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"Point of No Return"
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
This is going to be especially rambling because this episode got me in such a super-dither. My emotions were in a crazy stew by the end of this ep, bubbling happily at the end.
Bobby showing Dean the gun and bullet he had on hand with the intention of suicide--UNTIL Dean talked him out of it way back when--had me crying. It's true--eons back, Dean had given Bobby a whole long speech about how much he means to him, that he's like a father to him, etc. And here, Dean had the balls to tell Bobby, "You're NOT my father" in such a cruel way? I wanted Bobby to put a bullet of sense into Dean, and I was so glad when Sam added in that dirty look, too! Notice how carefully Cas was paying attention to Dean's attitude throughout this ep, and the way his face was showing his distaste? Cas isn't the poker face he used to me! But I felt awful for Bobby and angry at Dean for saying that, because it broke Bobby's heart!
I know that had I not already been spoiled, I would have been totally shocked to see Adam reappear--alive--in the episode. It's great to see him again, but I still think he's nowhere near as cute as his half-brothers. I've seen photos of the actor from recent conventions and he's a good-looking young man, but as Adam, he just isn't as handsome as either Jensen or Jared, and he doesn't look like a Winchester to me. Sorry, I don't see it!
Out of the mouths of angels? "Maybe they wrongly assumed Dean would be brave enough to withstand them." (Oooh, Cas, that's a naaasty Dean-burn!) "Blow me, Cas!" invites Dean. After all that crap about destiny, suddenly the angels have a plan B? demands Sam angrily--does that smell right to anybody?  Not at all, but then again, we know that the angels aren't above using a sibling against a sibling, which is what was about to go down here. I just can't get over how bitchily Cas is speaking to Dean--or how much the censors allowed to be said on network TV! BLOW ME? I know they allow dick and douchebag, but blow me? I haven't been hearing that one! I also couldn't help enjoying Dean asking Adam if he got to third base at the prom; it sounded like the old Dean, who I miss. All Sam wanted from Adam was hard facts, but not THOSE hard facts! LMAO!
Oh, and Dean, since I'm the one always insisting you and Sam are going to save everyone because you love each other so much, that "power of love" crack pissed me off--just so you know! I'm blowing you a raspberry! Adam and Sam argue the difference between having drill sergeant John Winchester around all the time or virtually none of the time as a kindly father who shows up once a year to take his son to a baseball game. John couldn't do right by any of his sons, it seems, but I guess he did the best he could, which wasn't enough or right for any of them. I also shivered when I remembered not just Adam's dead, half-eaten corpse in the crypt, but the disgusting way the ghouls that looked like Adam and his mother feasted on and drained poor Sam. If Adam remembers the monsters that killed him, his memories are dark, indeed. No Winchester, living or dead, has any good memories, do they? 
"Cas, not for nothin'," says Dean in the panic room, "but the last person who looked at me like that, I got laid." Did I miss something? Cas was looking at Dean like he was furious with him, not like he wanted to have sex with him. What was I missing--or was that just sick humor on Dean's part, as in the last person who looked at him the way Cas did had ANGRY sex with him?
Dean goes on to make Sam feel awful about the deaths of their friends, tells him he doesn't trust him and might not ever be able to, tricks Castiel into entering the panic room and sends him, screaming, off to God-knows-where, and escapes. Dean, you are so on everyone's shit list, and deservedly so! Or was he doing all this on purpose, figuring he'd be missed less with everyone pissed off at him?
Adam sarcastically talks of the three brothers now heading down to Wally World, the fictional theme park from the Chevy Chase vacation movie. Sadly, Sam remarks with that attitude, he'd fit right in, which makes me think of Dean, and how right Sam is. It's sad, too. I wish these kids had gotten to know each other as real brothers and been able to spend time together outside of hunting. John had his reasons, we know that, but he did all three of his kids a disservice by keeping them apart, IMHO.
In spite of the fact that Dean has YES sitting on the tip of his tongue, Sam is showing his faith that his brother won't say it when he gets to the big, beautiful room where all the angels are. He seems so calm about it all, too, does Sam, as if he knows something his big brother doesn't know. "You're still my big brother." For some reason, I can't think of a better thing Sam could have said. When you think about it, that's all Dean's really ever wanted from Sam--to be his big brother. I couldn't help but feel Sam had taken a very important step here, and I wanted to hug and kiss him breathless.
Given that angels are supposed to have so much faith, Cas telling Dean he doesn't have as much faith in him as Dean does and if he dies in the course of this mission, at least he won't have to see Dean fail, was a real painful thing to see. We've always had the feeling that Cas really admires Dean, at least for the fact that he never gives up on doing what's right. With his decision to give in to Michael, however, Dean has lost the angel's respect entirely, especially since he's bowed out of Team Free Will. It HAS to give Dean great sorrow to know that Cas is willing to give up his life for Adam's--but mostly because he can't bear to see Dean fail, and that he doesn't share Sam's faith in him. It made me weep, but then again, much of this episode did that to me!
I had heard rumors that we were going to get a look at Castiel's chest in this episode, and I wondered how and why. Seeing him with that horrible sigil etched into his chest looked so painful! He had apparently used that sharp Exacto knife to do that, and my own chest stung just lloking at it! So what happens to an angel who does such a thing? He got rid of three angels at once, but he used himself as the door or wall--so what does that do? Very upsetting, even if the glimpse of Cas' chest was very nice! But I still want to know what turned our Castiel into such an amazing warrior all of a sudden?
With both Adam and Sam choking on their own blood in heaven's waiting room, Dean winks and grins at Sam. WHAT? At that point, we knew, as Sam knew, that Dean had a plan. After everything he said, DEAN HAD A PLAN! I got so excited, and wondered what Dean was going to do. Had everyone getting on his case finally convinced him? Whatever, I was glad to see that wink and know something had spurred him to action! When Dean shoved that knife into Zachariah, I was screaming! Hubby came in to make sure it was just SUPERNATURAL and went back into the computer room. I loved it when he told Zack that Michael should kill him before doing anything else; Zack was so pissed off, because he wanted his promotion! Tee hee! I so loved it that Zack got what he deserved, but was upset that Adam got left behind, almost an echo of what Zack warned Adam would happen.
"Just let me say this," says Dean, "I don't know if it's being a big brother or what, to me, you've always been this snot-nosed kid I had to keep on the straight and narrow. I think we both know that's not you anymore. . .if you've grown up enough to find faith in me, the least I can do it return the favor. So screw destiny--right in the face. I say we take the fight to them, do it our way." What beautiful words! To hear Dean say this--what amounts to the biggest chick flick moment EVER--made my eyes well up, made me laugh and jump up and down in my seat! They played this snappy little bit of music as Sam responded, "Sounds good," but you knew he was jumping up and down in his seat, and his heart, that Dean had forgiven him and that they were going to mend their relationship back together finally, after all this time! I know it's a cliche, but my heart SOARED! What a wonderful ending to an otherwise very somber episode, because we don't know what's become of Adam or Cas, but it can't be good for either of them and we have good reason to be worried. As for Sam and Dean, the kids are alright--for the moment, at least! 
1.                  What did you think of episode #100? Did it satisfy?
2.                  Do you feel that Sam and Dean's relationship is finally on the mend? Or do you believe, as Dean said, that Sam is going to "wear Lucifer to the prom"?
3.                  What do you believe will happen to Adam? What about Castiel? What do you think happened to give Castiel his sudden strength and fighting ability all of a sudden?
4.                  How did Zachariah's death affect you? Were you clapping and jumping up and down? Or are you kinda gonna miss Zack's snarkiness? What did you think or his remark, "You know you can't trust them--Sam and Dean Winchester are psychotically irrational, erotically co-dependent on each other, right?" Erotically? Is that a shout-out to certain writers of incestuous Winchester writing?
5.                  What do you think of Team Free Will's chances now?
6.                  Did anyone else notice what appeared to be Sam rubbing the amulet in secret? I saw two instances.


