Ranking the seasons:
If you had to choose (and you don’t) which season would you rate as the best?
Season one had its ups and downs and didn’t find its footing until Home and even then, while Asylum, Scarecrow and Faith all were excellent followers there is still the little matter of Route 666 tumbling around in there and The Benders, while fun in its own twisted way, isn’t indicative of how great the show was to become. Season one ultimately is a gold mine for writers to – well, mine in later seasons (and I credit Loflin and Dabb for doing so) but it does not rank as the best season ever. It set the stage, grounded the characters; gave us the look, the feel, the sound, the essence of the show. It’s better than it is not but as far as top to bottom awesome (or beginning to end) there are oo many rough spots for me to give it a rating as the best season
Season two is awesome! Having just rewatched every episode from beginning to end I’ve a new appreciation for this season. The characters have been grounded now they get deepened and broadened and filled in. Both brothers get a ‘B’ storyline fleshed out, storylines that ultimately – and thankfully – get discharged but for now are interestingly enough in the background. From Dean realizing what John did for him to him recognizing the cracks in Dad’s ‘perfect’ image – “…the way he trained us to hate those things…and I do hate them.” To Sam wondering if he can be redeemed to meeting more and more ‘special kids’ like himself to finally facing YED and learning a lot of what’s going on, Season two is awesome. It easily surpasses season one and makes me wonder how I could have ever wondered that there would be a season three – oh, yeah, I didn’t start watching until season three, thus I never wondered that. [d’oh]
Season three is similar to season one, ups and downs to begin, a really strong run of excellence, some bumps and then an awesome, amazing and frankly the best [worst in suspense] season finale ever…Devil’s Trap is awesome but No Rest For The Wicked trumps it…Sam immune to Lilith and Dean chained up in hell…sorry, lady Impala and your vicious t-boning…this trumps that. There are too many bumps in the road for it to trump season two but I will rate it higher than season one, first: A Very Supernatural Christmas, second, Mystery Spot, third, No Rest For The Wicked. Granted there’s no Mary and no John (other than his voice making a welcome appearance) but the writing is much more even (Red Sky notwithstanding) and it sets the stage in a major way for what is to come.
Season four is wow, wow and wow from start to finish. The mytharc episodes are heavy, fast and furious and complex.  I’m wondering which episodes will not get a showing in the run up to season 5 – coming to a CW station near you soon and very soon! Each episode builds in some manner on the one before. Monster Movie cannot be discounted in the context of the whole, similarly Wishing Well, Family Remains and Criss Angel have significant pieces to add to the overall story, emotional or otherwise. The down side to season four…three episodes without the Impala [I know, I harp on that a lot for someone who is not a ‘car’ person] and no Trickster, however, the introduction of Castiel, Bobby’s panic room – used excellently three times, Pamela’s story arc, the demise of Ruby *stops typing to skip and do happy dance* and the stripping away of secrets, FINALLY, between the brothers elevates this season.
It’s a tough call to come down to it but I give season four the edge over season two. Sure the music was lacking but that’s not due to a lack of creativity. Season four edges season two due to the expansion of the backdrop with serves to highlight all that Sam and Dean experience. Their emotions and decisions have a big impact because what’s going on around them has a big impact. When secrets are revealed the characters experience the reveal and it is troubling to them. Dean wasn’t pulled out of hell because of some deal by Sam so that circle of death has been broken. Sam paid a terrible price for Dean’s death and a terrible price for the choices he made…a price I’m sure (as Kripke has yet to fail us yet) will continue to be paid and resonate in season 5.
New characters that have their own story, expanding mytharc in which to play, broken and bloody brothers bandaging their wounds (Fangirl moment!) laundry (finally) being done…season four was most certainly my favorite – but don’t think for a moment that that means I don’t go back and watch each and every episode (yes, that means, Bugs and Red Sky and Magnificent Seven and Route 666 and a few (very few) more – I may fast forward in some parts but I watch them.)
So, I dared to go there, I ranked the seasons…I’ll admit to typing this out quickly and dispatching it to the lovely and dedicated Alice so forgive the poor sentence structure and likely typos…sheesh, even articles I proof three times prior to sending I find errors once I see them on the site. J But, I dared to rank them…feel free to lob your ideas onto the comment section. I know it’s a holiday week, I know it’s summer and the beach is calling, still, you can find ten minutes to let me know your thoughts…have at it. And check the clock ticking above…every day it’s closer.
Thanks for reading.


