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There have been so many memorable moments in Supernatural over the years. It’s still hard to admit it is all coming to an end. Anytime a show ends that fans love, it can be tough.  Nevertheless, countless re-watches will always bring back fond memories. A major portion of the show’s charm is the cast, of course. But another main focus of the show that fans love is the lore. There are so many great characters, creatures, and even villains that were introduced over the show’s soon to be 15 seasons. 

A fantastic introduction to the show was that of Zanna, in season eleven's "Just My Imagination."   The Zanna are unique, heartfelt creatures that mend a few real life concepts into great show lore. If you don’t remember much about them, don’t worry, we’ll go over the lore behind them, and talk about why these are some of the most interesting creatures in the show’s run.

What are Zanna?

When it comes to science fiction TV shows, there are usually some believable creatures and characters, and some that are not. The Zanna are some of the most logical creations the show introduced in its 15 seasons. Zanna are creatures that exist solely for the benefit of children. We all know the phenomenon of children having imaginary friends. These are usually, in our world, psychological creations that children invent as a way to socialize, be creative, and altogether develop cognitively. 

As mentioned in the show, Zanna derive from Romanian folklore.  In the show, Zanna are actually the imaginary friends children see. Children who have imaginary friends are often seen as needing to create them because of some external reason, and the Zanna in "Supernatural" explain their placement as such. They guide and guard children who are in need of some watching over as a way to keep them safe. This safety can mean physical, mental, or emotional safety. Something like dismissive parents or the actual threat to their well being can result in a Zanna being placed to watch over them as a sort of guardian angel.  Zanna protect, teach, and help children develop into self-functioning youth. 

Zanna Characteristics and Attributes

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In the show, we’re introduced to four known Zanna. They appear to be like humans, likely to ensure the child is not scared by them. They’re incredibly caring and docile, as to not cause harm or stress to children. They love to play and teach children, which is great for such a formative time in their lives. They can also have unique attributes for themselves that other Zanna do not. For example, we meet Sparkle during the show’s 11th season in the episode Just My Imagination. Sparkle has sparkly blood, which the others do not. Zanna reproduce with each other, and only pursue romantic relationships with one another. 

How Long do Zanna Stay with a Child?

When a child is no longer in need of the Zanna, the creature moves on to another kid. This often comes from the child growing up and being more independent and self-functioning. It’s hard for them to say goodbye, but with so many other children in need, they know they have a place somewhere else. 

One specific Zanna, Sully, helps Sam throughout his childhood. In a specific scene, a young Sam is left behind on a hunting trip with his Dad and Dean. He feels left out, considers running away, and begins doubting himself and his worth. At a young age, that is incredibly damaging. Zanna are meant to protect their children because they see at a young age such doubts are incredibly damaging.  Even in a troubling scene where an angry Sam lashes out at Sully, telling him to leave, he is able to healthily exude frustration on someone rather than feel pent up and do something irrational. 

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Zanna Abilities and Weaknesses

Zanna are invisible to all but the ones who they’re assigned to. Unfortunately, a weakness of theirs is being exposed to humans through magic, which threatens their job protecting an assigned child. They can speak telepathically with one another, and also hold the ability of teleportation. We know that they are able to do simple conjuration and glamouring, as well as alter perception of those around them. They are weak to specifically designed Zanna-killing knives. The contents of the deadly knives are not clear, but they are seen to have Romanian Cyrillic markings and spells attached to them.  The character Reese in her quest for revenge against the Zanna got the knife from a witch, along with a spell to see the creatures.  

Zanna Impact on Show

The Zanna are by no means a huge part of the "Supernatural" world, but seeing as they have a logical role in the show, as well as ties to real world phenomenon with the development of children, it’s a great little bit of lore. They have proven to be a fan favorite.  The Zanna are some of the more caring creatures in the program, and it’s great seeing Sam go back and realize that he actually was cared for by one of their own when Sully returns years later in his adulthood.  

The show’s 15th season is coming soon, and it will be tough leaving behind such a memorable show. Luckily, the deep lore of the program like the Zanna and other magical creatures will entertain fans for years to come.  

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