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Happy New Year everyone! It is time for the part three of the animation series! If you want to check them out, here are the links for PART 1 and PART 2

As always, I will give a short introduction to the episodes and then offer a few words of what I think about them. Nate shared links for his anime reviews in the first article so I have added links to them after each episode introduction. Give them a peek! Also YellowEyedSam continues to offer comparison videos between episodes from the show and anime. Thank you Nate and Y.E.S.

Episodes 7-12

The Full Jensen Ackles interview - Supernatural The animation

Episode 7. Temptation of the Demon

Episode7 1

“Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is; we'll find it.” ― Sam Levenson

This is an anime-original episode. Sam and Dean meet up with their old friend Bobby. As they track down clues to John's whereabouts, they find out that a buddy from John's Marine days has been murdered in a strange fashion. You get back story for Mary's murder and the first sighting of the colt. A woman makes a deal for a loved one that will have drastic consequences for many lives. We also see more flashbacks about Jessica and that fateful evening.

This was the most artistic episode from the group. It had beautiful imagery and I actually liked the new backstory of Meg and her mother. It was very sad. Also, this episode shows clearly how dangerous and destructive is the YED. His influence destroyed an innocent and good woman and I felt for her. We also get a lot of Supernatural lore in this episode which is always great. Demons, deals, Sulfur, salt circles to name a few. Nice small touch was the little zizzle sound and tiny smoke when YED entered the church. Also this story foreshadows 2.01 "In My Time of Dying".

Five stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

Bobby Singer
Yellow Eyed Demon
Maria Masters
Megan Masters
Jessica Moore

Episode7 cast


Dean: Put it down. Nice and slow.
Sam: He said drop the gun. - Slowly take the jacket off.
Dean: Huh? You gotta be kidding me. Bobby?
Sam: What?
Bobby: Hey there Sammy. Hiya Dean. Long time no see.
Dean: She definately prayed hard enough. I'm sure her daughter will live a long and healthy life.
Sam: Yeah, I think so too.
Dean: Are you crying you big baby?
Sam: No, shuddup. I wasn't crying.
Bobby: Boys please, no fighting in front of a church. It's bad Karma.
Dean: What, you're a saint now Bobby?
Bobby: I just don't think your dad would want you to fight in front of a church!
Supernatural live action & anime: Jessica's death

Temptation of the Demon
 review by Nate Winchester

Episode 8. Everlasting Love

Episode8 3

“True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart.” ― Honore de Balzac

This is another anime-original episode. Since the 1960's, a serial killer has been murdering women every 15 years. Sam and Dean head off to meet Dr. Richard. They also see Richard's young second wife, Michelle. Something is off with the couple and they investigate them further. It seems Richard has taken a dark path because of a personal tragedy and it ends up in a tragic confrontation. Also, Bobby starts to appear more on the episodes from here on in.

This was a pretty sad episode. I am not sure why I didn't like it more. The story was good and tragic. It was also very gruesome and bloody. The characters were good and how Sam and Dean solved the case was the old school way. Still, something felt off. It is good I a have comparison to episodes I really liked. Three stars is still good but not great. This episode reminded me of 3.15 "Time Is on My Side" where the doctor took organs for himself to ensure immortality.

Three stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

Dr Richard Sullivan
Abigail/Michelle Sullivan
Bobby Singer

Episode8 cast


Dean: Four women have been killed so far. And according to the pattern there's going to be another two more.
Sam: Yeah...
Dean: But how come it's every fifteen years?
Sam: I don't know, but if a demon has anything at all to do with this case, those women might have been victimised for a certain purpose. We got to stop this before two more women will be killed.
Richard: Happy Anniversary Abigail, my love.
Abigail: Is that it? One lonely rose?
Richard: I'll add another next year and another the following year. Eventually the bouquet will be so big that you'll barely be able to lift it.

Everlasting Love review by Nate Winchester

Episode 9. The Spirit of Vegas

Episode9 21

"Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction." ― Erich Fromm

This is the third anime-original episode. Where is luck when you need it? This time the brothers stop by Las Vegas for a little gambling. The story starts with a male narrative which states that their visit won't be fun and relaxing. Nothing new for the boys. Dean notices it first when his good table luck turns bad and he has no idea why. Also he has a strange old guy keeping him company. They find out that an ancient coin that Dean got by accident might be the reason for the curse. Who is that old guy and how does a huge robbery fit into the story?

This episode was perfect. It had good humor and a new monster to fight off. I was actually laughing out loud many times because Dean's reactions were so hilarious. This episode reminded me of 4.06 "Yellow Fever" and 2.14 "Born Under a Bad Sign". I tried to mirror the humor on the quotes down below but if I need to recommend an episode of the animation, this one would be one of them.

Five stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester


Episode9 cast


Sam: I'm gonna do some research. You just stay here, okay?
Dean: Yup-yup-yup. *nodding scared*
Sam: You hear me? Not a step outside.
Dean: Yup-yup-yup. *nodding scared*
*Motel room is on fire.*
Motel owner: You two! You were the ones staying in room 205!
Sam: Not good. Dean! We got to run.
Dean: I can't take this anymore! *Is already running*
Sam: Wait up!

Spirit of Vegas review by Nate Winchester

Episode 10. Moonlight

Episode10 1

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.” ― Helen Keller

This is a remake of 2.17 "Heart". The episode starts when Sam and Dean find a case with wild dog attacks. The timing (during a full moon) indicates that they would be dealing with a werewolf. They find out about Madison who knows the deceased and they go to question her. Sam has hard time with the case because it reminds him about Jessica. Madison gives them a clue but it turns out that she was the monster all along. Based on folklore, they believe if they hunt and kill the werewolf that bit her, Madison will be saved. If everything was ever that simple in Supernatural but like usual, not everything goes according to plan. 