Alice's Take

Oh, I just had to go there.  Elle2 issued the challenge, I must do.  For me, ranking the seasons is pretty easy.

Season Four by a mile over Season Two.  Why?  Because as someone who must review episodes from the critical viewpoint by judging the entire package (acting, writing, directing, special effects, etc), season four was a masterpiece.  Season two, as good as it was, had some dropped arcs and wasn't anywhere near as cohesive in its plotting as season four.  Just about every episode was tightly intertwined in season four, not the case in season two.  Jared and Jensen have also hit big new heights as actors, and that's largely due to the stronger material they were given to work with in season four.  And yes, I know I'll annoy those that still claim this show is about "two brothers," but the addition of Misha Collins as Castiel has been nothing short of genius.  Heck, bringing angels into the fold was genius but to find one so charismatic that commands attention by just being on the screen, that's an extraordinary addition.  The show now attracts a better caliber of guest actors and guest directors as well, something only a well respected show usually does.   

I absolutely loved season three.  The ONLY reason it isn't ranked higher than season two was because the writers strike ruined the carefully plotted arc for the season.  Yes, in the end the building storylines abruptly ended, but given the circumstances, I think the writers did the best they could.  Season three had some amazing individual episodes, and the acting and complexities in the brotherly relationship really blossomed in this season, more so than season two.  So did Sam's character arc.  Season two stagnated Sam's story, while season three brought it out more, and giving season four the incredible setup it got.  

Season one, I honestly think its okay.  It makes sense to me why I keep hearing stories from many people who gave up on the show in season one and are only now coming back to it in season four.  It was rough, poorly written, poorly directed in many cases and succeeded because of the chemistry of the actors and yes, the music.  Not to say there weren't highlights, but it looks amateurish compared to what's out there now. 

Now for the audience participation portion of the program.  What's your ranking?      


# Tigershire 2009-07-09 00:47
So I gave this a fairly serious think so that I would have some reasons why I would rank the seasons the way I do and came to this conclusion. First, a number of the reasons I would rank the seasons as 4,2,3,1 are very similar to what Alice has said.

Another reason I wouldn't rank season 3 higher than 2 is because of Bela but more because of what Kripke has said about not tying her into the mythology as opposed to the character or actress. I can see the potential in that character and her involvement with the boys but it never got a chance to go there. And also that what we were left with was her getting one up on the boys every time we saw her except the very end and that makes it hard for me to watch the episodes she's in.

As for season 1 - it still holds a soft spot in my heart. Being 4th doesn't mean the same thing for Supernatural as it does for other shows. But what amazes me more is that the set up was done so beautifully that we could have wicked call backs in season 4. Sure Kripke had a plan but when they were filming season 1 they had no idea that they would get to do season 2 let alone 5. So Mom's sorry to Sam in Home - it's perfect. Learning that Mary was the "original" hunter and not John - totally shocking and surprising.

No crystal ball, no knowing they would get to do more than one season but the stories from season 1 are so very integral to the other seasons, but especially season 4.

Then there was the acting and immediate chemistry between the leads. Season 1 may be the "poorest" season of the 4, but even then they set the bar so high at the start that it's just made the following seasons so much better.
# Jojo 2009-07-09 01:23
Oh, um, wow...

2, 4, 1, 3.

Don't ask me to justify myself. That'll make me think and it's way too early here (7:20am) for that.
# Narcissus 2009-07-09 03:17
Elle2, you forgot to add one thing to the list of things that make season 4 awesome: the sight of Sam eating for the first time ever o/

I have two moods. Sometimes I would rank it as 4, 3, 2, 1. But there are even days when I would rank it as 1, 2, 3, 4 *ducks for cover*

Don't ask me why, because I don't know. It just is.
# trina 2009-07-09 09:48
Wow, this is HARD. I know that season 4 is the best season by a mile, especially when taken as a whole. Both Sam's and Dean's character arcs went to places that I would have thought impossible before, both from a writing and acting perspective. But being the best and being my favorite are two different things, and my favorite is season 3, and it's all because of Sam. So, in terms of ranking, the "best" go 4,2,3,1. My favorites are 3,4,2,1.
# elle2 2009-07-09 13:02
Wow, Alice, Tigershire, Jojo, Cassi, Narcissus, Trina,

Wow, wow, wow...your thoughts are fantastic (Yes, you too Jojo despite the early morning and I think I can even 'see' what you mean!)

