In honor of Jim Beaver's birthday (yes, I know it was Thursday but better late than never), what better than to take a look at the top ten (with honorable mention) scenes that just make Bobby Singer then best damn supporting character on the planet.  Here's my arbitrary, unscientific ranking from honorable mention to best.  

Honorable Mention:   Swan Song 

I still get weepy thinking about it this. 
This scene is short, but it gets me right in the center every time.  The plan is in full motion, they've found Lucifer and it's time for Sam to say yes.  After the flurry of doing their jobs and finding Lucifer, reality hits.  It's time for Sam to say goodbye.  Even though they really know it's for good, Bobby won't surrender the idea this is really goodbye.  "See you around kid," Bobby says offering hope, even if it's killing him to say it.  Even Castiel feels the heartache of this situation, especially when the hug comes on.  

Bobby in broken voice gives Sam his last piece fatherly advice. 

"When he gets in, you fight him tooth and nail, you understand?  Keep swinging, don't give an inch."

Yep, all weepy! 

10.  Two Minutes "˜Til Midnight
There are many scenes where Bobby proves why he's so important in Sam and Dean's lives, especially Dean.  After all, he is the father they never had.  Out of all of scenes in which Bobby gives fatherly advice, none have a greater impact than this.  It's an impact that still affects the boys going into season seven.  
Sam already won Castiel over with his plan to say yes to Lucifer, but getting Dean and Bobby to agree would be tough.  Then Bobby sees Sam calmly and heroically rescuing innocents while they thwart the circulation of the Croatoan virus.  Bobby's now convinced that Sam can beat the devil.  Bobby's speech to Dean, it's absolutely uplifting, even if it means they all have to let go of Sam.  He asks Dean the hard question, one that's needed to be asked since the series began.  "So I've gotta ask Dean.  What exactly are you afraid of?  Losing, or losing your brother?"  

9.  Lucifer Rising
"You stupid, stupid, son of a bitch! Well boo hoo, I am so sorry your feelings are hurt, PRINCESS. Are you under the impression that family's suppose to make you feel good? Make you an apple pie maybe? They're supposed to make you miserable! That's why they're family!"
Best...speech...ever.  Oh yeah, Dean had that coming. 

8.  Born Under a Bad Sign

It really does pay to be a paranoid bastard.  Holy water in the beer?  I especially love the casual way Bobby continued to drink his beer as Meg!Sam was steaming in agony before knocking him/her out.  Pure bad ass.

7.  And Then There Were None
Who can forget Bobby's heartfelt and heartbroken farewell to Rufus?  Sure Bobby was the one that killed him, but Bobby was under control of the worm at the time.  It's interesting how his guilt doesn't stem from the way Rufus died but how he died without them ever squaring the bitterness of Omaha.  Forgiveness for a mistake he would never get.  That was the true tragedy of that moment, and Bobby's understated yet devastated expression along with the Johnnie Walker Blue told that entire story of regret.  It's quite tragic really.  

6. Appointment in Samarra
Bobby has clearly perfected his self protection skills and it's so awesome to watch.  He gets all the great one liners too.  We thought the panic room was brilliance!   He keeps a weapon in the refrigerator veggie tray to protect against those sneak attacks by moose ("I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night").  Oh, but such large creatures aren't going to go down with one whack.  So it's time to jump into the closet, give a perfect line as said moose breaks through with an axe ("Don't say, Herrrre's Johnnnnnyyyy").  Time to flip the lever to the trap door!  Yeah, Bobby was still caught in the end, but that was when he was lured out of his booby trap haven.  "Ain't nobody killin"˜ me in my house but me."  We so believe that now.    

5.  You Can't Handle The Truth
Bobby can be funny too!  This is an overdone gag in television history, but "Supernatural" has always been known for making their own twist interesting on common tricks.  In this case, gruff Bobby Singer comes in contact with Dean and his truth spell and man, the things we didn't know about Bobby and probably still don't want to know.  Tori and Dean?  Pedicures?  Thank heavens he didn't get to losing his virginity.  That's awkward with a capital A.  It's the last thing you'd ever expect to come out of Bobby's mouth.  We know Dean is scarred for life!

4.  Lazarus Rising
So, someone you've regarded as a son shows up on your doorstep four months after he was gruesomely killed.  As insides shredded to a pulp.  You just happen to be a paranoid hunter that's seen it all.  You actually going to believe this is really Dean?

This scene had it all.  Disbelief, the surprise attack, Dean calling Bobby "the closest thing he's ever had to a father", Bobby attacking some more, then the emotional hug.  So all is well right?  No, Bobby has to get in the holy water test.  Because that's so Bobby.  You really can't be too careful.  

3.  Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Bobby had a few great scenes in this one, but one line in particular got me all misty.  It's the final scene when Bobby is burning the remains of his dead again wife.  This is about as somber as things can get for him.  Even the score paints the picture of extreme despair, but it's Jim Beaver that sells it big time.  
Dean:  Hey, I don't know squat from shinola about love, but at least you got to spend five days with her, right?
Bobby:  Right, which makes things about a thousand times worse.  She was the love of my life.  How many times do I got to kill her?  
The way his voice breaks up at the end of that line, I'm heartbroken.  Sam asks twice if he's going to alright only to get a gaze of overwhelming despair.  Ask again tomorrow Sam, it hurts too much right now.


2.  No Rest For The Wicked

"Family don't end with blood boy."  
When quoting Bobby's best lines, this is clearly the most popular.  And iconic.  No words better describe Bobby's lifelong relationship with the Winchester brothers.   
My only wish is that I could have seen Bobby come in and watch a weeping Sam cradle his dead brother.  I would have loved to see his emotional reaction too.  

1.  All Hell Breaks Loose Part II
Out of all of Bobby's scenes, none showed more raw emotion and his pure love for Dean than their confrontation in the salvage yard after Sam shows up with Dean alive.  Bobby instantly knew Dean made a demon deal and didn't take it well. 

He covered, although Sam could tell something was wrong.  Dean could only look at Bobby in avoidance.  Bobby grabbed the first chance to get Dean alone and man, did he positively kill me.  I already had the waterworks going over Dean's tearful speech over Sam's body.  This pushed me back into inconsolable territory.  


"How is your brother going to feel when he knows you're going to Hell?  How'd you feel when you knew your dad went for you?"