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Supernatural’s Best Geek Ever, Part 2
5. Ed Brewer

Claim to geekdom: He’s a twitchy projectionist who likes to play the Casio and will never score a date with Jamie, no matter how many twenties he tips her. She seems to prefer a certain fake G-man. He does a mean vampire impression, though.

Now Playing: Phantom of the Opera

Why he’s #5:   Ed’s one of the funniest parts of a really funny episode, right down to his weirdly appropriate name (heh—I didn’t get it until Randal pointed it out), all the more impressive considering he had so little screen time. Much credit to actor Michael Eklund, the director, and the writer, for whom my regard is truly reaching epic proportions—just look at this list!

Favorite quote: â€œIt’s supposed to come off—“
                         “No, it’s NOT!”
4. Ronald Resnick

Claim to geekdom: Things are bound to get weird in a Ben Edlund episode, and when the floodlights hit the brothers’ eyes, you know the moment has arrived. Judging by his walls, Ron is a believer who’d do Fox Mulder proud. His paranoia and uncanny sense for the uncanny lead him to make some pretty incisive conclusions about the nature of a recent string of crimes and what happened to his friend Juan. Dean’s impressed, despite the mandroid theory, but Sam shuts him down quick and remands the tapes he copied. Poor Ron—he just wanted someone to take him seriously.
Sam has good intentions—keep Ron in the dark, and keep him alive, but when Ron decides to take matters into his own hands, everything hits the fan and the results are disastrous. Hindsight’s always 20/20, but do you wonder, had the Winchesters had been straight with him, would Ron still be alive?

Fringe science: The actual May 2006 cover of Fortean Times. Unlike the
Weekly World News, it’s still in circulation. 
Why he’s #4: Granted, even after he realizes he’s with a couple of guys who know what they’re doing, Ronald doesn’t exactly go hide in the vault. He’s in way over his head, but is determined to help take the thing on. Enthusiastically inquisitive, he slips in shifter goo, then examines the stuff with a sniff (ewww, Ron!).   His earnest, clumsy bravado makes Ron all the more endearing, and his death emotionally bruising for the brothers and for us. 

Favorite quote: 
“I knew it. As soon as you two left. You ain't FBI. Who are you? Who are you working for, huh? The Men in Black? You working for the mandroid?!”
“We’re not working for the mandroid!”
“You shut up!!  I ain’t talking to you, I don’t like you!”


# Karen 2010-03-17 07:50
Hi ElenaM
This was great.
I can’t think of anything to add or change.
I’m going to go out on a limb here and hope I don’t get hit with too many rotten tomatoes, but I agree that both Sam and Dean can be a little geeky at times.
But were talking small here, just a smidgen.
After all don’t we all have at least one thing that can be construed as being a little geeky??? Hello?? Anyone??
# Randal 2010-03-17 09:31
I came in here with guns-a-blazin', ready to argue, but after reading part two, I simply can't. This is freaking awesome and Andy is the undisputed champion and the rest of this list is wonderful and and and "The night is mine!"

Sam and especially Dean are geeks, but when you're a handsome jerk (right on, Wes), it isn't so obvious. No one who makes *that* many Star Trek and Star Wars references is sans geekery.

Huge bonus points for referencing motivational speaker Matt Foley. :D

Isn't "Step into the light, Carol Ann" a bumper sticker on their RV? Referencing the classic Poltergeist, of course, which Sam wouldn't recognize because he knows nothing of his cultural heritage.
# Suze 2010-03-17 09:33
Fine, fine list, ElanaM. That would be my top three too. I'm so glad dear ol' Ron made the cut!

I'll grant you Sam although he is WAY too fit to really qualify but Dean!? Come on girl, that's a bit much! ( Mind you there are all those Trekkie snippets, no smoke without fire ... Hmmm ... ) What does everyone else think? Let's have a row, it's ages 'til the next episode!
# Sablegreen 2010-03-17 09:40
Super cool! ElenaM. Great list. Yes, our boys are geeks too, in their own right. And Ash...always loved him. And of course, anyone who is loved gets killed on SPN. I am always afraid Chuck or Bobby are next! Whoops...lets not go there.