What I love is that everyone has taken some time to put in their thoughts, awesome. It's so great to hear what people think of Bela, the character, and the take on writing and directing and Cassi, I so hear you when you talk about the angels. Since I came to the show so late I had no issue or angst about angels and I thought Castiel was fab when I first saw him as there was no fluffy wings or anything. I can't remember if I had moments of thinking -- oh, no, they've blown this -- but like you, the edgy direction Kripke took with angels really draws me in to loving the arc.

I'm looking forward to more Anna if that is to be and while I have no need for anymore physical interaction between her and Dean as before they were both human and now she's got her angel groove back I don't dislike the character. Frankly, Anna is much better as an angel in her tough, rebellious way than she was in Heaven and Hell. I don't hate that episode like I hear many say that it was the worst ever, I disagree. However, the whole Pamela hypnotizes Anna, Anna thrashes a moment and poof has all her memories is a bit silly. Then she becomes whiny. Thankfully (to me) the next time we see Anna she's tough and seems to have found a different perspective on being an angel, so I think there's more that could go there. We'll see.

Didn't mean to blah, blah, blah so long on Anna, just thank you all for giving your thoughts on the seasons. I love to 'chat' with folks about the show and get your opinions. Awesome.
# Bevie 2009-07-09 14:04
There is no way I could rank the seasons of this show. It is an utter impossibility for me to do so.

I absolutely love season one. The relationship of the brothers. The chemistry of the two actors. The badassness of Dean. The innocence of the later burden of the mytharc. The music. The journey to find Dad and the fantastic cliff-hanger. When I watch my DVDs I'm always happy to be round robin and get back to the pilot again. I take a deep breath and just enjoy and enjoy all the pre-angsty stuff.Loved Cassie and didn't hate Bugs.

Season two gets into the angst more deeply with the big secret Dad gives Dean. More drama with Sam seeming too self centred and unfeeling to his brother's pain. Liked Ellen and even liked Jo and Ash. And lots of Bobby. Loved the Trickster (hope to see him again in season five). BUABS - what a nerve-wracker. (would have liked a small scene of Sam first-aiding Dean's bullet wound, as it was, did he even know he had shot his brother?) Andy was a sweetie, and I wish he didn't die. And Dean giving away his beloved Impala and staying to die alongside Sam in Croatoan. Greater love hath no brother!

Season three - Unfortunately aborted by six shows due to the writers' strike. Other than that, I loved the episodes, even the ones with Bela. Didn't like her ALWAYS winning out though. Did not dislike Katie Cassidy as Ruby and wished she had come back for season four. I must be the only one to like The Magnificent Seven. Bad Day at Black Rock - what a riot of fun. Jared makes a really great comedian! Yay, the trickster was back killing Dean over and over. Sorry that Henrikson had to die, He would have made a great hunter. More Bobby. And what a cliff-hanger. Thinking of Dean in hell for the whole summer. Yikes!

Season four - Ah! Dean is back! Loved Castiel. Was unsettled by Sam for most of the season. He didn't seem to appreciate that his brother was back. Didn't seem quite right to me. (That dastardly Ruby bitch). Loved Anna and Dean in the car, didn't ever see Titanic so fogged up window didn't bother me at all. Dean needed some kindness about that time. He doesn't get much of that. Kept wishing that Genevieve was Katy. Jackles amazing acting ripping out my heartstrings again and again. Loved Terrible Life as Sam and Dean were together without all the baggage keeping them apart emotionally. Zachariah was intriguing and Alastair was horrifying. Great acting!
Final shot of Dean and Sam grasping each other's shirts and fantastic killing of bitch Ruby.

So, to me, all of these are parts of one big whole which still has a way to go before being complete. I love them each and every episode.

