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I am called Mistress Magda.

So you are back? Is it curiosity or does the danger lure you in? Alright then, sit down and listen.

Magda tosses some flash powder on the candle flame for dramatic effect. 

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. Heaven, Hell, Earth, Purgatory and the - Empty. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. Some say that the spirits that linger and have unresolved issues dwell there before they go mad. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the --

She senses your doubts.

Now what? You say my words are a quote from The Twilight Zone? Well, I never. How dare you? Do you want the prediction or not? Believe me. My words will be important. They will change everything. Now, are you done wasting my time and want to hear what I have to offer? Say your question and I will consult with the spirits.

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How will the quest of defeating Amara end?

That is no mere question now is it? I will do my best.

Magda shuffles the cards and places them at the right spots. Her focus on each card would flame them up in smoke if that was possible. She turns the cards one by one and explains them.

Cards 1Mat Question Part2 1 

Oh... This doesn't start well. The first card is The Fool and it is reversed. Our heroes will have a difficult journey in front of them. I sense negligence. Our winged friend is absent and apathetic. Michael's sword has turned careless because he is worried about his friend. Has their winged friend been a fool and will one or the other be the same because they care too much?

Magda slides her fingers and caresses the image of the card with her fingers.

The second card Six of Swords crosses their path. It is an obstacle they need to cross which seems to be in every part of their journey. The path seems smooth but is it really? One brother guards the other and it has always been like that and always will be but is it enough? Is it enough to guide everyone safely out from the Darkness?

Magda taps the cards when she passes through them with her finger. Her eyes linger on the next card and then to you.

This is the trouble. See how this card Knight of Swords crowns it all but it is reversed? They must wake Castiel from his imprudence and incapacity. It shadows their battle as it is him and not the Morning Star that they need for this battle. He is one of the chosen. Which leads us to the fourth card Ace of Swords. A hand holding a sword and it is coming from the clouds. Divine weapon that they can use. Is it Castiel, Metatron or even --

Lights flicker in the room. Magda falls silent.

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Can this be true... Is it Him? Two words are what I see. Alpha and Omega. Why would He meddle in the matters He hasn't cared about from the dawn of time. They must use every pawn on the chess board to their advantage. This is too much. Even for me. I am not sure I can go on. I hear screaming in my mind. It hurts!

Magda's hand shakes when she tries to stand up but she is forced back down to sit. She gasps and mutters a protection spell for them. She picks up and waves an incense around the table.

Alright, alright I'll go on! Fifth card is Nine of Swords which is the past of the matter, or the current which they are passing. It is nothing good. All I can see is an obscure image of Death, failure, delay, deception, disappointment, despair. Images of people; The red headed one... Castiel, Crowley, Sam and Dean. Everything will happen so fast and because of that we should all be scared. All what will happen will be like you are in a bad dream.

The window slams shut. Magda turns the next card around fast.

I am sorry! I am telling things how they are! The sixth card is Two of Cups reversed. It is ahead of our heroes and it doesn't bode well. Passion and desire which needs to be fulfilled. The plan is for Dean to save his friends but will taking on Amara be his and their downfall? What he feels is not love, though, just decoyed to resemble it. Which continues on the next card Five of Pentacles which is also mirrored. Troubles in love that might be romantic or not. This road leads to disorder, chaos, ruin and discord. Nothing good comes out of this.

Candles flicker and they are blown out. Magda shivers and eyes around.

Again the next card Seven of Cups is upside down which influences the quest. These emotions continue to appear in my mind, Desire, will, determination and protection. Both good and bad intentions. Shadowed and under the light. Will and determination of a little brother. Desire and protection of a big brother who is conflicted. We also have two cards of seven which mean two women of ill-repute to mix the card deck. Their hopes and fears are shown in the ninth card which is Ten of Pentacles. All of them fear the fatality and loss of a loved one. Their enemies also know this and use it to their advantage.

Magda's eyes turn around so that they are fully white and her head tosses back.

You want spoilers do you? They have a great cost! Look at this, last card and the tenth is Seven of Swords mirrored. Key players again by two seven cards are two ill-reputed women that will have a bigger influence on the outcome than you think. Good advice will come but it will be neglected! Argh!

The fire in the fireplace blasts upwards and Magda wipes the cards of the table in anger. An Ouija board floats in the middle of the table from the side.

Useless! These cards are useless. You want answers? Let's commune with the spirits shall we? Combine your hands. I demand it. Put your fingers over the arrow.


Hear these words,
Hear my cry,
Seven spirits from the other side,
Come to me,
I summon thee,
Cross now the great divide.

Can you hear me?

Nothing happens at first but then the cursor moves on top of "YES". Then the cursor blasts angrily away from the board.

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Tell us, How will the quest of defeating Amara end?

Whispers flow around the room and seven different looking ghosts step out and appear out of the shadows. They are eerie and quiet. "We are here" Mistress Magda says as they are using her to give them voice. The first one that speaks in a tired and calm voice is an old woman shrouded in a mourning veil. She vanishes after her words and so does every ghost after her.

One possibility is that the one holding the scythe will have a hand in saving the world. Michael's sword wouldn't tell the others his plan nor about the deal he makes with Billie. In the worst case scenario, he will give Amara what she wants and they will be together forever. It all ends in a dramatic scene where he kisses Amara to distract her for Billie to open up a portal and throw them both into the Empty and then she closes it. His brother and the winged one are left out to wonder what the hell just happened.

