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"Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game."
― Matt Taibbi

The idea for this article has been brewing up a while - from season nine at least when people noticed a curiosity about the "Supernatural" promos for season 9. The title card for the promos are unique for each season most of the time and different than the main title card. Everyone can remember how ninth season ended, to the demon black eyes of Dean. And me like all others thought it was a total surprise twist for all...or was it? Because the season 9 promo title card that we saw whole season had actually an eye open in the background and the eye seemed to be black! Was it an Easter egg to show us that the answer was in front of us the whole season or was it only coincidence? I wasn't sure until I was reminded about it with one helpful tweet and a sentence which was used couple of times in the promos. 


"The Darkness is out there and the world is gonna burn. And when she gets started. That's the end."
 ― Dean Winchester

In the new season 11 promo there is a black circle which is surrounded by moving flames. WFB also connected the phrase and the card so could it again be foreboding? The world is engulfed in Darkness and burning? It was worthy of a research so I piled up the videos from seasons 3-11 if same foreboding fit to them.

Supernatural s3-11 promo title cards + special


First in the video we see two title cards that weren't used. I think they reflect season 1 pretty well - what will happen and the main theme. When we move to season 3 the card is pretty simple. You need to keep in mind that some of these I found are fairly low quality so I might be seeing things. The third is like that. There is darkness, flash of light and it seems like fast two red glowing eyes and a nail scratches on the name. What it looks like to me it fits to the end as the hell hound got Dean at the end of season 3 and how he died.

Season 4 had a card that changed a bit through promos. The main one had heaven, earth and hell theme and the flames were reaching up to the sky. Angels and demons were battling to prevent/start the apocalypse and the season ended to Lucifer being released. One variation had an angel statue on the card burning. The card can be seen as foreboding too how the season will end.

I can't say much of season 5 as the two clips I found were really bad quality. First had smoke and Death's music. The figure on the left might be a reaper. So it might forebode death? Second is even more unclear. It has scratches and dots. A judgement bell rings at the start. It is pretty dark also but I have no idea what the symbolic meaning might be. But then I saw a flash of the Impala with headlights on. And Baby saved the day in the end and made Sam snap out of it. On the left corner there was also a hole.


On season 6-7 promo cards there were many variations but one popped up as main image. There is a forest behind the greenish title card. In season six and the finale Cas was working with Crowley to get the souls out of purgatory and open a doorway to it - which you remember from season 8 to be a grayish dead forest. Same was used on season 7 and in that finale Dean and Cas ended up in Purgatory. So the forest actually has significance to both seasons? Can this be a coincidence anymore? The second main card was a lonely hotel room that had hunter accessories all over the place. Sam and Dean were both on the road a lot during those seasons.

Before we get to season 8 there is clear implication there might be more to the cards than meets the eye. Of course if you search enough you can see clues everywhere even if they are not there but I am getting more convinced than I was before that there might be something to this. When we move onward to the next there is a ground that is cracking up and flames come through the ground. There is land and stormy sky and stars. The image is pulled towards the screen which reminds me the angels falling. If anyone has a more symbolic meaning that would fit I am all ears.

eyetumblr inline n9vy9dm0vR1rso2ir

Season 9 promo title card like I wrote had an eye open in the background and the eye seemed to be black and engulfed by fire. The card ends up in a black smoke. A lot of fans caught up to this after Dean turned into a demon on the season finale and he opened his black eyes. The connection to the finale is pretty clear. After nine Season 10 card starts with a fiery blast and ends up to space and darkness. In the season finale Death tried to make a deal with Dean to send him to space but instead they release The Darkness. The imagery on the card has many releasing elements from the fire, light and so on. On Season 11 promo there is a black circle which is surrounded by moving flames. Time will tell is this card also foreboding. Shall the world burn because of Amara and everything in it?

So what do you think? Is this a coincidence or do they have some inside knowledge and the cards are Easter eggs from CW?


Supernatural - all Title Cards S1-11 & extra

If you compare them to the main title cards which also have relevance to the season they are from. Season 1 title card was not that special yet if you don't count the test versions. I think they didn't have the formula yet thought of. Season 2 on the other hand was more specific with the flames which can count as the focus on hell and demons. The deal John and Dean made with the crossroad demons. Or the foreboding where both of them will end up. Season 3 had hands coming towards the screen like to grab you and a giant demon trap and a stormy sky. Dean ended up to be a demon and getting taken to hell was the driving force of the season and also the battle against the released demons.

When we move forward to season 4 it has wings flapping before the blood red title. This season of course introduced us to Castiel and the other angels. And they were not the nice guys they taught in Sunday school. It also had and Sam's demon blood arc. Season 5 had red blood on the title card as the demon blood arc continued. Season 6 had the blue braking glass and the shards. This is easy to connect to the wall in Sam's mind and that Cas breaks it.

Everything has been pretty clear so far. Season 7 is black and white and the black Leviathan goo blasts on it. Season 8 we see the Enochian writing coming up with a blast and the season circled around the demon and angel tablet. Season 9 had the angel speak sound and the burning wings of the angels after they had fallen. Winchesters are trying to fix the angel problem while fighting against Metatron. Season 10 had the pentagram and it was lit up with angel light and demon smoke. The card meant angels, demons and witches oh my!

In season 11 from the start it opens from darkness. A little glimmer of light shines through. It moves to second image and you can see smoke/clouds and light and bluish angel essence. Next parts are more The Darkness smoke, demon smoke and black. It also has small stars in the blackness. There is also hidden 11 seen on few parts and smoke that is grey/brown and it turns to bright light ending in electricity. Some of it seems to have space behind it. The cards turns to bluish grey with clouds. You can still see few lightnings and then it dims to black again. The title text acted like the one from season 1 that might hint the back to basics theme.

Last but not least. Here is two of my favorite promos from earlier seasons.

Supernatural Season 1 UK Long Promo by

CW Promo Supernatural by missyjack

And if you want to vote in a poll which title card/cards are your favorite you can find it below.  


What thoughts does this article rise in your mind? Are people seeing too much things in something that is not there or is the truth out there?

Click on the title card you like best and hit the vote button at the bottom. 

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