If I had to pick ONE episode that I approach with less than enthusiasm, it would be "Criss Angel". Except for the heart to heart talk of Sam and Dean and Dean's experience with the "Chief" (ha!) I had less than great interest in the story, as good as the guest actors were (And they were excellent). It's just me.

So, very sorry, but ranking seasons for me is impossible.

But love to read all the different opinions on the subject.

And many thanks for keeping us all entertained during the dreaded hellatus Alice and elle2.
# elle2 2009-07-09 15:38
Bevie and Cassi,

Bevie, you may not want to rank the seasons but you did an awesome 'review' or analysis or summation of the series as a whole. I agree, this is a 'whole' journey and cannot fully be appreciated until all is said and done, thus the joy of In The Beginning finally explaining the "I"m sorry" of Home = fantastic!

Cassi, I didn't care that much about the fogged window scene and while I'm Ready For Love (or whatever it's titled) doesn't do much for me musicwise, I was happy there was something akin to classic rock, beggars can't be choosers. I also liked (as did some others) that Dean got some comfort, he needed it and I did very much like the parallel of the love scenes becasue it showed distinctly the differing kinds of sex and the differing mindsets of the brothers, sure Sam's was a four-month old flashback but it did a lot to explain his emotions and took him to a place we'd never seen before.

Alice and I are happy to keep the stories, little games or pictures or whatever coming your way...we're getting there!
# Mae 2009-07-09 20:22
I love reading everyone's reviews of the seasons! It's so difficult to rank them because, really, none of them can stand alone and each season was masterfully designed (Kripke!) to actually build off the prior seasons.

That said, I guess I'd have to rank them: 4,3,2,1. I don't really think any of them contain "throwaway" episodes, but there are some eps that I definitely fast forward through just to see specific parts (Bugs, All Hell Breaks Loose I, Red Sky...okay, I only watch this one for Dean's hyperventilatin g scene, but still, you get the point). And then there are some that I have to watch the whole episode because they're just so darn good (Pilot, Mystery Spot, A Very Supernatural Christmas, Monster at the End of This Book, Wishful Thinking).

Rather than ranking the seasons by how many episodes I don't fast forward through, I guess my ranking system is based more on the development of the characters.

Season I: Dean- Daddy's soldier, jealous of Sam's living a normal life, sees hunting as what he's supposed to do, able to vent to Sam when prodded (even if that means hitting Sam). Motto: If it's evil, we kill it.
Sam- first reluctant to hunt then driven to hunt the YED by jessica's murder, semi-suicidal in this drive, reluctant to kill something just because it's supernatural, internalizes everything, takes Dean's presence for granted, vents to Dean about Dad issues but not about other things. Motto: Kill the YED as revenge for Jessica and Mom.

Season 2: Dean - Begins to question the idea that supernatural=ev il. Takes more prodding to vent to Sam. Motto: Save Sam...or kill him/Kill YED if possible, but not at the risk of losing Sam.
Sam- Scared of his abilities and of himself and so seeks to gain some control by discovering more about the other psychic kids. Bottles up most of his emotions until they are too much to contain, then vents to Dean, can still be prodded into a better mood by Dean's jokes. Motto: Kill YED for Dad, Jessica, and Mom at all costs.

Season 3: Dean- Begins to question his soldierly ways as well as the merit of Winchester self-sacrifice, begins to keep more things to himself instead of venting to Sam. Motto: ...seems to change from episode to episode, so is hard to nail down... but eventually its "kill Lillith".
Sam- Angry at Dean for his self-sacrifice, wants Dean to have more self-esteem, is starting to be a little less ethical and a little more ruthless in hunting Lillith and throws ethics out the window when trying to save Dean. Starts keeping secrets from Dean and isn't as willing to let Dean get him out of a bad mood. Motto: Save Dean/Kill Lillith

Season 4: Dean- Dealing with ptsd from Hell (literally), doesn't really want to do the job anymore, feels responsible for jumpstarting the possibility of the apocalypse, finally opens up to Sam... but only about Hell, is afraid of Sam's abilities, is afraid of his own incapabilities. Motto: Roll with the punches and try to stay alive/keep Sam from using his abilities.
Sam-...is off the reservation, is happy to have Dean back but has also gotten used to life without his older brother, has a monkey on his back called demon-blood, clings to the hope that what one is doesn't make him evil, but rather what one does... but eventually doesn't even care about that. Motto: Get strong enough to Kill Lillith.

