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Hi, everyone! I'm back with another Supernatural Top Ten list! This time I'm featuring characters who either started as a Friend but then became a Foe, and/or characters who started out as an Enemy but later became an Ally. Once again, I chose my list by picking the first ten characters that came to mind, reasoning that these obviously had impacted and affected me the most. 

Now before you read my list, write down what you would pick. What ten "Friend to Foe" and/or "Enemy to Ally" did you think of first? 

1) Crowley

5.10 Crowley 0162

Crowley was the first character I thought of. He certainly switched back and forth over the years between friend and foe. We first met Crowley in season five's 'Abandon All Hope', where he was an ally to the brothers by handing over the colt, as he didn't want Lucifer taking over the world.   


Our last episode was Season 12's,  'All Along The Watchtower' , where Crowley sacrificed himself to save the brothers.   

2) Meg


Meg came to me second.  We first met Meg in season one's ' Scarecrow', where she appeared to be a possible friend to Sam, however, at the end of the episode we learned she was a demon.   

vlcsnap 00165

Meg returned in a new vessel in season 5's 'Sympathy for the Devil' and was still a full force enemy.   


Season eight's 'Goodbye Stranger' was the last episode with Meg, who by this time had become an ally and friend.


3) Ruby

vlcsnap 00069

We first met Ruby in season three's 'The Magnificent Seven', where she was an ally to Sam and later to both brothers (although Dean was always suspicious of her).       

vlcsnap 00042

In season four's 'Lazarus Rising', Ruby returned in a new vessel and was still an ally and apparently a very close friend to Sam. However, Dean would still remain suspicious of her.     


Ruby's last episode was season four's 'Lucifer Rising', where we finally found out her true mission. She  was an enemy, plotting to raise Lucifer with Sam's help.        

4) Gabriel/Trickster


We first met the Trickster in season two's 'Tall Tales' when he was definitely an enemy. The brothers killed him at the end of the episode - well, at least that's what they thought.     

vlcsnap 00434

In season five's 'Changing Channels',  we found out the Trickster was actually the archangel Gabriel. He wanted the brothers to play their part and start the apocalypse.         


In season five's 'Hammer of the Gods', Gabriel turned from enemy to ally, however, he met his end fighting for mankind and the brothers.  

13.13 1677 Gabriel

In season thirteen's 'Devils Bargain', we learned Gabriel was alive and being held captive by Asmodeus. Gabriel was rescued and became an ally again to the brothers. Gabriel would meet his end again in season thirteen's 'Exodus', still remaining an ally to the brothers.

5) Rowena

Soul Survivor 21

Rowena first appeared at the end of season ten's ' Soul Survivor'. At the time, we had no idea who she was, but she appeared to be evil.  


In the next episode 'Girls, Girls, Girls', we found out that her name was Rowena and that she was a witch. We also found out at the end of the episode that she was Crowley's mother.  Rowena was a character that bounced back and forth from enemy to ally.  

SPN 1594

By season fifteen's 'The Rapture', Rowena had been a steady ally. She sacrificed herself at the end of the episode.
In season fifteen's 'Our Father Who Aren't In Heaven', Rowena returned as the Queen of Hell, still very much an ally.


6) Gordon


Gordon was introduced in season two's 'Bloodlust'. He was a fellow hunter and ally. However, by the end of the episode, Gordon became an enemy. Gordon believed that all monsters were evil and deserved to die. Sam believed if a monster was able to live peacefully and not kill humans, then they should be allowed to live. Dean at first agreed with Gordon, but eventually started to see Sam's side, causing a rift with Gordon.   

vlcsnap 00031

In Gordon's last episode in season three's 'Fresh Blood', Gordon was on a mission to kill Sam, as he believed Sam was destined for evil. Although Gordon got turned into a vampire, he still stuck to his mission to hunt down Sam. However, at the end of the episode, Sam killed Gordon.   

7) Ketch

s12e08 387

Arthur Ketch of the British MOL was first mentioned in season twelve's 'Momma Mia, but we only got glimpse of his hands packing. We then got more of a second glance of him in 'American Nightmare'. The brothers had let the psychic Magda go free to give her a new start in life, however, Ketch was assigned to kill her. The BMOL apparently didn't believe in second chances. At this point, we didn't know if he was actually an ally or an enemy.    It wasn't until the episode 'Lotus'  that we met Ketch officially. He came to assist the brothers,  appearing to being an ally.            


However, by the episode 'Who We Are', Ketch had worked his way from being an ally to a full-fledged enemy. A rescued Mary put an end to Ketch..... or so we thought.    

13.7 1697 Arthur

Ketch returned in season thirteen's 'War of the Worlds', claiming that he was Alexander, Arthur's twin brother. Later, it was revealed he was in fact Arthur, brought back to life by a reviving charm. Ketch insisted he was there to help and was on their side. It would take several episodes before the brothers started to trust him. By season fifteen's 'The Rupture', Ketch had continued to be an ally to the brothers, however, Ketch met his end once again.   


8) Henriksen


We first met F.B.I Agent Henriksen in season two's 'Nightshifter', where he came to bring an end to the bank heist and arrest Sam and Dean.  During a phone call with Dean, we learned that Henriksen knew a lot about the brothers and John, except  for the monster part, of course.  The brothers escaped capture. In episode 'Folsom Prison Blues', Henriksen would again try to bring the brothers to justice, only to fail again.  

vlcsnap 00102

We would meet Henriksen again in Season's Three's 'Jus In Bello', where he finally arrested the brothers. He was in his glory until they got invaded by demons.  Henriksen's eyes were finally opened to the brothers lives and became their ally. Unfortunately, we lost him in this episode. He returned as a vengeful spirit in season four's 'Are You There God!', but of course, he was put to rest.... again.     


9) Anna

vlcsnap 00002

We first met Anna in season four's 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'. She was in a metal health facility because she was hearing voices - angels' voices to be exact. The brothers ended up helping her.  They later found out she was an angel who gave up her grace to become human.     

SPN 0036

By season five's 'The Song Remains the Same', Anna had been freed from Heaven to kill Sam, to keep him from becoming Lucifer's vessel. When that failed, Anna went back to 1978 to kill Mary and John, to prevent the birth of Sam.  Anna met her end by the hand of archangel Michael.       


10) Chuck/God

vlcsnap 00045

We first met Chuck Shurley as a prophet and a friend in season four's ' Monster at the End of the Book'.         

vlcsnap 00455

At the end of season five's 'Swan Song' he was still a friend and ally, but we were left questioning if Chuck was in fact God.   


In season eleven's ' Don't Call Me Shurley',  the truth was confirmed that Chuck is God.        

14 20 1604 Angry Chuck

By season fourteen's 'Moriah',  we learned that God is not a friend but a foe and has been playing our brothers from the start.  The question remains whether by season fifteen's finale, God remain an enemy or once again become an ally.


Ok, now it's your turn. What are your top ten "Friend to Foe" and/or "Enemy to Ally" Supernatural characters? Please share in the comments below!

Please be safe and stay strong during these uncertain and stressful times.

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