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Welcome back to the "Top Six Favourite Episodes" series, this time for Season Two. These are still to this day, the nearest and dearest to my heart, my comfort episodes, the ones I go to when I need a laugh or a cry or the comfort of an old friend.  

Before you read my list, make your own list of season 2 favorites! It will be fun to compare your unbiased choices to mine (before you are influenced by my memories or picks) .  Whether you're joining Nightsky and The WFB in the #SPNSummer2019 Rewatch, or rewatching at your own pace this hiatus, these episodes should be fresh in your mind!

Save your list then, because you'll need it for a HUGE Hiatus challenge that The WFB will be sharing with you very soon! Nightsky reveals her Top 6 season 2 favorites after mine, so you'll have two WFB staff lists as a comparison (and as a hint of what's to come!)! If you missed my Season 1 Favorites, you can go back to the beginning and start there!

So without further ado, here's my list of Season Two Favourites! The list is by order of appearance only, as they all are equal in their importance to me. 

1) In My Time of Dying


We meet a spirit named Tessa, who later we find out is a Reaper.     


Sam brings a Ouiji board  in order to talk to Dean.        


Tense moment with when Dean almost dies and ....     


... Sam anguishes over Deans fate.     


John whispers something important to Dean, leaving us in suspense until episode ten.    


John makes a deal with Yellow Eyes.....       


...sacrificing his life for Dean.        


It's devastating to see 'Baby's' fate.     


The amazing shot of Sam dropping John's coffee after seeing his dad on the floor...   


..and as Sam calls out for help the coffee cup is standing straight up.  

2)Simon Said


Dean at Sam's side as Sam deals with the effects of his visions, 


...and as Sam struggles with being too late to save those in his visions.              

 Simon Said Supernatural chad lindberg 15116570 853 480

I loved the humour in this episode. The brothers' reaction to Ash aka Dr. Badass coming to the door naked.     


Also with the introduction to Andy and his mind powers antics.....    


Andy uses his powers to have Dean hand over the Impala's keys.     


Directing the guard away from Sam and Dean's investigation " These are not the drones you are looking for."       


Then there's Andy's 'van' and his....        


giant "Moby Dick" bong.         


3) Nightshifter


This episode opened with breaking news of a bank robbery and we find out Dean is part of it.   


We get to see the brothers in sync as they show their badges.     


We meet Ronald who was a true believer in 'Aliens and Conspiracy Theories', fiving us 'laser eyes' and 'mandroids'.      


I loved the brothers' reaction to Ronald's theories.         


This was also the introduction to FBI Agent Victor Henriksen.      


Once again we get treated to the remains of a shifter's gooey skin.              


The ending was epic. It starts with the song "Renegade" by Styx, while Sam and Dean escape wearing SWAT team uniforms....       


Once they are safely in 'Baby', Dean exclaims "We are so screwed."      

4)Tall Tales


This was the introduction to the Trickster and his nonstop trickery, leading to hilarious moments throughout the episode.      


 Kirk slow dancing with an alien to "Lady in Red"...        


...along with Bobby coming to help out and listening to the brothers' different interpretations of events.               

vlcsnap 00198

Dean over stuffing his face with chocolates...               


Sam over reacting to a student's loss of his classmate...          


Dean getting drunk on 'Purple Nurples'...        


Sam's "Blah blah blah"...          


...and of the course the brothers wrestling over Dean's money clip.         


The transition of the student turning from pretty to a decaying corpse was very creepy.   




Sam and Dean doing their first 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'.        

SPN 1026

A very steamy love scene with Sam and Madison.               


Madison finally accepting the fact that she is a werewolf,             


so Madison pleads to Sam to kill her.  "I don't want to die, but I can't live like this. Save me."       


The final scene was heart wrenching with an emotionally devastated Sam fulfilling Madison's request,   


and Dean's reaction to the fatal gunshot with his signature 'single man tear'  all the while "Silent Lucidity" is playing.        


I loved the camera shot of the beautiful sunrise reflecting on the window.     

6) What is and What Should Never Be


Dean being attacked by the Djinn and waking up to an alternate world where he was never a hunter ....      


... his mother Mary is still alive,        

Jess well as Jess,                                          


...and John lived to see his boys grow up and Sam graduate.              


Dean is in a solid relationship and works at a garage.        


I loved Dean's reaction to eating one of his mother's sandwiches. It was so endearing.          


And watching the joy he had mowing the lawn. (I always found it amusing that the lawn mower never had a blade in it.)                   


However, there were down sides to this alternate reality. John did pass away and Dean's talk to his dad had me tearing up.       


The other down side was the brothers' relationship was almost nonexistent.  Sam not only didn't idolize his brother, he didn't like him that much either.                  


However, Dean was able to escape his mind control to find the real Sam there to save him.   


So those are my top favourites for season two! As promised, here are Nightsky's "Top 6 Favourite Episodes" for season two, in order of preference:

  1.  "Heart"
  2.  "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2
  3.  "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1
  4.  "Croatoan"
  5.  "Born Under a Bad Sign"
  6.  "What is and What Should Never Be" 

Interesting that only two episodes are on both of our lists! There were so many great episodes in season two! Now it's your turn!  Which episodes make your top 6, and why? What surprised you, either by inclusion or exclusion, from my or Nightsky's lists? Make your lists now, if you didn't before you read our favorites. You're going to need them later for WFB's Ultimate Hiatus Challenge!

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Please share your thoughts below! 

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