Sorry ya'll, this seems to have grown a lot longer than I meant it to; long story short, the amazing transformation of these characters gives them more depth every season, so that's why my ranking is 4,3,2,1. :D
# elle2 2009-07-09 20:50

Awesome job at giving your ranks...really awesome. I'm so glad you put Wishful Thinking on one of your lists of so good you have to watch it all...it's on tonight and I'm looking forward to it (even though I have it recorded and have watched it several times already)

Great job breaking the boys down each season and assigning them a motto...Kill Lilith, Kill Lilith, Kill Lilith...that's a pretty strong moto and both boys had it...hee, wonder what Season 5's motto will end up being. Soon, very soon.
# Suze 2009-07-10 07:23
Aaargh ... Bites nails ... Probably 4,3,2,1 in terms of overall fabulosity but each season has highs and lows from a personal point of view and even season 1 ( clunkers included ) is streets ahead of just about everything else on the gogglebox so it's win, win, win, win from our perspective! :D
# elle2 2009-07-10 09:45
Hi, Haven and Suze,

Great of both of you to be so willing to give it a try and join the rest of us crazies who gave it a shot AND posted. I'm betting there are plenty out there who gave it a shot but didn't post and that's great too. It's scary putting stuff on here, especially when it comes to choosing something.

I'll give you a little sneak here...there's something really awesome coming to your Winchesters Family Business site soon when it comes to choosing. This should have all of us biting nails.

Haven, I'm with you on the nostalgia. There is something so special about things that don't change, but truth is things always change (even if we think they are not) there is something very different about s 1 and 2 than s 3 and 4 but I'm betting s5 does quite a bit to combine the best of all four seasons and draw us all together again (awwwwww)

Of course, that could just be me being nostalgic.

Suze, I agree, any season of SPN beats out anything else. And there is something to be found in the clunkers as well as the classics and I'm grateful for all 82 of them (yes, No Exit, you too.
# Bevie 2009-07-10 12:36
Oh my gosh! I forgot to mention in my long long post my most favourite moment of all the episodes.

The final scene in Supernatural Christmas. What a beautiful heart warming scene showing the love between the brothers without them vocalizing it. Just had me tearing up all through it, and with the Impala outside the window and the lights reflecting on it and the snow falling. Just beautiful! I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it.

Obsessed? Moi? I freely admit my addiction to this show.
# elle 2009-07-10 14:46
Well, this is a tricky one but here goes: 4, 2, 1, 3.

Season Three:

Season three I have to rank last simply because too many episodes in an already short season were tainted by Bela. She ruined many storylines with her 'foiling' Dean and Sam at each and every turn. The Ruby storyline didn't bother me nearly as much as Bela did. Also, season 3 loses the "feel" of SPN for me. I believe I read and interview were Kripke talked about how TPTB requested a brighter look and I think the show lost something in it's attempt to satisfy interlopers who have no place in the SPN realm.

Season One & Two:

For me, season 1 and 2 are mostly tied. With season one, as many have pointed out - we first meet the boys, the chemistry, the seeds that will pay off in season 4, the phenomenal (and cruel) cliff hanger. Season two was a growth period for the characters and very important moments, again to season 3 and 4 (see: deals made). Season 2 brought us excellent additions to the cast, and even though I find AHBL 1 mostly falls flat, and AHBL2 is mostly just "okay" - season two holds the majority of my "inexplicable" favourites (for example: Folsom Prison Blues, Usual Suspects, Hollywood Babylon) as well as some excellent character rich episodes, BUABS, Heart, WIAWSNB, CSPWDT, Nightshifter. In some respects, season 2 rates higher than 1 for me, simply because it has some great character episodes and a generally higher quality of writing and acting, largely because the writers and actors have a better grasp on the characters and the world. Season 1 was all about establishing the rules and forging an environment, season 2 was about fleshing that out and utilizing the foundation to build something awesome, and each subsequent season has brought a new and wonderful layer, built on that initial foundation in season one.

