I’m going to structure this week’s review a little differently. That’s because there was some of it I really liked....and some not so much.  Instead of going through the episode chronologically, I’m going to put all the stuff I liked at the top, and the stuff that made me twitchy at the bottom, with a warning in between so folks who don’t want to read my concerns can jump out early. Deal?

On April 20, 1979, my Favorite Redhead was born in Falkirk, Scotland.

Her name is Ruth Connell.

Today we celebrate Ruth's 41st Birthday!

Cordell and Emily walk silently into the night, side by side. Tears well up in their eyes, sharing together for the first time the secret that Emily’s killer is still walking free. Fade to black, with the audience feeling the weight of their emotions.

Fade in on a flashback of Cordell visibly upset, waiting to identify his wife’s body just hours after she is murdered.  He nods that he’s ready and they pull back the sheet, revealing a beaten and ghastly white Emily. Cordell collapses to the floor in grief.

Well done, Walker. The tears you provoked last week were just the primer for the opening scene this week. Jared’s acting is once again the foundation for an excellent cast and story.

Do angels exist? Christian, Hebrew and Muslim religious texts abound with references to the heavenly host. Within Supernatural, the concept of angels was first explored in 2.13 “Houses of the Holy.” This is when we learned that a young, narrow-minded Dean was absolutely certain angels didn’t exist. Sam, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure.

When Castiel made his heralded entrance in season 4, both Dean and Sam had their answer. From that sparks flying moment forward, angels became integral, pivotal characters in Supernatural’s story.  In the 12 years that followed Castiel’s gravelly voiced, bold declaration, “I am an angel of the Lord”, 68 named angels influenced Sam, Dean and Castiel’s journeys. 

A panel of Supernatural fans and authors recently took on the challenge of naming the most memorable angels in Supernatural’s story. In order to not slight those who retained their heavenly halos, I’ve divided my list of memorable angels into those that made me cringe, those who ranked somewhere between Heaven and Hell on the hit parade, and those I loved to see. Let’s start our angelic who’s who list by remembering the angels who brightened our day with their heavenly glow. Some of these names might surprise you!

There were so many secrets, lies, and people making choices for others ‘for their own good’ that it almost felt like an episode of Supernatural.

No one is having the hard conversations necessary to heal. Withholding information to retain a feeling of control seemed to be a theme, which of course just created more problems.

Despite the name of Walker’s 8th episode, “Fine is a Four Letter Word”, the more obvious theme was secrets, and the lies people tell to protect secrets.  The tornado that ripped through Austin was an apt metaphor for the swirling lies that ripped apart everyone’s lives without much warning. Confusion, destruction and pain were the inevitable aftermath of both the personal and physical storms that ensnared Walker's friends and family.  Let’s sort through the twisted truths together.

On April 9, 1965 my favorite Devil was born in Los Angeles, California.

His name is Mark Ross Pellegrino.

Today we celebrate Mark's 56th Birthday!