# Kalixa 2010-04-17 04:20
1. Yes it satisfied! It had me on the edge of my seat, guessing the whole was a fantastic episode.

2. I'm not sure. I'd like to believe it's on the mend, that's for sure - but I'm still worried about the prom.

3. I think Castiel was always capable of being a badass, we just never got to see it until now. I think Adam will return again to be used as a pawn for the angels.

4. I thought Zach's death was pretty epic...but up until now he's been the principle baddy on Heaven's side, so I wonder who will take his place? Michael? I thought the "erotically" line was total fanservice, though, even I got a kick out of it and I don't even like "wincest"

5. I think Team Free Will's chances are a heck of a lot better than they were last week! Hopefully Cas is ok.

6. No! Man, I'm totally going to watch the episode again and keep my eyes on Sam's hands...

Thanks for the review!
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2010-04-17 07:37
Additional thoughts about this episode:

I felt sad watching Dean pack up his stuff, more nostalgic, I guess, than anything. But the Postal Service won't allow people to send guns! I worked there, I know! I loved how easily and quickly Sam found him, because Dean is always bragging how well "I know that kid," meaning Sam. The tables are turned!

I already knew we weren't getting a comedy ep this time around, not for #100, but I was spoiled about Adam and furious about that. I know they used to leave big surprise guest stars' names for the END, so they remained surprises.

