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Hmm, it has been a few years since I've done this, hasn't it?  Your very bad admin fell behind a few years in delivering what used to be an annual classic. After all, exploring the mysteries of Sam Winchester's hair is a very detailed task and not for the faint of heart.  I got busy.   I have picked up where I've left off though, season ten.  

Turns out, season ten was a bit of a challenge.  Still, just like any other season, the hair could not be ignored.  It's just another twist in the enigma that is Sam's hair.  So, without further delay, I present, The Season Ten Enigma of Sam Winchester's Hair.  

The Season Ten Enigma of Sam Winchester's Hair

  • SeasonTenEnigma.001.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.002.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.003.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.004.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.005.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.006.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.007.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.008.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.009.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.010.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.011.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.012.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.013.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.014.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.015.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.016.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.017.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.018.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.019.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.020.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.021.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.022.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.023.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.024.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.025.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.026.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.027.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.028.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.029.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.030.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.031.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.032.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.033.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.034.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.035.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.036.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.037.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.038.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.039.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.040.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.041.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.042.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.043.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.044.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.045.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.046.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.047.jpeg
  • SeasonTenEnigma.048.jpeg
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The Season Nine Enigma of Sam Winchester's Hair

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