First I must give a warning to all that have weak stomachs or gag easily. As much as I love this show, it can get pretty gross at times. 

Now I originally started this as the Top Ten Scariest Moments but I found I just didn’t scare that easily so I decided to go with the Top Ten Grosses Moments. Now I had this all ready to send to Alice when a light bulb went off on the top of my head and remembered this being done before.  Sure enough I went through the archives and Ardeospina had done “Top Ten Cringeworthy Moments" back in March 2010.

Now comparing Ardeospina’s to mine we actually match with a couple but there was still a lot I had picked differently, plus I had three years to add too, so I decided to send it out anyways. If you have the strength to view both please send us your grosses moments.

So here are my top ten that made me either exclaim ‘EEWWW’, look away, cringe or gag. 

#10 - The girl biting into the rat – "Family Remains"  


This is what I call A EEWWW Moment. 

I’m with the kid, I’d start screaming too if someone started chomping down on a rat.

#9a - Soup with the eye balls – "Hammer of the Gods"


#9b - Melon scooper in Sam’s eye - "Time Is On My Side" 


This is what I call a Cringe Moment.  I went with both of these moments since they both deal with the eye. Now for some it maybe cheating having two but since this is my article I figured I could do what I wanted. 

#8 - Jack dipping his finger in Dean’s blood and sucking on it – "Metamorphosis"


This was another EEWWW Moment. It’s one thing to suck your own finger when it’s bleeding when you get a cut, but to suck on someone else’s blood?  

#7 - Sam getting his fingernail removed - "A Very Supernatural Christmas" 


This one I call a Look Away Moment.  Just knowing what was going to happen made me look away, I couldn’t watch.

#6a - The repair man getting his hand mangled in the food waste disposer unit – "Home"



#6b - The kid being forced to put his hand in the blender – "After School Special" 



This is another Look Away Moment.  Once again I took the liberty to put two in this list since they both were dealing with mutilation of a hand. 

#5 - A Skin-walker in Dean’s image ripping off his skin - "Skin" 



This was another EEWWW Moment. It was bad enough when they came across the shed skin but to see it going through the transformation.  Yipes!

#4 - Two lovers eating each other - "My Bloody Valentine" 



Add this to another EEWWW and a Look Away Moment. It actually took me a moment to realize what they were doing then I had to look away. Too gross. 

#3 - When we first meet pestilence – "Hammer Of The Gods"



This is one of those GAG Moments.  Pestilence sneezing and spewing phlegm all over the cashier at the store was just too gross. 

#2 - The maggot roast chicken dinner - "Malleus Maleficarum" 



This was another GAG Moment. Seeing that chicken and then the guy eating the maggot sandwich has had me avoid this episode at all cost.    

#1 - The zombie drooling on Sam – "Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid" 


This was definitely another GAG Moment but also a Look Away before you barf Moment.

I have been scarred for life with this scene.  I can’t even think about it without wanting to throw up. 

Well this is my list. Good times, huh?  So what is yours? Please share if you can.