Bobby's admission that the only reason he hasn't eaten a bullet was because he promised Dean (TCCODW), had me crying. Bobby was so gruff and angry! Later, Castiel's beating was also very angry, yet it seemed that only Sam's gentle, let-it-be approach worked on Dean and made him change his mind.

Most fight scenes on SPN are too fast for me to see much of what goes on, but last week's with the Lutheran Militia was really cool, and the balletic, funny one in "Bad Day at Black Rock" was another really great one. I was just astounded to watch Cas whaling on Dean that way, punching him against brick walls with Dean not retaliating in any way! I want to know what karate school Cas has been attending that he became such an effective fighter all of a sudden?

I wonder--did Dean plan from the beginning to insist on Zachariah's death in exchange for his taking on Michael's meat suit? I didn't see that coming! Here old Zack is counting on a big promotion, a corner office with cloud views, but Dean wants him eliminated! LMAO! Zack is sure Michael won't agree, but Dean presents it this way--me or you? Given what a bastard Zack is, I'm sure Michael would see it Dean's way. Even better, Dean chose to forgo Michael and just take out Zack! Ding, dong, the nasty angel is DEAD!

However, Adam was left behind just as Michael was coming down. Does that mean HE is going to be the vessel? Will he even be able to contain Michael, given that he's the wrong vessel? This is the Winchester universe, and I suspect it's going to end badly for Adam, and sadly for Sam and Dean as they lose their half brother a second time.

As for Castiel, with that incredibly brave, stupid sigil he carved into his handsome chest, we have no idea where he is, but he sent himself wherever he sent those enemy angels, and that might be someplace very terrible for Cas himself. Deadly terrible.

Sam and Dean's final conversation in the Impala had me crying. Sam trusted Dean enough to bring him along to heaven's waiting room, delivering him right into the arms of the angels, to Zachariah, and despite Dean warning him of his mindset to say that yes, either to save Adam or because it's his plan, anyway. Sam had faith. Cas didn't. Bobby didn't, either. given that he'd told Sam he thought it a bad idea.

SAM TRUSTED HIS BIG BROTHER, bottom line. Dean realized it was high time to trust his snot-nosed little brother. He apologized to Sam, even though Sam insisted it was unnecessary. It was VERY necessary, IMHO. Sam needed to hear it as much as Dean needed to say it. Now they are prepared to be a united front against heaven, hell and everything in-between that might fuck with them.

Just thinking about it makes me cry--again!
# Sablegreen 2010-04-19 14:48
Hi Robin. Dean packing up his stuff was sad...but as it was at the beginning of an epi, it didn't hit me as hard. Just like at the beginning of 'The End' when Dean told Sam to stay away. Again, I knew they had time to turn it around, and they did. I was counting the minutes!

Dean and Sam's relationship was strained by all this manipulation stuff, but I really don't think they could ever be anything but what they have always been. Once a big brother, or little brother, always a big bro, or little one. Take it from someone who has 7 siblings.

Dean's words were great, but he said the same thing in the season premier. And he meant every word of it. But it was nice to hear him say it now. They both needed it after all that's happened.

Now I hope the appocalyse will be FILLED with brothers fighting and killing 'some son's of bitches'.... about time we got to some fun stuff!

Thanks for the article!
# Jasminka 2010-04-22 13:06
Robin, dear, my heart broke for Bobby a few times while watching this episode. And for Sam. And for Dean. And Cas, too – an angel without faith, tragically beautiful.
Hell, my heart is scattered all over-….no wonder, with the Winchester curse expanding to their half brother once more…

As much as I would love to believe in Team Free Will, I’m kinda a bit downhearted like Cas at the moment (how in the world did he hide all that blood on his chest behind his squeaky clean shirt? Angel magic?) – I still think we are heading to a big, big confrontation that won’t go without major blood loss.

Actually, I don’t think that Dean planned his killing-Zachari ah thing from the beginning. He was so desperate. At the point it was so authentic, I think if he was playing him, we would have gotten some hint before hand. They usually do that in the show.
I reckon something happened in Dean at the last moment. Perhaps it was Sam’s devastated eyes or the pending deaths of this brothers… or his own terror…. But I like the idea that Dean changed his mind in a heartbeat…

His emotional status is still confused, rotten and weary, but I loved how he embraced Sam again in the end – on eye level, acknowledging Sam’s qualities as a man, brother, hunter, the one closest to him.
I was beaming at Sam’s face in the end…. That was endearingly beautiful. This might just be the junction they needed to come back to something of their old relationship. I loved that last scene, and I used up the last of my tissues. Need to stock up before the next episode.

Thanks for this, Robin. Love, Jas