I liked the original "Heart" episode and as I had that to be compared to I didn't like this episode that much. It felt really rushed and the Madison version in this anime seemed totally different by looks and how she was. I liked the flashback to Jessica and how it was more connected to the case this time. Still something was missing. The ending was not as emotional as in the original.

Three stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

Bobby Singer
Jessica Moore

Episode10 cast


Dean: Memory or no memory. She's still a monster.
Sam: So we are just going to shoot this innocent girl?
Dean: Sam, we were wrong. It looks like Madison didn't turn back to a human after all. Sorry bro, but we gotta end this before anyone else gets killed. You understand that, don't you?
Sam: There's gotta be another way. There just has to be.
Dean: Sam! Give it up.

Something Borrowed, Madison


Moonlight review by Nate Winchester

Episode 11. Nightmare

Episode11 4

“Reality is never as bad as a nightmare, as the mental tortures we inflict on ourselves.” ― Sammy Davis, Jr.

This is a remake of the 1.14 "Nightmare". Sam's premonitions take the Winchesters to a bar where they try to prevent a man getting killed. They are too late though a familiar shadow follows their tracks. They then visit a house where the man's wife and his son Max live. The son says the family was happy but Sam and Dean think something is off. Next vision shows another person in danger and a new clue gives them insight that Max hated his family and he killed them with psychic powers. Sam tries to convince Max to not kill his mother but Sam is not able to and the story ends up tragically.

I did like this episode almost as much as the original. Max's story was even deeper and the damage done to him even clearer. It made me feel sorry for him and be sad about the outcome. The father was in my eyes a pretty huge monster himself and the step mother his accomplice. Both deserved to go to prison but not to be killed. I guess that was the lesson here. It was also as hard to see Dean get shot and the emotional blast that made Sam break free from his prison. Sam did prevent his brother from getting killed and in Supernatural, isn't that the point?

four stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

Jim Miller
Max Miller
Mother Miller

Episode11 cast


Dean: Why would you and Max be connected?
Sam: I have no idea. Maybe it's because we are alike.
Dean: And how do you figure that?
Sam: Well, we both lost our mothers when we were really young. That's my best guess anyway.
Dean: No! You are not the same. He is a murderer Sam.
Sam: Don't do it. Max please.
Max: No Sam.
Sam: I promise you I'll help you. You don't have to deal with this by yourself. I know you know deep down that doing this won't change anything that's happened. Max listen. Please, please don't shoot.
Max: You're right Sam. It won't change anything.

Something Borrowed, Max and Mother Miller

M Miller1

Supernatural live action & anime: Sam's vision of death

Nightmare review by Nate Winchester


Episode 12. Darkness Calling

Episode12 21

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr.

This fourth anime-original episode shows us John Winchester on a hunting case. He follows demonic signs and talks to Bobby about the case. Lily Baker is a girl that has the same story as Sam. Her mother died in a fire. She killed her best friend accidentally which draws John in. Lily can kill things with only her touch and her father ran away when she was young because of what happened. John meets the father and together they protect Lily from demons and the yellow-eyed-demon...but in a Supernatural way. YED is not easily defeated and things turn from bad to worse.

It would have been a dream come  true to follow John on his own like this in one episode or another. It is a shame that we never did in the original show. He was totally badass in this episode.  Also we do see YED in a not so familiar vessel in this episode and the confrontation with him and John was chilling and creepy. Lily looked very different but just as good as she did in the original episode. John used the holy water trick against demons that he used in 1.21 "Salvation". Demons do look really creepy in the animation.

four stars

Main characters:

John Winchester

Bobby Singer
Gray Baker
Lily Baker

Episode12 cast


John: If ever there was a time to reward my faith. Let it be now.
Gray: No... This is crazy. This can't be happening. I've gotta get out of here.
John: Don't panic. The second you loose your cool is the second you loose your life. Stay calm and you might live.
Gray: Wait, so those people really are demons?
John: That's right. They possess a human's body and then control them.
Gray: That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.
Something Borrowed, Lily Baker


Darkness Calling review by Nate Winchester

Writer's choice for best episode from 7-12

9. The Spirit of Vegas

Episode9 big

It was a battle of two but this episode took the lead this time. I hope you liked part 3 and see you in part 4!


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Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2016-01-12 21:39
I enjoy these articles about the anime series Lilah, and it was interesting seeing the same scenes done live and in the anime version. I have to say, I really prefer the live versions. For one thing, it's disconcerting hearing Dean voiced by someone other than Jensen. But also, something about the dialogue in the anime versions seems kind of exaggerated, or at least less natural. It reminds me of the difference between a movie and a play. But I enjoy these little snippets of the anime. Any version of SPN is good in my book!
# Lilah_Kane 2016-01-13 04:30
Thanks, and I do like adding the comparisons. You can see on them too how detailed some of the scenes in the anime has been and almost fully copied from the live action version. It has been pretty fun to write these too. :)

- Lilah
# YellowEyedSam 2016-01-13 18:12
Thanks for another Anime article!

I remember that Vegas episode well. Definitely one of the best anime original eps it has. I'd love to see it in the live action ha :D
# Lilah_Kane 2016-01-16 13:28
Me too! Poor Dean. I don't know. It felt so much like a live action episode in a way so it was immediately likable. And the story was not straight forward. It had a twist. :)

- Lilah