Wonderful article. Hope you do another!
# Jojo 2010-03-17 11:00
Sam throughout the series I agree should be an honorable mention, but if he was still his Season One self, he'd be on there.
# Evelyn 2010-03-17 11:54
Great top 5 Elena! Andy, I loved Andy. He didn't deserve to go out the way he did, but who deserves it on this show, it still happens. And Ronald, yes it would have been interesting to see what would have happened had Sam been upfront with him in the beginning. It was also sad to see him go out. :cry::

I can see Sam being an honorable mention. To quote Dean, "he is an encyclopedia of weirdness." However, I can't fathom Dean being on the list.
# Bevie 2010-03-17 14:32
A really entertaining and amusing list ElenaM. Thank you!

I too loved Andy to bits and was really and still am pissed they killed him off. Such a sweet guy with all that power and only taking the bare minimum of his daily needs.

And Ron also. He was so endearing in his conspiracy theorizing and I almost got mad at Sam for putting him down. If only they had confided in him I don't think he would have gone to the bank to find his "mandroid" himself.

You guys who write articles for this site are so clever and so entertaining for us in our dismal hellatus! Thanks to all of you! ;-)
# Julie 2010-03-17 15:26
I loved this list, thank you Elena, I think we have found ourselves an Andy girl in you.
So pleased Ronald was up there I loved him too.
I dont mind the boys being included as I think everyone has an `inner geek` some just display theirs more than others. This is when I avert my eyes, at least I admit it and have the walking encyclopedia of weirdness t- shirt which contrary to popular belief amongst my friends does not feature my picture.
Hang in there people Hellatus end in sight!
# Freebird 2010-03-17 15:33
Andy, oh Andy, loved him!!! And Ash, oh Ash, why did you have to die???

Yes, I do believe EVERYone has a geek sitting somewhere inside. That includes Sam and Dean, too. It's just that the Walking Encyclopedia of Weirdness and the Dr. Sexy MD Fan have other issues to worry about right now, so the geekyness doesn't show that much right now. But it's definitely there.

This was a fun, fun article ElenaM, and I'm still grinning like a geek. .... But I'm okay with that :-)
# Supernarttu 2010-03-17 15:41
Great top5 ElenaM, couldn't agree more :-)

And agree with many that all of us have that little geek inside (Samny &Deano too), and I personally am proud of it :-)
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2010-03-17 16:52
Elena, this was fantastic! I laughed and cried a little when you got to poor Ron, who was such a dumb sweetie and died undeservedly, like so many do in the Winchester world--includin g Andy!

I wouldn't change a thing on your list, and WOULD include both Sam and Dean, because they have INNER geeks, and those DO count! Let Dean punch me, if he must, but he's had way too many STAR TREK refs, plus other refs to reading geeky stuff, to try to claim he is NOT somewhat geeky, at least internally!

As for Sam, well, come ON! His inner geek is forever screaming to be let out!

Loved this list and your snarky comments made it all the more enjoyable!

Love, Robin
# BagginsDVM 2010-03-17 22:15
Andy, Ash, Ron, Wes & them all!
And I am quite proud of my own "geekness", of which my family & friends frequently remind me!
# Jasminka 2010-03-18 05:01
Yeah, what would Buffy do? Don’t we all ask that when we get into trouble? Hehehehehe….. Love both your lists, ElenaM, well done, keep them coming! I loved how you combined the geeks de luxe with your personal reason why they’re there and a quote. About some I almost forgot…

And welcome! Another writer, ha! Our group is expanding. In the undying words of the Über-Librarian – we’re going for world domination….