Season Four:

Season 4 is by far my absolute favourite season. Even in the episodes that I felt weren't my favourite, the brother moments and myth-arc gave them great quality. There was too much great character development for season 4 to be anything other than my favourite. This is the season that deepened the SPN roots, brought Dean and Sam to completely new highs (and lows), paid off the threads of seasons past and, last must most definitely not least, gave us Castiel. Season 4 did something we've never witnessed before, and did it well: separated the brothers. Even though they are physically together for most of the season, the abyss between them grew larger and larger all the time. Despite the fact that season 4 had this expansive, over-arching drama (Heaven vs. Hell), the characters weren't lost in an epic battle, but rather in very human pain that was relatable. For me, season 4 was the most emotionally connective season so far - my heart ached for the Winchesters; season 4 moved me in a way 1-3 never did, not because they were bad, simply because season 4 was able to unite the first three seasons in an incredible and completely organic way - it was real and it was raw.

Ultimately, I love Supernatural, period. I have favourites and least favourites from every season and the series wouldn't be what it is without all the components that have come together to make it great
# elle2 2009-07-10 16:02
Hi, Bevie and Elle

FIrst off, Bevie, I tear up each and every time I watch A Very Supernatural Christmas (at the end) the absolute agony of Sam's face (the pain and disillusionment and almost reluctant acceptance) of young Sam bleeds into the raw agony of present-day Sam punches me in the gut each and every time. and then the bro moments are underscored by Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas -- Wahh! :cry::


Awesome thoughts/analys is et al on the seasons. I love reading everyone's thoughts and how they process things. I really like the Bela storyline...NOW . However, it could have been really good had she not foiled them over and over again. They didn't have to have her get over on the boys at the end of BDABR and while I can deal with the towing of the Impala in Red Sky (hyperventilati ng Dean is soooo worth it) that one at least ended with her paying the boys so that's not so bad (the rest notwithstanding ) Having her steal the Colt makes sense in the overall picture but the whole calling her for the dream root does not...they find so much on their own, really? Then again Bobby was in a coma and he's the usual go-to guy -- argh. I liked her at the end, about when the hell hound 'burst' through the window. 'Nuff said.

You are so right, S4 paid off lots of S1 storylines and ripped the fabric of the boys' relationship in a way that was both painful and fascinating to watch. THese are richer characters because of it and I am all the more eager for Season 5 to watch the inevitable rebuilding in a new way...change is painful but it can bring rich, rich results.
# Bethany 2009-07-11 04:33
I agree with Haven in the sense that i like different seasons for different reasons.

Season one things were just getting started and although there was a myth arc and as we found out later, a more complex story and links to bigger 'end games' all that was merely hinted at rather than laid out on the table. Season one as someone else (sorry i forgot who) has a level of innocence to it - there is the YED arc - but it's really about "saving people, hunting things" and about two brothers in this world. Season one is about setting up the world establishing the brothers and their relationship because if the audience doesn't get that, they don't get the show.

Season two expanded on that and developed more the myth arc and the backstory and at the same time still had the two brothers, road trip vibe from season one, while developing characters and the boys relationship - plus ellen i loved ellen, i wish ellen would come back. We know the boys now and their relationship so now is the time to add some different elements see how the boys react, what it tell us about them and their continuing place in the world. Plus this season shows us something about kripke and the makers of this show, they're bold and creative, willing to go out on a limb. What other show would kill off their main villain at the end of season 2? Most shows would have strung out the mystery and his presence as long as possible but not this show. They let the boys complete that mission took away that driving force and sent them in another direction with a different motivation. Yes we all now know that YED's plans were bigger than we knew and the consequences of his plans and what happened reached further than we could have imagined. Yes his end game was a hell of a lot bigger than that, we were able to conclude at the end of season four but it was still a bold move getting rid of his continuing presence and one that i think paid off for the show.

SPN changed a little with season three once Dean had sold his soul. Sam and Dean became more aware, after the finale events of season two, of their role in the grand plans of other forces. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, shows have to develop and change otherwise they stagnate. Also i alwas feel that i need to give season three some slack, they had a writers strike to deal with, the network telling them they needed more girls on the show (hence the inclusion of bela and ruby-at least that's what i heard) and i always felt this is the season they began to experiment and go out on a limb more, yes sometimes they missed the mark but you need to make mistakes some times to realise what works and what doesn't.

