Hmm, it has been a few years since I've done this, hasn't it?  Your very bad admin fell behind a few years in delivering what used to be an annual classic. After all, exploring the mysteries of Sam Winchester's hair is a very detailed task and not for the faint of heart.  I got busy.   I have picked up where I've left off though, season ten.  

Turns out, season ten was a bit of a challenge.  Still, just like any other season, the hair could not be ignored.  It's just another twist in the enigma that is Sam's hair.  So, without further delay, I present, The Season Ten Enigma of Sam Winchester's Hair.  

(otherwise known as) Flailing, Oh Yes, There Will Be Flailing! A Dean girl's thoughts regarding DemonDean

Happy New Year, dear readers! When better to finish our retrospecive on Supernatural's 10th season than the time of year that's filled with reflection on the past and plans for moving forward? What made you happiest about season ten? Here are my picks for it's Hits and Misses!

Supernatural Season 10: Hits and Misses

Of all the seasons of Supernatural – season ten has been one of the most challenging to compile a hits and misses list for. The hits were easy to find – too easy in many ways and could probably be broken down into smaller parts of more detail and span a few more lists in their own right. At the same time, the misses were more of a struggle. So, after some searching and sorting: here is the Supernatural Season Ten Hits & Misses: Part One

You didn't think I'd stop the awards with just one set, did you? I have several more categories left before I'm done picking apart the season gone by.  So enjoy, The WFB Editor Choice Awards, Part 2!

Supernatural fans, you had your chance to be heard, now it's my turn! What sort of award categories did this highly opinionated redhead come up with this year? As usual, an entertaining mix of the good, bad, and completely shallow! Here is part one of the WFB Editor's Choice Awards for Season Ten in no particular order: 

You voted, you told us how you felt, and now after plenty of science (fine, just a clever app), we have results!  Announcing, the WFB Supernatural Season Ten Fan Choice Award results!  Did your favorites win, place, or show? Time of find out. 
The nominations have been collected and now it's time for the vote!  There are 16 categories (and one bonus) about Supernatural Season Ten where you can choose the winner.  Make your opinion heard!  Vote with your heart and vote as often as you like!  

Voting will continue until 11:59 ET on June 30th.  The winners will be announced some time during the 4th of July weekend.  

Let the vote begin! 

(ETA) 7/1/2015 - Thank you everyone!  Voting is now closed.  Results will be announced Friday July 3rd Weekend of July 4th.  There were definitely some surprises!