I secretly always liked Becky (come on, any girl who dares to keep touching Sam and throwing him a lick (*gasps*) has some balls… ), and Barry was such a moving character. And, hey, who doesn’t love the ghostfacers, going into battle ‘Sweet lord of the rings…’

Thank you for Ed Brewer – I knew the actor from another show, Blood Ties where he played a really weird character as well, and it was such fun to see him again!!! Ah well, he just loves to play the Casio, in his underwear. They don’t come geekier…

Frankly, I couldn’t pick my favourites. I adore Ash, and Andy, and especially Chuck (with ‘I am the prophet Chuck!’ alone he won my heart… And just as Sam and Dean have their geeks inside them (or sometimes out in the open), Chuck is a badass hero within this tiny frame…

And I just realized, given your defining geek moments here, I want to be a geek, too. There hardly is a movie I can’t quote. Does Poetry count?

What a joy to read this was, ElenaM, feel free to give us other impulses of your ‘gabbiness’ at any time.

Great stuff, cheers! Jas
# ElenaM 2010-03-19 00:15
Thanks so much for the kind comments, everyone! No tomatoes, even after all the cheesy refs? You're all much too nice. prepare for the longest post ever. Wonder if the comment box can handle it? We shall see.

Alice, thanks so much for the editing and extra screencaps!

Karen & Dany, I totally agree, we all have a little bit of geek, and maybe a lot! Sam & Dean are no exception :D The connotations of the word actually seem to have become more positive. I was not kidding about my geeky tendencies: Anyone interested in the etymology of slang should check out this article: :ugeek: Anyone? Bueller... Bueller?

Congratulations to Randal, we have a winner! I loved the uber-geek bumper stickers on the trailer door("I'd rather be surfing," w/ a pic of a mouse). That one seemed to fit the screencap... Yeah, those chiseled mugs and blinding smiles go a long way with us chicks XD So miss the late Mr. Foley! Hopefully he's with Andy now, down by the river, sharing a cup of coffee, or eight...

Sablegreen: Knock on wood, knock on wood! C'mon, Krip, don't be cruel, please. I had a lot of fun doing this article, but I think I'll soon be up to my eyeballs in work so this may be a one-shot thing...

Suze: :lol: "Where there's smoke there's fire"--exactly! He's just hiding it. I think that's why he took such a liking to Ron and Andy right away, and people who say okie dokie. Maybe he recognizes a kindred spirit? But no worries, he didn't even get an HM. I didn't dare :D

Jojo--that geek's still in there, he's just packed more muscle on top of it :mrgreen:

Evelyn--gracias! Bet Dean can't fathom being on it either ;-)

Bevie-- Couldn't have got through hellatus (only my second!) without this site, so it was fun to contribute a little something! It's almost over! Woohoo!

Julie--that you have! Hmmm, maybe I should start some new threads. That Sam'n'Dean are overrated (JK!!!). We can even have fan wars--Shurleygi rls vs Andygirls! Anyone questioning my taste in guys after reading this list is quite right to do so. You've got an EoW shirt? Awesome! If your friends think you should be on it, even better! You're in good company :D

Freebird, right! Dr. Sexy MD!!! That bit where he calls him out on the cowboy boots is classic geek.

Supernarttu, BagginsDVm & Robin-- I'm all about the geek pride! Put on your EoW Tshirt from Cafepress and let it all out, Sam. You too, Dean, may you live long and prosper, babe. XD

Jas-:lol: So you wanna be a geek, huh? Woohoo! A convert! Poetry, sure, one can geek out about anything. Have fun in LA!

Thanks again, everyone!!!
# Ardeospina 2010-03-21 13:02
Great list, Elena! I didn't realize the show had so many geeks, but really, I shouldn't have been surprised. This show does love its geeks!
# Freebird 2010-03-21 14:51
ElenaM, thanks for the link to the slang article!!!

I see now that I have an eccentric devotion to a particular interest, that is a tv show called Supernatural. The fandom of aforesaid tv show pursues skill (especially writing skill) and imagination, and not mainstream social acceptance (Cult Underground Following, anyone?). We convey specialized expertise and devotion. We "get it done". Being a geek we choose to celebrate the positive, our "geek chic".

Proud to be a Supernatural geek in such distinguished geeky company
:D :D