Season four what can i say except awesome and simply sublime yes it has it's not so good episodes but doesn't every season it's just that it's not so good episodes are better than most series best episodes. This is the season that just exploded. The myth arc expanded hugely and the world in which they inhabit is so much bigger now then it was in season one. Castiel was a stroke of genius like the one in season one when they introduced Bobby. The myth arc was revealing bringing in all that was only hinted at in the past and yet managed to focus closely on the brothers and what was happening to them and how it effected them and their relationship and a bi-polar teddy bear.

Season one - find dad
Season two - save sam
Season three - save dean
Season four - stop lillith
(Season five- stop...um...lucifer?)

Yes season four was bigger, tighter, bolder, sharper etc etc but i still have huge amounts of love for the other seasons just for different reasons.

Excuse the bad analogy but it's like your favourite sports star suddenly getting super-fit and suddeny hitting the big leagues, you still loved them when they weren't on such a level of excellence and a bit on the chubby side but now that they have hit the gym and refined their craft, excelled themselves, you still love them for the same reasons you did in the first place, they're just on a different level - okay i hope that made sense to someone.

So after my long and not so coherant ramblings i've come to the conclusion that i can't go there, i love the seasons for different reasons and get something different from each season but then that's why we love the show.
# elle2 2009-07-13 17:31
Hi, Bethany,

I love your analysis on the seasons. You're right, they took a big chance killing off their main baddie (daring move indeed) and it did pay off very well. Sure Lilith is no Azazel but she was creepy in her own way and served the point very well...break the seals and bring on Lucifer.

Despite the thread that ties it all together, each season has their own flavor and built from the beginning. S4 called back to so many things in S1 that were wonderful as well as bringing in its own new bits so all in all it is hard to rank the seasons.

I love how you simply shared your thoughts and love and then decided that its the overall show you love and that's how you're going to stand. Awesome. 8-)
# Faellie 2009-07-18 15:33
elle2, you've had me thinking about this for the last 10 days. Part of my problem is that I caught up with three and a half seasons of Supernatural in little more than a month, so I tend to see it as a whole, rather than in seasons. Still, it's another 10 days of Hellatus gone, and fascinating comments from everyone.

I agree that season 4 is the most completely realised in terms of artistic achievement - Kripke has evidently built up over the four years a solid team of people who know what they want to do and how to do it.

But in terms of favourites, I have to put season 1 first. When I go back to it, I'm always amazed at how much it set up for rest of the series to use - the relationships, the backstory, the themes of all the series have grown naturally from that starting point, and very little has had to be changed or glossed over. That's pretty amazing, given that the show has been written and developed over the three years since, and shows the strength of the original material and concepts. Oh, and compared to the high tension and angst of season four, season one is a lot of fun.

Even the worst episodes have great stuff in them - Bugs has Sam lying on the bonnet of the Impala, Dean in the steam shower and great brotherly angst about Sam's relationship with John. Not bad for a "bad" episode!

So my rather belated ranking is 1, 4, 2 and 3.
# elle2 2009-07-18 19:35

Nothing belated at all about it, you took your time (provided us another excellent article) and then brought your comments to the ballgame, awesome.

I caught up on the first two seasons in about a month's time so I understand what you mean about seeing it as a whole. FOr a long time I had trouble separating things out, now, after watching episodes again and again and again (and during this hellatus, full seasons in order so as to write my Road So Far Pieces) i am able to see them as distinct but it's an effort and one that with 7 and three-quarters weeks left until Season 5 premiers I'll likely do again...just for the heck of it.

Season 1 is awesome, the look the feel and the fun, freshness and dare I say almost innocence to it compared to the world weary death has struck so many times that both brothers are carrying heavy burdens of Season 4 (not for a second is that to be taken to mean that I find the show burdened down or heavy, no, simply progressing through its awesome storyline.)

Still, I love that the new duo of writers (Loflin and Dabb) mined season 1 episodes for some of their goodies. That's a great place to get good material.

Glad you joined in on the insanity and gave it a try.