The second one that speaks is a young girl that stares in front with a teddy bear hanging in her hand.

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Michael's sword ends up in The Empty with Amara but I also see a more out-of-the-box solution could be possible, like when he killed Zachariah and Eve in the past. But everything is behind a veil and clouded.

The third one that speaks is a middle aged man in a miner's gear. His eyes glow red as coals.

Amara will be locked back to Dean's arm with the Mark of Cain, then he is thrown into the empty. Lucifer comes back to heaven with God. It is not clear. Maybe it is just Sam and Dean walking towards Amara with weapons on hand and with smoke all around for final battle.

The fourth one that speaks is a noble woman in 16th century gown.

God's chosen says yes to Amara, to help defeat her from within. His soul is taken and Amara is like the Djinn, his soul ends up in a dream world with Mary and home. He doesn't want to leave, but Mary gives him love and tells him he's a hero and that fuels him to overcome Amara and the Darkness. Dean's soul is returned and he's saved the world with the power of love of Mary. Or the opposite that Mary will help and save Dean like John did against the yellow eyed demon. But maybe during this Mary will end in hell.

The fifth one is a young boy holding a football and he speaks next through Magda.

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It is the elder Winchester that defeats Amara. Maybe he'll find a hand of God, or God hands him one. He'll be able to do that, or it will be a reverse apocalypse where Dean will go to the abyss with Amara, either willingly or by force.

The sixth is a very old man in old english clothing. He looks like Death.

I see a path with not the almighty one but his son, his physical incarnation as the trinity has shown. He has been disguised as a prophet. God's first born from the angels will be needed for the battle and he is released from hell. Michael will rise again. All are needed for the Darkness to be defeated.

The seventh is a human figure that looks like a woman but she is almost without form. Her voice echoed for many and they were mixing in one another.

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We see hope for a happy ending. The Winchesters as a unified front. Their bond is strong and the brothers will continue their honesty and brotherly love. Neither one will end up in the empty. Castiel learns his value and the King of Hell takes on the role he has lost. There might be major fallout from Dean killing Death and Billie might be the new Death herself. Amara will show her true power and the winged one will continue to be Lucifer's vessel. The men of Letters will rise with their legacy. Lucifer will show he is a power to be reckoned with.

All members work together: Angels, Demons, Crowley, Lucifer, Witches, Vampires, Zanna, Dead souls like Bobby, Kevin, Charlie and Hunters Cole, Jody, Donna. Rowena, resurrected as a demon and Billie, the new Death, could pitch in to help. What if everyone reinforced Castiel's words, "I wanted to be of service to the fight"?

The ghost's words grow darker and more omnious.

The prophet appears again to give a message to the Winchesters. He is not God at all, just his messenger, who gives Sam back the amulet telling him that he was right about some of his visions. Sam hands it to Dean. They find out that the only way to win over Amara is to have Michael use Dean as a vessel so Amara can't use her hold on him. They also try to save her vessel. Billie helps the boys and either she is the new Death or we see him appearing back to reap both Sam and Dean. Sam finds Rowena in Hell and uses her to get Lucifer away from Cas; leaving Lucifer’s "essence" out there flying around. "Amara" is left alive but unconscious.


In the end, Chuck appears and tells Cas that all angels get their wings back by the big boss. Other angels are forbidden to come back to earth. Only Cas can do that, but he can't interfere anymore with the lives of people or help the Winchesters. Cas’ powers won't work if he tries to use them for the boys. Lucifer blasts Hell and the whole place goes to chaos. Sam will get Dean to eject Michael but a blast happens and both Winchesters end up in the void because Sam holds on to Dean to not let him suffer it alone. They notice that they are all alone in the void and it is cold, dark and empty. They are screaming their names for one another. Forever.

The echoes of whispers spiral around them. Magda grows impatient.

That is nothing useful! You are not giving me a straight answer. Begone and you lot get out!

Magda slams her hands on the table and her eyes return to normal when the spirits vanish. One card flows up and spins around infront of her, the Ace of Swords. It bursts into flames while Magda's eyes turn black as the night.


God's chosen will wound the Darkness with the spear of destiny and while weakened, Michael's sword, Lucifer's true vessel and the reaper will toss her to the empty, but she pulls the Winchesters in with her.



Editors note: I piled up the predictions for the ghosts and how this season will end from other web pages, here and from tumblr and twitter. I would like to give thanks to Nightsky, Alice, Percysowner, Bardicvoice, Bookdal, Far Away Eyes, Metamorphic Rocks, Lilah Kane and Wednesday from WFB. Kerry Cepero, Tenoko 1 and from Twitter: Tessa Loves SPN @tessa811222, Jen Gee @dluognej, HuntersWantedPodcast @HuntersWanted, MyDean ❤️ @jensenisperfect, Susanne Barteldes @SBarteldes, YANA ♥️Jensen @MythArc4Dean and YANASupporter @adder574 19. The last short one was my prediction.

And thank you for the readers for the good feedback. That was one of the factors for me to write this second article.

I would like everyone to join on the predictions. Use your imagination or tell a prediction you have read/heard out there and be one of the ghosts to show us the way. Let's see who will finally be correct.

References are Winchester Family Business, Tarotlore, Salemtarot, Cepero's blog and Homeofthenutty.