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Editor's Note: The Winchester Family Business writing team wanted to do something very special for this year's holiday season so we put together a new article series for your enjoyment. It's called Auld Lang Syne, which means 'Times Long Past'. The traditional New Year's Eve song tells us that old friends should be remembered and honored (substitute the translation to understand the meaning):

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

As Supernatural starts its second decade of dedicated, superb storytelling, we want to pause and remember the best moments that brought us to where we are today. Each of us joined the Supernatural family at different points in its journey but we share a common love of the show, its cast and its characters. To honor the first ten years of the Winchester's journey, each of our writers picked their favorite reflections from times long past. They share their personal thoughts as to why each piece they chose is special to them or is a part of Supernatural's rich history. From Christmas Eve to past New Year's Day, we'll  repost the most important, defining, tender, creative, emotional, singular moments in the history of the love affair between The Winchester Family Business and Supernatural.

We hope these articles give you insight into the hearts and minds of The WFB writing team, and by extension, the first ten years of Supernatural. After you've read them, we also hope you love these special moments as much as we do.


My Four Strongest Memories and Favorite Articles

"A Christmas Dream" was my first article posted on the site. The winter hiatus had just started and with Christmas coming up I wanted to do something in the spirit of the season. However, this was during season five when things were not very good for the brothers. Lucifer was free, Bobby was in a wheel chair and the brothers' relationship was strained. To add to their misfortunes they/we lost Ellen and Jo in the mid-season finale "Abandon All Hope". I felt so bad for the brothers. They had been through so much that I just wanted to give them a special Christmas.

A Christmas Dream
Originally Published: December 25, 2009

On January 25, 2009 Kim Manners passed away. On the one year anniversary of his passing , The WFB writers put together their own tributes to honour Kim. This poem was my contribution to his memory.

An Ode to Kim Manners
Originally Published: January 25, 2010

This was a fun idea I had using John Mellencamp's song 'Jack and Diane'. I changed the words and with Julie's help (a former writer to the site), we were able to put together a slideshow.

Sam and Dean - A Musical Slideshow
Originally Published: May 26, 2011

I always get nostalgic this time of year. I usually reflect on the pass year and try to think of what I can look forward to in the next one. So I put together my thoughts in a Supernatural way.  

Supernatural Reflections and Resolutions
Originally Published: January 2, 2015

My Auld Lang Syne Selection

This was my take on 'T'was the Night Before Christmas' with a Supernatural twist.
It was just to bring some fun to the brother's Christmas.
In honor of Chrismas Eve 2015, I am happy to share my poem with you once again.

T'was the Morning of Supernatural Christmas
Originally Published: December 25, 2013

Twas late morning of Christmas, when all through the bunker
Not a creature was stirring, since they couldn’t infiltrate her.
No stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
As there was no chimney to place them there.

The guys were still nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of hunting invaded their heads.
Dean on his memory foam, Kevin in pjs and cap
Sam on his bed so hard and Crowley still in his devil's trap.
Then a bang on the door arose such a clatter,
They sprang from the beds to see what was the matter?
Away to the door they flew like a flash,
All colliding together in one big crash.

Upon opening the door they were met with a glow
From the luster of mid-day shinning off the snow
When what to their blinded eyes should appear
But a mini-van labeled ‘Hals Liquor and Beer.’

With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
It turned out to be Cas instead of St Nick.
With opening the van’s back, the guys all came
Cas started unloading, calling out the brand names

Here’s Coors, Budweiser, Old Milwaukee brew
Jimmy, Johnny and Jose Cuervo too.
Stacking the cases inside the Bunker hall
Announcing ‘Let’s drink away, drink it away all!’

Dean quickly drove the van to hide from view
As Sam helped Cas inside along with his brew.
With his eyes twinkling, from the many proof
He was dancing and singing, raising the roof.

Then another bang came with a sudden pound.
Dean went to the door to see who was making that sound,
T’was Garth dressed as St Nick from his head to his foot,
Luckily untarnished from ashes and soot.

Carrying a bag he had flung on his back,
He put the bag down and opened the pack.
While giving out the gifts in sizes that vary
Garth also gave hugs to add to the merry.

While opening the gifts all tied with a bow,
A sudden bang to the door took another blow
It was Jody who had followed Sam’s instructions
Who found the Bunker without obstructions.

She wanted to be with friends than alone by the telly,
And brought fixings for a meal,  including cranberry jelly!
So they all headed for the kitchen so they could prepare,
A Christmas meal that will forever be beyond compare!

Then Charlie arrived and joined in with the others,
She came to spend Christmas with her favourite brothers.
When their festive dinner was finally complete
They set up the table and took a seat

Throughout the meal they talked and reminisced,
And toasted their loved ones they deeply missed
As the day became night and still in a festive mood,
They agreed to share a toast with one evil dude!

So to Crowley’s surprise he had a moments reprieve,
With a toast and a drink, then they took their leave.
They then heard him exclaim, as they turned off the light,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"


# cheryl42 2015-12-24 21:01
Very fun. Thank you. Have a Merry Christmas
# Karen 2015-12-27 13:15
Hi cheryl42
So happy you liked them and Happy Holidays to you too. :D
# novi 2015-12-24 23:12
Thank you Karen, what a lovely poem, sounds a bit ghostly now but in a good sense. Merry Christmas to you and all of you guys who work so hard and creatively on this site!
# Karen 2015-12-27 13:18
Hi novi
Yeah it is a bit ghostly now isn't it. Thank you for your comments. Cheers!
# DonnaY1legwonder 2015-12-25 14:27
OMGOSH, that was Fantabulous!!
# Karen 2015-12-27 13:23
Hi DonnaY1legwonder
Thank you so much for your comment, I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Cheers! :)