Once again it’s that time of year
With the spreading of good will and holiday cheer.
Where the fresh fallen snow blankets the ground,
And multi-coloured lights are lit up all around.

A picturesque scene of decorated homes and trees,
Gives an essence of Peace in moments like these.
And during this time there are moments of reflection
Of family and friends with fondness and affection.

And while many are excited for the holiday season
There are two brothers that have found no reason
With many losses they have had to face and endure
Their hope is no longer, that could once reassure.

Starting with Mary, so young to lose their mother.
Her memories remained only with one, not the other.
Jessica, who because of the love of her man,
Was killed by interfering with the Devil’s Plan.

John their father, on a mission to kill the ‘ONE’
Sacrificed him self to save his eldest son.
Ellen and her daughter Jo, died in a failed quest. 
Trying to put the apocalyptic plans to rest.

The Angel Castiel their close and faithful friend,
Lost sight of the truth and came to an untimely end.
The surrogate father Bobby, who’s fate is unknown.
Should he cross over would leave them all alone.

Sadly there have been others on a list far too long.
Each leaving a hole in the shield that kept them strong.
How much more can they take before the shield is gone?
How much more before they can no longer ‘Carry On’.

If wishing on a star could make dreams come true,
What would they wish for? What would they do?
Would Bobby live and his house be restored?
Giving them their home and the man they adored.

Would Castiel have survived and repented his fall,
Could they find forgiveness with breaking the wall?
Would it now be safe for the Impala to return?
So she could hit the streets and let the rubber burn.

If they knew those that have passed were at peace?
Would all their pain and guilt finally cease?
And if by having some things go back as before.
Would they believe their life is worth fighting for?

In this spiritual time when miracles have occurred
What if one happened and their wishes were heard?


# Sablegreen 2011-12-20 21:58
Beautiful as always Karen! Lets hope their wishes are heard. Really would love a happy ending to the season this time!
# Mickey 2011-12-20 22:19
That's just masterful! What an awesome poem, as well-written as it is poignant. You really captured the pathos of the boys' state of mind with all your beautiful rhymes.
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2011-12-21 09:49
Hi Karen,

Thanks for the lovely poem, and what a wonderful thought - a Christmas miracle for Bobby & the boys. If any family deserves it...

Merry Christmas!
# Sylvie 2011-12-21 12:31
That was a beautiful poem for our beautiful boys. They have seen so much, I hope they do finally get their happy ending.
# fanotheboyz 2011-12-22 00:10
That was beautiful! Thank you for the gift!
# Jasminka 2011-12-22 00:46
Oh, Karen, our dear bard, this is moving and beautiful. As long as we keep loving our boys, there still is a chance of a miracle sneaking up on them...
Thank you! Love, Jas
# rmoats8621 2011-12-22 02:09
Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Birgit Säberg
# Birgit Säberg 2011-12-25 05:29
Beautiful, thank you!

Happy Holidays!