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"Safe House"

spn1116 0372

Sam and Dean investigate a child going into a suspicious coma.                                            

s11e16 90

spn1116 0573

Bobby and Rufus worked on a similar case at the same home.                                      

spn1116 0262

Both mothers from today and .....                  

spn1116 0692

...the past recount the same strange occurrences  leading up to their child's coma's.               

spn1116 1153

Sam and Dean go to salt and burn two possible vengeful spirits, but....  

spn1116 1110

...find they had already been burned by Bobby and Rufus.                                                 

spn1116 1547

Knowing that it's not a spirit, Bobby and Rufus do further research.            

spn1116 1551

Sam and Dean do the same.                                                  

spn1116 2500

Both teams finally realise they are dealing with a Soul Eater.                               

spn1116 2254

Rufus and Bobby find a way to trap the Soul Eater, however, Bobby gets pulled into the nest.        

s11e16 442

Sam and Dean find a way to kill the Soul Eater, however, Dean needs to be in the nest to do so.             

Safe house 540

Rufus is able to trap the Soul Eater.                         

spn1116 2757

And Sam is able to kill it.                                    


While both are still in the nest, Bobby and ....


....Dean have a moment where they see each other before being released.            

spn1116 2830

Rufus comforts Bobby.                                  

11.16 2847

Sam comforts Dean.     


"Red Meat"


Sam and Dean investigate the disappearance of a newlywed couple, Corbin and Michelle.            

spn1117 0036

They find the couple held captive in a cabin by Werewolves. During their rescue, Sam is shot.       

spn1117 0482

As the couple and the brothers make the long journey back to the car, Sam's health is failing. They come across a ranger's cabin and seek refuge.      


Corbin tries to convince Dean that they can't stay there and that Sam should be left behind. Dean won't hear of it and goes out to find wood to make a litter (stretcher) for Sam.            

spn1117 0800

While Dean is gone, Corbin suffocates Sam and kills him.                             

RM 6

When Dean returns, Corbin lies and says Sam just died. Dean is heartbroken but realises they have to leave and get to safety.              

spn1117 1324

Once rescued by a deputy, Corbin tries to convince Michelle that everything is going to be okay. However Michelle is unsure of Corbin since finding out he killed Sam.                               

spn1117 1992

Corbin transforms into a Werewolf.                                                  

spn1117 2072

Dean overdoses on pills so he can make a deal with a Reaper to bring back Sam.                             

RM 11

Billie shows up to reap Dean and informs him that Sam is not dead.  Before Billie could take Dean, he is revived by the doctor.                                                      

spn1117 2586

Sam manages to get back to the car and contacts Dean to warn him about Corbin, however the signal is weak and they get cut off.                            

spn1117 2830

Sam makes it to the hospital in time to save Dean from Corbin.                             

RM 16

Later, Dean tries to console Michelle but she doesn't see how she will ever get over what she has seen.       

spn1117 3054

Sam and Dean head home.               

"Don't Call Me Shurley"

Don t call me shurley 015

While Metatron is looking for food in a dumpster to feed himself and his four legged friend... 

spn1120 0076

....he and his friend get transported to a bar.                                               

11.20 158 chuck

He finds Chuck there.                             

Don t call me shurley 067

Chuck reveals himself to be God.  He wants Metatron to edit his manuscript.                                                 

spn1120 0783

An inpatient God/Chuck is eager to find out Metatron's opinion.                         

spn1120 0355

Meanwhile, as Dean irons Sam's shirt with beer, Sam informs Dean of a possible case that may lead them to Amara.             


During their investigation of the deceased, they notice the same virus from earlier.    

Don t call me shurley 383

Another victim of the virus arrives to give a warning to Dean from Amara.          

11.20 445 Fog in town

The fog carrying the virus arrives at the town.                            

11.20 440 Sam and Baby

Sam and Dean help rush everyone inside to safety.                           

Don t call me shurley 519

However, they are unable to stop the fog from entering the building.                  

11.20 536 Dean yelling

As Sam starts to succumb to the fog, Dean realises he's immune and yells up to God. "Stop this! You hear me you dick!"                     

spn1120 2963

Back at the bar, a proud God/Chuck finishes his manuscript.     

spn1120 3036

He gives the script to Metatron to read as he plays and sings a powerful version of 'Fare Thee Well'. A montage of events happen as he sings.                        

Don t call me shurley 584

We see Dean hanging on to his dying brother....  

11.20 566 Glowing Amulet

when suddenly a glowing light comes from Sam's jacket pocket. It is the amulet.  The fog disperses and everyone starts recovering.  

Don t call me shurley 629

Metatron finishes the final pages and looks upon God/Chuck with a bereft expression.               

11.20 576 SD Amulet 1

Sam and Dean head out, following the glow of the amulet.                          

11.20 597 WeShouldTalk

They finally come upon Chuck/God who looks to the boys and says, "We should probably talk."               

Those are my top favourites for season eleven! As promised, here are Nightsky's "Top 6 Favourite Episodes" for season eleven, in order of preference:

  1.  "Don't Call Me Shurley"
  2.  "Baby"
  3.  "Just My Imagination"
  4.  "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
  5.  "The Devil in the Details"
  6.  "Red Meat"

Nightsky: Just like season 10, there were a lot of great episodes in season 11! Supernatural was on a roll! My top 6 choices for season 11 were all in my top 51 ("Red Meat" was 51) favorites for the series, as ranked for the Top 100 countdown last year, if that tells you the comparative quality of these episodes. "Safe House", "The Vessel" and "All in the Family" were my next three favorites, still all within the top 100 of the series thus far. 

Now it's your turn!  Which episodes make your top 6? What surprised you, either by inclusion or exclusion, from my or Nightsky's lists? Make your lists now, if you didn't before you read our favorites, then compare to where the episodes fall in WFB's Ultimate Top 100 Hiatus Challenge!

Having fun comparing favorites? Keep going with season 12's list! If you missed seeing our earlier lists, catch up by starting with Top 6 Favourite Episodes, Supernatural Season 1! Each season has a link to the next season's list! You can follow along through the entire series, start with a specific season, or enjoy The WFB's many other Supernatural Top 10 lists, always available on our Tags Page!

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