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4) "First Born"


Sam ask Castiel to help remove any remaining grace of Gadreel's in order to locate him.     


Cas is hesitant as it could kill Sam.....                           


....but still does it after Sam persists.             . 


Sam gives Castiel a thank-you hug.                     


Dean and Crowley go on a mission to find.....                           


 ..... the 'First Blade' in order to kill Abaddon.                                           

9.11 CDC 1534

They meet with the Biblical Cain (of Cain and Abel), who possessed the Blade.             


Cain agrees to give them the location of the Blade if Dean takes on the 'Mark of Cain' as he will need it to wield the blade.                  


Dean agrees.                                      

5) "Mother's Little Helper"

9.17 Brothers 1650

The brothers are working on separate cases.                                


Sam investigates a murder and meets Julia who claims that the 'demons are back',   

9.17 Soul Jars 1325

and are taking souls.                        


Sam also learns from Julia her past as a nun and the back story of Henry and Josie,              


and how Josie became possessed by Abaddon.                      

9.17 Dean Crowley Bar 0537

Meanwhile Dean is trying to take hold of his obsession to find Abaddon. Crowley comes to help edge him on. 


6) "Do You Believe In Miracles"


Metatron is in charge of Heaven and is deceiving the angels.                


Dean is locked up in the bunker due to his losing control of the Mark.           

Cas Curing 0203

Cas and Sam find Gadreel, who agrees to help after realising Metatron's true mission. 


Dean confronts Metatron but loses the fight and is stabbed.            

Sam Dean 1581

Sam races to Dean, but Dean succumbs to his injuries.                     

Gadreel death 102

Gadreel sacrifices himself to free Castiel.                 


Cas confronts Metatron and tricks Metatron into exposing his true mission on angel radio.    


Metatron is now in prison.           


Crowley comes to Dean and informs him that bearing the 'Mark' does not mean he is dead. "What you’re feeling right now it’s not death, it’s life.  A new kind of life."                                                  


 "Open your eyes Dean, see what I see, feel what I feel.  Let’s take a howl at that moon.”     

Those are my top favourites for season nine! As promised, here are Nightsky's "Top 6 Favourite Episodes" for season nine, in order of preference:

  1.  "Dog Dean Afternoon"
  2.  "First Born"
  3.  "Slumber Party"
  4.  "Do You Believe in Miracles?"
  5.  "Road Trip"
  6.  "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"

Nightsky: The only difference between my list and Karen's is that I prefer Charlie, whereas she is sweet on Henry. The order of my choices might raise some question as well. I am in awe of the wit and creativity of "Slumber Party" and going to Oz. It's relaxing and just so much fun! The intensity and shock of "Miracles" is epic and the episode is mesmerizing, but Metatron annoys me in this episode, so it got edged out of #3. Maybe next year I'll switch them? 

Now it's your turn!  Which episodes make your top 6? What surprised you, either by inclusion or exclusion, from my or Nightsky's lists? Make your lists now, if you didn't before you read our favorites, then compare to where the episodes fall in WFB's Ultimate Top 100 Hiatus Challenge!

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