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#3 "Baby" (11.04)

Written By Robbie Thompson
Directed By Thomas J. Wright

In this episode, Sam and Dean investigate a case in Oregon involving animal attacks. On the surface, this would seem to be a typical MotW episode; however, it is anything but typical. The entire episode is essentially told from Baby’s point of view. And it is glorious.

 Alice said, “No other episode takes me to my happy place like this one does.”

Nate Winchester said, “It's fitting this episode was in Season 11 because on a scale of 1-10, this episode goes to 11. While everyone may love the boys, I make no secret that my lust is over the car (and the guns) so to have the sexiest member of the cast finally get her shining moment is a dream come true. That the entire episode is filmed from the car's perspective makes this episode fascinating from a technical and writing standpoint. I like to call this one the lost Kripke episode, because on reflection, this one really should have been done back in Season 5 and is worthy to stand among his standard-setting best episodes.”

Kate38 said, "I love how the writers and producers take such chances with this show. This episode was a HUGE gamble that could've fallen FLAT on its face, but it remains one of the absolute best episodes in the series, as evidenced by its third place in this countdown! Who would've thought that an episode filmed entirely from inside the car would be so compelling? First of all, the story was really cool! Even the monsters are afraid of the coming Darkness! What!? Throw in some visually creative camera angles, some sweet and humorous "Night Moves" (literally and figuratively), and a wonderful broment when Sam wakes up from his dream, and you have the makings of a true classic. I also love the fact that Jensen and Jared seemed to have fun filming this one. That just adds to my enjoyment every time I watch it."

Nightsky: "Baby" is a love letter to Jared, Jensen and the Impala. It's as if Robbie Thompson wanted to honor how much of themselves they've poured into this show by dedicating one entire episode to say "we truly, deeply, get your characters and the lives they've been living. We're going to let them, and you, be yourselves... together. Have fun, boys. You're safe with us. You're home."   

To say that Lynn loved this episode would be an outstanding understatement. First, she loved the inclusion of the Show’s many inanimate objects. She said, “The Show has so many beloved objects, all of which were so wonderfully included in this episode, from the army man in the ashtray, to the Legos in the vents, even the Green Cooler. However, the star of this episode is the Impala herself - sleek and black and beautiful, strong and capable and not afraid to get her hands (or wipers or doors or seats or windows) dirty (or bloody). Resilient, as she takes a beating again and again (much like her boys) and yet struggles to get back up and keep going – keep fighting (much like her boys). Everything about her, from her ancient tape deck to the initials in her paint, is iconic.”

And, of course, Lynn truly loved all of the brotherly moments. She said, “Just watching the boys side by side in the car, rolling down the road and arguing about the lack of beer in the cooler, was so satisfying. Watching them singing and laughing and mock fighting and GRINNING at each other nearly bowled me over. There’s a comfort and familiarity in the scene of the brothers together, safe in the Impala, settling down to sleep where they’ve slept countless times throughout their entire lives. I smiled so wide it hurt, and I absolutely could not stop. It felt like a drug, instant euphoria.”

Journalbookbinder said, “This is how we know Robbie Thompson loves us and loves these characters.  I can only wish there had been more episodes like this.  A "Baby-style" episode, one per season after this first one, would have been excellent.  The idea of showing us only what takes place inside the car was so well-shot and so well-done.  Jensen's stunt driving was awesome.  The entire scene with Cas on the other end of phone in the car talking into the air while Dean is outside killing the monster is perfection.  So unique.  So funny.  So good.  Sam and Dean talking over the back of the seat before going to sleep in their only true "home" is a perfect Sam and Dean moment and the shot of them sleeping from above is iconic.  Furthermore, the footage shot while Jared and Jensen drove around, alone, with just the camera mounted on the car is some of my favorite footage ever created on the show. Very sad that Sam's one-night stand "Piper" did not accept his offer to take his phone number.  (BTW, is she NUTS?)  Innovative.  Touching.  Decent hunting story.  Perfect Supernatural.”

Memorable Moment #1: Night Moves.

Memorable Moment #2: Sam and Dean have a little fun.

Memorable Moment #3: Sam has a vision of John. In this vision, John tells Sam the darkness is coming and only the boys can stop it. He also says “God helps those who help themselves.” Oh and in this vision, it’s Young John, as in Matt Cohen!

Memorable Moment #4: Cas is back at the Bunker, doing research. And watching Netflix. And doing research. Which leads to another opportunity for Dean to name a creature - so, were-pire? Or better yet, ghoul-pire.

Dean: Hey, Cas. Tell me you got something that doesn't involve chicks in prison.
Sam: Bet you never thought you'd say that out loud.
Castiel: It's a nachzehrer.
Sam: Come again?
Castiel: A ghoul and vampire-like creature.
Dean: A ghoul-pyre! Huh?

Memorable Moment #5: While Cas is on the phone talking to Dean, Dean is not even near his phone because he's fighting with the deputy. And yes, Baby played a pivotal role in helping Dean kill the deputy.

Dean: Turns out I did shoot the deputy.

Memorable Moment #6: Never forget that Dean knows Baby better than anyone, and he loves Her dearly.

Dean: Oh, Baby... I'm so sorry.

Memorable Moment #7: But never, EVER forget that they were never really homeless. 

Dean: Okay, Mom. Let's go home.
Sam: You know what? We are home.

What a great episode. You can learn more about "Baby" in Nightsky's multi-part interview with Robbie Thompson. In it, they discuss how he came up with the idea for "Baby", what he wanted to achieve with such a creative format, the music that is so much a part of the mood of the episode, and much more.  #ThankyouRobbie. Thank you, Show.

So that’s episodes 5-3 in the Top 100 Favorites list! Did any of these make it onto your list? Let us know in the comments! Next up - the Final Two Episodes! Which episode will be #1??

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