”Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ― Harriet Tubman

I will get this out of the way because I want to do something different this week. The majority of this article will not focus on Supernatural that much, so I will start the article with the Supernatural fan video about Wayward Sisters. In "Patience", we got the first new character who would join the spin-off. I will continue the article with another show that has two female leads, and focuses on their characters the most. But before that, here is the first video.

What happens when Nightsky attends an academic conference that runs from Wednesday through Saturday on a week when a new Supernatural episode airs on Thursday? Of course the conference schedule doesn’t allow for critical prior commitments, such as watching and live tweeting the episode with the Supernatural family! The answer: five Supernatural fangirls huddle around a hotel room TV watching “Devil’s Bargain” together the best they can - three sitting on beds, one leaning forward on the edge of an air mattress, and one (me) sitting in the only chair near enough to an wall outlet to power the laptop needed for live commentary on Twitter and Facebook – with pirated plates of fruit, crackers and cheese precariously situated nearby (“dinner” from the networking event we’re all ignoring)! Being careful to not get cheesy finger prints on my PC’s touch screen and continually brushing the cracker crumbs off my key board, the watch party begins!

Follow along with the conversation that ensued between WFB’s Nightsky, FangasmSPN’s Lynn, and 3 other acafans (academics who are also passionate fans) during one of the busiest, most confusing episodes in Supernatural’s history!

 Well I didn't hate ALL of it.

 When I started this video, I actually intended to be semi-positive, even was prepared to give it a 3 out of 5. But then as I started to talk, the badness of it all started to hit me and the rant just flowed out.

It’s not a good week for me, here in Supernatural-Land.  Not only do I feel pretty meh about this week’s episode, I’ve also lost my notes for it.  So, I’ve decided to do a summary of the season so far for my musings, plus a short review.  I’m planning on finding my sanity later in the week.  I know it’s around here somewhere.

It's that time again for a look at a new "Supernatural" episode and, oh man, a Brad and Eugenie episode?  Nuts.   Here I am on a Sunday, called in as a utility player to do a review while I'm watching the Olympics because the regulars are busy.  After looking at “Devil’s Bargain,"  I’m at a loss.  Again.  Haven't we been here before?   
This is the issue.  I’ve grown to think of Brad and Eugenie episodes as “kitchen sink” episodes.  Instead of the writers feeding us bread crumbs every week, slowly unfolding the plot in an engaging and logical manner, we get a lot of nothing most weeks and then suddenly have these thematically out of sort episodes by these same writers that try to resolve months of neglectful plotting in all one sitting.  Instead of something exciting, we end up with a garbled mess that has us scratching our heads in the end, the sounds of “WTF???” ringing in our ears over the fact that very little of what we saw made any sense.  
I know though, I’m not a fan of Brad and Eugenie’s work and at this point I never will be.  I’m sure that they don’t exist to make me happy either so it’s a detente.  We agree to disagree.  So, how do I critically review something like this?  Easy, it’ll be a random set of thoughts, just as random as the episode itself. There's really no other way to do this.  
We see Lucifer caged by Michael in Alt World, his grace being extracted, and then him escaping through the rift.  We're reminded that he called Asmodeus his weakest creation and that Asmodeus has power to shape shift.  We also see Mary in the cage, catch up on Sam and Dean's conversation from last episode, and see Lucifer asking Cas for his grace:  Lucifer wants to be trusted.  Cas just smiles.  
What we know about Supernatural season 13 episode 13.