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They're here!  They're here!  It's been sooooo long, but new episode is around the corner.  How do I know? (other than the countdown clock telling me).  Preview clips!  Here are three preview clips for "Sam Interrupted."  The first one has been out since this afternoon via The CW, the second two were just released by Warner Brothers.  Warning, they really tease!

First, the synopsis:

SAM & DEAN LOCKED UP IN THE NUTHOUSE?! - Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go undercover at a mental institution in response to a distress call from Martin Creaser, a former hunter (guest star Jon Gries) who's a patient there.  Creaser thinks supernatural forces may be the real reason behind a large number of patient suicides and is afraid for his own life, but the experience proves to be a very dangerous one for the Winchester brothers as well. "Sam, Interrupted" was written by Andrew Dabb & Dan Loflin and directed by Jim Conway.

Clip 1 (from The CW)

Clip 2

Clip 3


# Sablegreen 2010-01-15 23:16
OHHHH Unbeliveable!!! I can see where this is going. No wonder this MOTW is at a nuthouse!

This is going to be the LONGEST week of the hiatus!!!
# xlizzyx 2010-01-16 00:55
this has gotta be the greatest thing I've seen in a very long time! I can't wait to see this episode...I wasn't that excited about it but now I am!!!!!!
# Tigershire` 2010-01-16 02:21
# Dianeuk 2010-01-16 04:34
OH! WHAT is she going to do with those gloves? Think he needs his hand holding? Diane
# Jasminka 2010-01-16 06:38
Still looking for my jaw, it rolled off... Oh, folks, I'm going to have a field day! :lol:

on a more serious note - I bet they've forced the boys to take meds... if you're not 'crazy' but take meds as if you were, well, that can mess with your mind. Poor Dean... The writers won't give us a fun-only episode. Damn. I'll get out my kleenexes..

Ha. cukoo's nest! Oh dear... she sighed and started biting her nails...
# Jasminka 2010-01-16 06:44
Had to watch the clips all over again... OH, you just gotta love a folie-à-deux if it's a good one... Cruel,cruel CW (there are monsters there...wearing trenchcoats...) - give us clips like that... it's like putting a bottle of water in front of someone walking through the desert and saying 'you're allowed to touch, but don't drink it before Friday' (it's gonna be Friday for me, oh, dang)
Sob, Jas
# Deborah 2010-01-16 10:45
I can't wait to see this episode (well, at this point I can't wait to see any episode)! Does the doctor call Sam "Elvis"?
# annielicious14 2010-01-16 13:13
I can't wait! Oh man!!! :lol: sooooooo very excited! Is it January 21st yet?
# Randal 2010-01-16 13:33
Hollyfeld! C'mon, please tell me I'm not the only one who's seen Real Genius.

This episode is going to be beautiful madness.
# Tigershire 2010-01-16 14:12
In the immortal words of Socrates - "I drank what?"
# Randal 2010-01-16 15:17
I want to start seeing more of you in the lab.
Fine, I'll gain weight.

You run?
Only when chased.

Too bad the rumblings of a maybe sequel seem to be remaining only that. Oops, veering off topic.

Supernatural is the best teevee show on teevee. Whew!
# ElenaM 2010-01-16 15:35
OMG-- it IS Hollyfeld!!! I didn't recognize him, it's been too long! Now I'm craving microwave popcorn. Hmmm, wonder why... :D
# ElenaM 2010-01-16 15:41
Oh, I hope they work in a Real Genius joke or reference. Dean, you hear me, you movie buff?
# Jasminka 2010-01-16 17:58
Oh,well, now the European will be at a loss again, damn... :sad:
Randal, I am one of those who haven't seen Real Genius... Babar? Okay, I'm officially gonna miss thirty percent of the jokes... I hate this show :roll::
# Deborah 2010-01-16 19:32
Thanks, Alice. I tried to read what was on the chart the doctor held but couldn't.

And on another site I saw that the Babar reference and the elephant books dialogue harkens back to the Chevy Chase movie "Fletch" - you can see a very short clip here: This is SPN's 2nd reference to "Fletch" - Dean used the alias Alan Stanwyck in CSPWDT that was a character name in the movie.
# Randal 2010-01-16 19:52
Jas, oh man, you have to see it. Val Kilmer's finest hour and have you seen Ghostbusters and/or Die Hard? Remember William Atherton perfectly playing a first-class jerk? Does so here as well.

And hey, that's how I feel when I watch something on BBC America. ;-)
# Jasminka 2010-01-16 20:30
hey, Randal, I think I've seen that Val Kilmer movie back in the fourteenth century... I don't remember any of it, but I'm sure my video-guy might help out. (I loved KIlmer in Willow, though, he was sexy there) And yes, Ghostbusters and Die Hard is on my have-seen-list...

Happy there is some equilibrium... Thanks, man, Jas
# ElenaM 2010-01-16 23:16
Hey Jas, if you don't feel like venturing out to the video guy, someone's posted the entire Real Genius movie on Youtube... but it's worth curling up on the couch for.

Sadly the same cannot be said for Fletch, only clips-- Thanks for the link Deborah! That scene with Sam and the nurse just got a lot funnier-- at first I thought it was just a cheap laugh but I swear it looks like another riff on Fletch. It appears we stop just short of Sam singing "Moooon River" and asking her if she's done time... Is it Thursday yet?
# Tigershire 2010-01-16 23:37
I'm so happy there are others who have seen Real Genius! I love that movie. It's my favourite Val Kilmer movie.

I'd be tickled pink if there were references to it in this episode.

"Do you want a cherry? I grow them myself"
# elle 2010-01-17 01:09
Oh, I am so excited! This episode looks fantastic - and it's the first episode that I can watch live this season without skipping class!
# Dany 2010-01-17 09:14
Sweet! This epi looks like it's going to be fabulous! Just got to manage to live until friday (being on the other side of the Atlantic sucks!). It's gonna be a looong weak!

Thanks for the treat Alice!
# Randal 2010-01-17 14:48
I guess it goes from god to Jerry to you to the cleaners.

What about that time I found you naked with that bowl of jello?
I was hot and I was hungry.

I completely forgot about Willow, Jas. Definitely an underrated fantasy flick.
# Jasminka 2010-01-17 16:34
Thanks for the RealGenius-YouT ube hint, elenaM, I’ll surely look it up and get smarter… Ha!

Yeah, Randal, Willow was despite its flaws a fine movie. Great one-liners, too.

Dany, we over-the-Atlant ic fans are made of tough stuff. Don’t worry. We have to be – waiting one day more to watch the show, we’re getting worse dvd-releases that hardly contain any extra features, but that doesn’t kill us. It makes us stronger. Huah! :twisted:, Jas
# ElenaM 2010-01-19 16:43
I kept thinking there was another time when Sam & Dean introduce themselves as Mr. Stanwyck and Mr. Babar-- yep, another "Fletch" reference. Finally came to me--Family Remains. Not an ep I revisit that often, so it took awhile to click... only 2 days, woohoo!
# PetraO 2010-01-19 20:07
Found another promo!
Man, I can't wait to see this... I'll be in York with my mom untill sunday, so I don't really know when I get to see it. Probably monday...
# PetraO 2010-01-19 20:12
And the word verification just told me I was fat :shock:.
# Bethany 2010-01-20 02:50
oh man the first one had me cracking up - i love them talking about Cas "oh no he wears a trenchcoat" giggles" :lol: