Best Dean Moment

sup1118 2186
Dean trying desperately to reach Cas, to reject Lucifer, but is unsuccessful.  

Best Bitch Face Moment

sup1118 1234
Sam reacting to Dean's comment 'Even if it kills him(Cas)!'

11.18 252
Dean's reaction to Crowley's comment ' It's killing me...I would rather stick two white skewers in my eyes than listen to you two bitches bicker.' 

Best One Liner by Dean

sup1118 1214
"Well theres times I want to get slapped during sex by a girl wearing a Zorro mask. It don't make it a good idea."

Saddest Moment

sup1118 2340
Castiel appearing oblivious and apathetic to what's happening in the real world as he waits for the big battle with Amara.

sup1118 2472
Not even caring that Crowley's getting his ass kicked by Lucifer. 

Best Crowley Moment

sup1118 0266
Having the gunmen turn the guns on each other. 

Grossest Moment

sup1118 0212
Crowley snapping Noel's neck. "Thank God. I don't think I have long." "How very prescient of you."

Coolest Moment

sup1118 2224
Crowley possessing Casifer. 

Most Chilling Moment

sup1118 2375
Crowley being informed that Lucifer is behind him. 

Most Surprising Moment

sup1118 0581
Rowena being alive and teaming up with Amara. 

Best Nostalgic Moment

sup1118 2028
The ring of fire. 

Most Awkward Moment

sup1118 1393
Rowena reaching out to touch the face of a less than approving Amara.

sup1118 2791
Casifer realising that The Hand Of God item was not strong enough to kill Amara. 

 Goofiest Expression

sup1118 0630
Crowley reaction to Dean's house cleaning comment, "Nice digs, the crypt keeper out of town?"

sup1118 2185
Casifer mocking Dean's call to Cas. 

Best CGI/VFX scenes

sup1118 0555
The glowing life spell in Rowena. 

sup1118 1553
Amara's wrath in the sky.

sup1118 2765
The firing rays from the Horn of Joshua.

sup1118 3187
Amara's wrath on Casifer.

sup1118 1807 
Rowena's burning message to Crowley.

Best Make-up

sup1118 2470
Crowley's message.

Best Camera Shot

sup1118 0009
I love this scene with the crescent moon in the background. 

Best Angle Shot

sup1118 0371
Down view of Dean in the Bunker.

sup1118 1547
The up view of the sky. 

Best Lighting

sup1118 1996
The light coming through the stained glass windows.

sup1118 1644
The light coming through the entrance onto Amara. 

sup1118 0612
The light shining on the spider web. 

Funniest Moment

s11e18 k40
Sam getting tangled up in the spider web.

s11e18 k41
No matter how hard he shakes his arm it still sticks to him.

s11e18 k42
He does eventually free himself.  

Best Yummy Moment

sup1118 2880
Ahhhh two cold ones.....  

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!