There is one universal rule of fandom: You're not a full member until you own gear with the proud stamp of your object of affection.

So there's the officially licensed & prop replica goodies that every fan knows about, but what about something a little more... distinctive? Here's a listing of the best fan shops for SPN swag a bit more original. Also, it's a way of getting the shops listed in one place to make it easier for us all to get rid of our hard earned money. First, although they draw more than just our beloved show, these two artists do have some great SPN pieces and I recommend seeking them out if you're at a convention. Kevin Leen does not only this great Sam&Dean piece but he also has a beautiful print of Castel's first wing reveal with a lot of detail. He has a list on his website of cons he's attending so if you're going to be at one, I encourage you to stop by and get both of his SPN prints (he offers them in several different sizes and price ranges). Also keep an eye out for Jenny M Stead at conventions who does a very adorable chibi-esque Sam/Dean/Castiel. I have a Dean bookmark (and hope to find her again to get the other two). 

This image has been proven to increase squeeing by 72%

First up are the t-shirt designs, since no shirt usually results in no service. Tracey Gurney sells mostly beautiful, "busy" artwork t-shirts though there are a few knick-knacks as well. Though I admit, the first time I saw the Daryl Dixon vest, I thought that was a reference to Castiel. I for one, may have to pick up a team-free will shirt.

Yes, this made me groan, so I'm sharing it with you.

 Manny Peters sells really creative T-Shirts from "To Hell & Back World Tour" to "Tales from the Kripke".

Is what I say to anyone who doesn't get one of these shirts!

If there's any I missed, Shirtoid is a great jump point for finding more t-shirts. Warning! Extreme nerdity ahead.

Words can not express how much joy this design gives me.

MCS Bracelets has a whole section inspired by Supernatural, though these are less replicas and more general inspiration. I especially like their charm collection bracelets and such should inspire fans to play impromptu trivia contests upon sight.

Can you name each reference? 

And last of our "solo" shops is SewGeekAustin. They have earrings, bracelets of different styles, even replicas of some show props you may not find easily. I myself got the skull bracelet and wear it every day just to be safe. ;-) They seem to add something new all the time so definitely keep an eye out.

I mean, did you even realize Meg wore a necklace?

Now? Well it's time for the etsy run and BOY is there a lot of SPN on etsy. Seriously, if you need a surefire diet plan, just search for Supernatural on etsy. An hour later you won't have any money for food, and thus you'll lose lots of weight. Team Nevile has 11 jewelry items of the show, most of them in a "bitch/jerk" pairing. There is a certain... appeal to the BFF necklace pair.

I hate you too, buddy.

Chasing Starlight has 18 Supernatural inspired bracelets, rings and necklaces. So tell me what you think, should I try and find a replica ring for my Dean cosplay, or should I just wear the hunter band? (even though I'm a solid Dean/Metallicar shipper)

Yeah, I need this keyring.

Finasma makes bead jewelry. She utilizes the 2nd cutest images of our heroes I've ever seen as made by BakaChansCraft. Just look at it:


Still, it's not enough to just look like the show, don't you want to smell like it too? Well... ok we don't know what it smells like (though with some of the scenes the boys have found, their nostrils must be fried by now), but FantasyFiendPerfumes isn't letting that stop them. They also have several necklaces and earrings of the boys.


LoveforAchilles specializes in necklaces and bracelets, but theirs is of the more... powdery kind. Gotta admit, wearing these would make one look more like a real hunter... or a drug dealer.

It's just salt, officer. I swear!

And the best for last... GrumpyAkane. Who. Knits. Everything! Seriously, who's got time for that? Want a Cas, Dean, or Sam cover for your tablet? Or how about just the guys themselves so you can create your own episode during Hellatus?

And you thought they couldn't get any cuter!

Seriously YouTube, I want to see these guys in action. Or show runners? You've had the guys jumping to animated and the "real" world now. Heck even Castiel got transformed into a toy once. Let's seem the crew transformed into these things and have an adventure! (thanks to twitter and the etsy fan group for helping me compile this list)


# Sylvie 2013-10-03 09:01
I've already bought a few things from Etsy and some t-shirts from CafePress, but thanks for these, I'll be sure to check them out. I love to spend money that I don't have on SPN, all for a good cause. :lol:
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2013-10-03 11:12
D'oh, I should have put in a note to have everyone submit their favorite links too.

If I ever win the lottery, those shop owners will know it. ;)
# Trucklady 2013-10-03 17:23
Great links, thanks Nate. I was aware of some of these and even ordered from them. Another site I use is Creation Entertainment Merchandise. I've gotten posters, calendars, and jewelry also.
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2013-10-14 09:14
Here's another great shop with some really creative designs:
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