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Once upon a time an intrepid video reviewer was doing some shopping and saw "Trivial Pursuit: Men of Letters edition."  He was intrigued, but cautious. Was this a new version of the Supernatural Trivial Pursuit? Or was this the same game as released before, just with a different "collector's" ascetic to it?  Not finding any answers, he resolved to post some himself.

For Star Trek's 50th, Trivial Pursuit released a special Trek edition of the game with a TOS shuttle as the container for the dice & cards.  Needless to say I am anxiously await the day we finally get a SPN:TP edition with Baby as the container for your cards. (put them in the seat area, the dice in the trunk - it would be perfect!)

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Underneath the link to my previous articles, I will post the trivia card's answers in white. If you want to see if you're right or not, just highlight them with your mouse.

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While being tortured, what was Dean's nickname for Toni?  Angry Spice
What happened to the Bible when Kelly placed her hand on it?  Burst into flames
What did Susie use to open the wall where the Werther Box was hidden?  Sledgehammer
What type of box did the brothers hide the Book of the Damned in to keep it from being tracked?  Lead lined (and warded)
When is the only time banshees hunt?  Night
What alias did Clive Dillion use?  Mic
hael Carter